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Our Hearts Beat as One

November 23, 2008
By Anonymous

The shrill cry of the teapot rang through the air as I scampered around my room, trying to find a clean pair of jeans to put on. My mom called to me from downsairs. "I know, i'll be down in a minute!" I rolled my eyes. She was always in a rush.
I quickly grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs.
"Molly what do you want for breafast?"My mom asked already knowing what the answer would be.
"I'll have scrambled eggs and some orange juice."
I looked over at my little sister, Abby, who was playfully eating her dry cheerios.
"Hey cutie!" I smiled down at her and patted her little blond curls.
Everything was going great, the morning was running smoothly. You never realize how fast things can change until it does.
I was eating my usuall breakfast at my usuall pace when something totally unusual happened. Abby was choking. Her face was turning blue and she was giving out short gasps of air. My mom spun around and franticaly started shakeing her. I did know the hiemlich manouver but I was frozen. How could this have happend? Everything was so normal.
I yanked Abby from my moms shaking arms and put her over my knee. I was so scared. What if this didn't work? I started slapping Abby on the back until a huge peice of unchewed cheerio shot out of her mouth.
I put Abby on the floor and turned her on her side so that she wouldn't start choking on her throw up, that was now spilling out her mouth.
By now mom had called 9-1-1 and they were all shuffling around me telling me what a good job I was doing. My mom was crying and a paramedic was comforting her telling her what a good thing it was that I knew the Heimlich Manouver.
Before the medics could get to Abby I pulled her up against my chest and hugged her. I hugged her so hard I could feel her heart beat. Our heart beats were in sync. They beat as one.

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on Dec. 3 2008 at 6:39 pm
really beautiful