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Perfect in each way

March 3, 2011
By Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
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Perfect in each and every way, that's me. I'm the girl that leads the clique. The one EVERYONE wants to be friends with. So perfect, it even scares me.

Pink sweater, Coach bag, shortest skirt, and the tightest leggings possible. My outfit for today. While applying my favorite bubble gum pink lip gloss, I check my blackberry. Scrolling down, I see a new message from my last weekend hookup. I roll my eyes and toss my phone back into my purse. Why are guys so annoying? It was a hookup, that's all. Gosh.

Primping my hair, everything was perfect. Hair, gloss, outfit, makeup, even my sl**ty-ness was on key. Everything just perfect. Just perfect... All I will ever be.

"Want some toast Hun?" Mom asked me while I walked down the stairs.

"No." I said firmly. I don't eat. Pretty girls have to be skinny. I can't afford to throw my reputation out the door...

"Okay Hun. How about a apple?" Mom sounded concerned. Why should she be concerned?

"I'm fine.." I said nervously.

"Packed you a lunch." My said while handing me a bag. She smiled.

It killed me inside. How could I lie to my own mother? Flesh and blood, I was all hers. I should do what she wanted, she wanted me to eat...

I sighed. I reached into the bag and took a bite of a apple. I felt sick. Disgusted that I let myself eat. Ew, look at yourself.

Mom smiled and hugged me. A tear rolled down her cheek. I rolled my eyes at her and mumbled "I'm fine."

Truly, I was not fine. Everything was breaking apart. None of my friends were true. They were all lying b****es. And I was their leader. What was I becoming?

I walked outside and began my daily walk to school. I stopped and to see my boyfriend. He sprinted towards me and saw me. "Damn." He murmured and began to hold me. "Hey baby." He said. We were close together.

"Hey." I said back sweetly.

He grabbed my face and pressed it against his. Lips touching, I felt nothing. This was the usual. I did this with every guy, what made Derick so special?

I blinked and he continued to kiss me. His hands explored my body. I didn't dare try to stop him. He hugged me one last time.

"Gotta go." Derick mumbled.
"Bye." I said before turning away. I jogged towards my school and looked back.

This is how my life went each day. 'Perfect in each way.'

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