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Princess on the run chapter 4

August 6, 2010
By AlexxxX GOLD, Wichita, Kansas
AlexxxX GOLD, Wichita, Kansas
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I continued into the forrest but I couldn't walk to fast because that would bring too much attention to myself and that was the last thing I wanted. I was now entering the forest, I walked about fifty feet in then I picked up the pace a bit. after a while I became very tired a sat down with my back againsat a bit oak tree, I reached into my bag and pulled out a small portion of the food I had and began eating. I couldnt eat too much because it would be hard to disguise myself to be able to go into a town to get more food. As I finished the piece of omelet and decided it would be a good place to set up camp for the night because there was a creek nearby and it was far enough into the forest I wouldnt be caught. I reached into my bag and pulled out a medium sixzed pouch of fairy dust, I opened the pouch and took a tiny handful of the dust and then sprinkled it on the ground and then wispered a charm "Azie ashazi ankandeshe ashndezie." and a small ten apeared I climbed into the tent and carried my bag in with me. Inside the tent there was a sleeping a bag, a pillow and an extra blanket. I placed my bag in the corner of the tent then I climbed out of the tent and walked to the creek. I undressed and climbed into the creek and began to bathe. The cool water felt nice after a long walk in the heat. I washed all the dirt off of my body and relaxed. After a while bathing in the water I got out of the creek and walked over to the tree where I had put my clothes. I didnt feel like putting my traveling gown on so I used it as a towel and dryed myself off with it. then I grabbed my undergarmets and put them on and then I grabbed the shorts I had, had under my gown and the light tank top and dressed in those. I didn't want to carry the gown so I decided to throw it into the creek, as I watched it float down stream it came to mind that if anyone finds my gown they will know its mine and may possibly (hopefully) presume me dead. I smiled a little at the thought and walked back to where I had set up camp. I got close then I heard a noise coming from near my camp, I walked closer and I heard it again. I got to where my camp was set up, and I heard the noise again but it was farther than where my camp was, it sounded bout fifty feet away so I kept walking. I got really close.
"Hello?" I said, noone answered. "Is anyone there?" I asked again noone answered. All of a sudden there was a loud "Crunch!" then a "Bang!" and then a "Plop!" I imeadiately hid behind a tree. Then a few seconds later there was a loud "Ouch!, Damn it!" someone yelled it was a male's voice I knew that but it was higher pitched, so it couldn't have been an ogre. I stood behing the tree, then I heard the sound of crunching leaves get closer so I circled the tree looking over my shoulder then all at once multiple things happened. I tripped over something and fell and there was a loud "Ouch!" againg, and it was the same voice I had just heard a few seconds ago. "Ouch!" I said as I landed on my rear end after tripping over that something, or maybe someone. "Whose there?" I asked, noone answer. "I know your there." I said looking around I didnt see or hear anyone. "I won't hurt you I promise."
"Thats funny you should say that since you already hurt me." A strange male short human like creature dressed in a baby blue skin tight shirt and sky blue leggings had just appeared out of nowhere. I I let out a shor shreik and jumped back.
"Would you keep quiet" the unknown male creature had said.
"Sorry" I replied quickly. "And I'm sorry for hurting you." I said and as I said this he rubbed his right shoulder.
"Are you Ok?" I asked him.
"Oh yes, Im fine now." he said with a slight bitterness in his voice. then he reached into his back pocket (I hope it was a pocket) and pulled out a small eight inch wand and tapped against his shoulder he rolled it back, then put his want back to where he had gotten it.
"You're a fairy?" I gasped knowing the wand he had to be a fairy but I'd never seen a male fairy before.
"Yes I'm a fairy. Got a problem with it?" He asked becoming defensive.
"Of course not." I said automatically not meaning to offend him. "Its just I've never seen a male fairy before."
"Well they're aren't many of us out there but we do exist." he said a lot less deffensively.
"What's your name?" I asked him.
"Ometia" he replied
"Nice to meet you sir Ometia." I said ancourtsyed.
"And you would be?" He asked me.
"Nysatia" I replied gently.
"As in princess Nysatia?" He asked me.
"Yes" I said heavily. "But you can't tell anyone." I said sternly.
"Dont worry about that, I'm on the run myself."
"May I ask why you are on the run?"
"Yes you may, Its because I'm tired of my family always telling me what to do, who to spend time with and always controlling me." He replied heavily.
"I know exactly how you feel" I said reassuringly."
"Yes I know, thats why you ran away you didn't want to be forced to marry someone you dont love." He said looking at me.
"Yes." I said and then I came up with a brilliant idea. "What if you and I were to travel together? We could prtexct each other and itd be easier with another person especially one that not everyone in the country knows and is looking for."
"Thats a great idea but are you sure you wish to travel with me? I might slow you down or cause more harm then good." he said.
"Of course Im sure, it'd be better and easier to travel asw a pair. Here follow me and I'll show you to my camp."

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Chpter 4 :p

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