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Stable Ground 12

November 1, 2009
By lexi<3 GOLD, Spaulding, South Dakota
lexi<3 GOLD, Spaulding, South Dakota
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. I picked my leg up and dropped it loudly on the bed, looking up at him apologetically. “I didn’t feel that,” he nodded.

“What time is it?” he asked randomly. I pulled my silver cell phone out of my pocket and opened it. The light stunned me for a second before I was able to read the time.

“4:38,” I informed him, tucking the small phone back into my pocket. He nodded again.

“I’m hungry,” he noted. I laughed lightly, only beginning to realize how hungry I was myself.

“Me, too. Are we still going to eat?” I inquired. He thought about it for a second.

“Let’s see. Rush hour traffic by the time we get out of here. Plus curfew.” he pondered silently for a moment. “I think we could go to McDonalds really fast,” he offered. I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, let’s figh-” I stopped myself, “talk,” he smiled at my almost-mistake. “Okay,” I said, more dramatically this time.. “I can’t think of any questions, now,” I sighed in defeat. “Um… alright, how did you find my room?” I started simply. Apparently, this was not an easy question.

“The truth?” he asked, smiling hopefully.

“It would help,”

“I followed you,”


“No you didn’t. When I turned around you were gone,” I defended him, confusedly.

“I was there. You wouldn’t have seen me.” he smiled truthfully and my mind drifted back to my odd theories about him.


“I was there, Sam, I never left, actually,” he explained slowly. Even more slowly, though, my brain processed this.

“Huh?” he just shook his head and smiled.

“Ask another question, then,” when I didn’t respond, though, he added: “I’ll come back to it, I promise,” I sighed, confused by his odd answers.

“How did you unlock my chain, because I know I locked it-” I began.

“Sam, relax,” he said, and I stopped going on. ‘I unlocked the chain from the inside,” he confessed. I stared at him, wondering how stupid he thought I was. That, if nothing else, was completely impossible. If he admitted to unlocking it, then I must have locked it, meaning there was no logical way for him to be able to get in my room.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that I came inside, unlocked the chain, went out, and came back inside.” I just looked up at him. That was completely impossible. He would have had to…

“Are you saying you went through the door?” I inquired. Jonathan nodded slowly beside me. I looked over at him. There was not a single trace of a smile or joke, just the same solemn face. Through the door. The wooden door. Through it.

I wanted to claim him crazy. I wanted to scream and get as far away from him as possible. I wanted him to leave and never come back. Still, at the same time in whole, I wanted the complete opposite of these things. I wanted to believe his odd words and save the special feeling I felt towards him. The weird thing is: I did. I believed every word. Even through his crazy content, it was all believable. To me, I understood it. The thing that scared me, though, was why did it make sense? Why did I believe it? Common sense would tell me to run. I knew in that moment that I would never run, no matter what he told me next, which was the scariest part of the whole moment: I now gave all my trust to a complete stranger. I also wasn’t prepared for the next thing that came out of my own mouth.

“Are you human?”

Nothing. Nothing. Scared me like this. He hesitated and looked away from me, almost as if already saying no. The fear I felt had nothing to do with actual fear. Fear of what he really was. The way he left the question open, for any answer to fall in to, implied anything. Vampire, dog ogre, murderous beast. That wasn’t the same kind of fear that I felt, though. My stomach curled and my vision was obscured for a mere moment. He wasn’t human. I couldn’t have a crush on an animal or beast or whatever it was he was. But I did, which scared me to the point of crying.

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