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The Other Man

September 7, 2023
By lesley420 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
lesley420 BRONZE, Pasadena, Texas
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The Other Man 

Mya has always had a troubling love life. She's tried dating before but one boy from her past  has always been in the back of her mind no matter what. The man she married wasn’t who she thought. When it was just them he was unpredictable and like a bomb he would explode with rage and he was a belligerent person. She wanted to forget all those memories but, every now and then a good memory of him would slowly ease its way back into her brain. This man did have a name: it was Jackson. 

Now for the mystery boy from her past  he has a name as well and it's Percy. Mya and Percy were high school best friends. He would always make her bracelets and give her little gifts although they never dated just “best friends”. Percy always had a soft spot for Mya. Percy was very handsome with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes, the captain of the football team, he was amazing. I mean who couldn't like Percy. The day they graduated was the last time Mya saw him. He knew this would be hard so he gave her a gold necklace with her favorite flower on it. 

In college Mya met Jackson, who was so handsome, so tall, and yet so manipulative. He had this charm that was undeniably attractive. She fell for him almost immediately. They dated through college which was quite a long time. Once they graduated they got married it was almost like the picture perfect wedding. It had flowers, love, family, dancing, just everything was amazing. Little did she know this was the last day of her happiness with him. This picture perfect man turned out to be like the devil himself. He was abusive, disrespectful, manipulative, he was everything a husband shouldn't be.

Mya was a very viable person; she liked things done with order and on time but Jackson was the opposite. He would get combative when things went against what he wanted; it all had to be done his way. She went behind his back and started filing for divorce for she knew if he found out about this she would regret it. He makes her life a never ending storm. 

One night Jackson came home drunk, she knew he was going to  be contentious. Jackson stumbles through the door he reeks of alcohol. 

“Mya, baby come here” the words slur together and it made Mya tense. 

She doesn't move from her spot and that enrages Jackson. He reaches for her throat  suddenly and pins her to the fridge, leaving Mya unable to breathe. Jackson tosses her body to the ground. Mya hits her head on the counter causing a gash to form across her eyebrow. 

Once she gains conscience she sees the blood and she feels the pain. In fear she quietly rushes to get her keys and her wallet and she runs to the car. She gets in and looks at herself in the mirror. Blood, bruises, and tears is all she feels.  

At the hospital she rushes in and is abstracted at the sight of him. 

“Percy!” she yells out in a weary voice . 

As he turns around she falls to the ground. He rushes over and his eyes travel from the gash down to her bruised throat and his eyes stop at the necklace, the gold necklace with her favorite flower.

 “Mya what happened to you?” he exclaimed with a saddened tone. 

He rushed to get her to a room and into a  bed.  Percy was a doctor at the hospital so he couldn't stay with her like he wanted to but he would check in on her occasionally.

Once Mya came to she was getting her thoughts straight. As she started sitting up Percy passed by the room and saw heroes he paused. She looked up and there he was standing in the doorway looking just as handsome as he did 6 years ago but now he's even taller than the last time she saw him then again people can change in a few years. He was just getting off so he went by her and sat with her while she still woke up some. He was patient with her and he treaded lightly with his questions being careful not to overstep. Mya looked over at him with pleading eyes. He knew by the look she needed help, and he was her escape.

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