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Life as I know it... Chapter 2

January 31, 2011
By Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
Jesse-Marie- PLATINUM, Freehold, New Jersey
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"To love is to live. Without love, what is life?"

I left the school to ponder my love life with Zach. I couldn't just forgive him, could I?

I walked on the cold sidewalk towards my house, 2 miles away. I had time to think about the mess with Zach.

Me and Zach were like any other couple, love struck and blinded. Or, at least, I was. Zach had been a friend of mine for a few days when he asked me out. I had said yes, and that's when it happened. We were in love.

I was shocked to find out via text message that he was having an affair with Laurie Saunder. I confronted him about her and he said, "we are only friends, I was just drunk." I told him I forgave him, and I was yet again blind. Stuck in this trance of lies. Amy told me he was still talking to Laurie. Worried, I had told him to stop talking to her. He called me a jealous w****, and to leave him alone.

It hurt inside.

As I finished reminiscing on the past, I slowly walked inside the old house that held me, my mom, and my dog DJ.

I heard my own heart make a 'thud' as I starred eye-to-eye to another of my mom's "boyfriends".

She had more boyfriends then me, how? I asked myself.

"Hunny, who is that?" She growled.
"Your daughter." He replied will drinking whiskey.

I sighed, it was going to be one of those days again.

I dragged myself to the couch and sat down. I pulled out my notebook and drew a anime drawing. Mom came over and glanced at me.

"What are you doing now?" She mumbled. "Not being like you!" I snapped. I walked into my room and threw down my bag. I looked at me in the mirror. I was skinny with long hair, my shirt was black with a red stripe down the middle. I was wearing grey skinny jeans and I had on converse. I was called scene, but I hated that name, I preferred my name, Jenna.

I wrote down into my little journal:
Life as I know it...

I ripped the paper to pieces.

The author's comments:
Its the continuation of Life as I know it... chapter 1

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