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My Secret Heart

December 10, 2008
By Anonymous

I caress the shoulder next to me lightly and plant a kiss. Two years today, the longest standing relationship by far the longest than with anyone before this wonderful person. It crushes my inner self, the part that wishes to live out in the open, to know my family has no clue. This wonderful person’s name has not even been uttered from my mouth in front of my parents. I am a twenty four year old man, you would think I could just face the two people who procreated and gave me birth. But I know those two people, the first thing they will say is that I will be cut from the family tree, goodbye and gone.
My feelings for this person swell and grow like an oncoming wave. However the fear is stopping all movements, the deer standing waiting for the impact. I am terrified of what whispers will follow in my wake when I enter the office or family gathering. Maybe this is why it is coming out of the closet, first you hide from yourself, than from everyone else, until the oxygen runs out and then are forced out, chocking for breath.
He stirs next to me; it is already morning, where has the night gone? I watch him get ready; nothing can bring the sunshine out like him. He has become the closest to my heart; nothing stands between us and the love we share. He is my secret heart.

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