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Unlucky Shot

April 2, 2009
By ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
ms00001 PLATINUM, Carrollton, Texas
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They say a dog is man’s best friend, but sometimes best friends become nuisance to you out of bad luck, and you just have to get rid of them, but in the end you realize it was your fault all along.
Walking with my dog on a hot summer day, we were going to hang out at the beach for a week, at least that was the plan. We got the tickets, jumped on the train and comfortably rode to the beach at a convenient speed. I was sleeping just until the conductor came to check hour tickets and hour later. He scanned the ticket, then without manners scanned the surrounding area. He paused for a second, stared, then finally exclaimed,
“Sir, cant you read?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“No dogs aloud, I’m going to ask you to leave!”
“What, but I’ve been traveling for hours, and no one said anything’s about dogs not being aloud until now. You can’t make me leave!”
“I’m sorry sir, but you should have read the rules before you broke them, no but, please go to the end of the train and jump. Now!”
The conductor took me and my dog and forced me to the end of the train where he threw me off. I was running and screaming trying to get back on the train, but then realized I carried a dog. SO we walked for hours following the railroad tracks to the beach. It was a great workout but I would have preferred the train. We kept walking and walking until finally we reached a traffic road where I tried to hitchhike for an hour. No cars would pick me up as I held a dog in my hands, so I continued until I reach the beach, late at night. I found the quickest place to stay for a night, a motel, where I checked in and sneaked up my dog, as no animals were also aloud in those premises. I then went to sleep and continued to sleep until I was woken up by a harsh pounding on the door, and a manly voice screaming,

“Open up, LAPD Police”

“I’m coming, hold on!” I answered back”

“Open up!!”
I looked threw the whole in the door and exclaimed,

“Let me see your badge and ID card”
The guy sigh then draggued his hand into the front pocket of his uniform jacket, took out a wallet size object, opened it and impatiently read it to me. It showed:

I carefully examined his badge, took the phone next ti the clean comfortable motel bed, dialed 911, and checked whether his badge was real or not. While doing this, I could see that the police officer was getting frustrated with me.

When I got the ok from the Police I opened the door embarrassedly.

“Sir I heard from your neighbors that you have kept a dog on those premises. Do you know the rules sir. I'm going to ask you to leave this motel immediately, and with the help of LAPD pay a fine of 150$!”

I left the motel, cursing at the neighboring vacationers. I was so pissed off at my dog and so angry. Everywhere I went with it, it brought me bad luck. That night I decided to end the source of my bad luck. I was going to regret this for a long time afterwards, but I did it anyway. I took the gun from my drawer, dug a pit in the backyard, called my dog toward the pit, closed my eyes, and carelessly shot it. It landed in the pit, motionless, not a word or cry to say.

That night I cried myself to sleep. Around 3 o'clock I walk up at weird noises. The sound came closer and closer. It was like paws running threw the house, like a creature in the dark, waiting for its bait to come closer. I looked around and saw its shadow, it looked like a 3 ½ legged monster running into my room. I jumped off the bed and hurried to the light switch, but then realized the creature was purposely in my way, just waiting for me to come patiently. I reminded me of the terrible action I had committed earlier, and so I grabbed my gun, and shot it aimlessly, until it lay there motionless. Than I hurried to turn on the light, finding another misery, that mysterious creature was my dog laying there, with 2 ½ legs, but no breath.

To think it wasn't actually dead now I caused myself hours and nights twisted with nightmares hunting my life, taking it out of me, and taking years off my soul...

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