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I thought I knew, but I was wrong

September 7, 2023
By Anonymous

Rogelio Alvarado  9/7/2023


       One day at school, John is sitting down in class and can’t take his eyes off his crush (Monica).  John is abstracted from Monica’s looks and wants to talk to her, but John knows he isn’t good looking or social. John is very Introverted and insecure, but John is infatuated with Monica which might help John talk to her. The next day at school John see’s Monica walking at lunch so he goes up to Monica, but Monica walks past him like an invisible wall. 

     Days later John see’s Monica walking down the hall so John decides to lie about having lots of money while pasting Monica, but she’s careless about it.  Later that day John’s in class and is checking out Monica so John writes a note for her that says “Hey, I think you’re pretty” but Monica throws the note away at the end of class not paying attention to john. 

     When John gets home he realizes he isn’t getting Monica enough so he walks to the store to get Monica a lollipop and a pencil. So the next day at school John sees Monica and gives her the items he bought for her and she takes them and walks away then throws the lollipop and pencil in the trash in front of john. When John gets home he starts to cry and wonder why Monica doesn't like him.

      So later that day when John gets home, he has an idea so John goes to the store and buys his supplies for the next day. So the very next day at school John see’s Monica sitting down,  John then walks up to Monica giving her a chocolate heart and a Lego rose. Monica then gets up and hugs John, thanking him for the gifts. Monica finally talks to John, but that made John realize that Monica is an ingrate person and isn’t grateful for his notes or other gifts until now. So John tells Monica he doesn’t want to talk to her and walks away. John is finally happy because he has found his self-worth, and continues to be self-assured about himself.

The author's comments:

I'm a fighter and not good at English at all. Tried a lot on this never actually tried on a story like this, thank you for the opportunity.

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