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Watching You

February 21, 2009
laurenfromiowa PLATINUM, ., Iowa
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When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be

Do you see me? Because I see you. You?re gorgeous, divinely beautiful

I watch you every day, I try my very best. I know where you?re going to be between first and second period and where you?re at in between every thing else.

You light up the hallway, do you know that? I bet you didn?t. The pale tile glows beneath your feet when you whisk a top them. The walls seem to creep back, blinded by your sheer presence. The world seems to stop, the clock?s hands freeze.

You?re cherry red lips, your perfect posture, you make me shiver with disbelief. Disbelief that anybody could be so perfect, so pristine.

You?re much unlike any human being I have ever watched before. You?re movements are quite distinct, your features exquisite.

I drown in your eyes. I fall into them and am quickly trapped in the thick vortex they create, strangled by splendor.

Your porcelain face. The hint of ivory that lies in your pigment. The things I would give to be able to bask in you and drink you in, like lemonade on a hot afternoon. I would give anything.

Where did you acquire such simple and astounding beauty? Your mother, your father? Where you born with it, or did you grow into it? I am intrigued.

From the small of your back, to the tip of your slightly upturned nose, I know someday you?ll be mine. For every time your whirlpool eyes seem to look in my direction, my heart slowly chips away, weary for the moment you really see me. The moment you see me watching you, the moment you decide to peer into my heart and realize the undeniable love I am harboring for you.

You?re allure is indisputable, you?re grace can?t be matched by any other breathing thing on earth, in the universe. I put confidence in the fact that what I see in you lies beyond your mere physical appear. You are much more then an uncommonly fetching face.

When I go home each night, and lay on my back, staring at the dull glow in the dark stars that plague my ceiling, I think of you. What I would do for you. I would swim a thousand oceans for you, walk a million deserts. I would climb a hundred mountains, cross countless rivers.

When I wake up to the sunshine in the morning, I think to myself, will you like the purple shirt, or the orange one? My new tennis shoes or my worn flip flops?

Believe me, everyday I do my best to try to shake you from my thoughts, but you are purely unforgettable. I scold myself for thinking about you, I push you into the deep dark corners of my mind. As soon I determine I have rendered you from my thoughts, you appear once more, flawless as ever.

Call me a stalker, call me obsessed, but it?s your fault. Your charm and charisma is magnetic and I am metal. You completely draw me in. When I see you, my composure washes away, my calm is overturned to panic, control is replaced by chaos.

I have braced myself with the fact that my love for you is enduring. The love I possess for you is eternally a curse within a blessing.

Next time you walk the halls, caressing us all with your faultless presence, look for me, glance my way.

I will be there, I always am, watching you.

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