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Stories from the underground.

January 6, 2010
By Toxic-NigHtMaRe BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
Toxic-NigHtMaRe BRONZE, Columbus, Montana
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Chapter 1: Return.

Already she knew it would be a good day. Kaye hated Mondays but today felt different. She tied her long black hair back into a ponytail. She loved her hair, it had always been long and soft. She ran downstairs to the kitchen and picked up her twenty dollars to use for lunch for the next two or three days. She jogged out to her brother's car and climbed in slamming the door just to annoy him. He had a sixty-nine Camaro and had spent most of the last three years working on it. He looked at her in the rear-view until she realized they weren't alone. Sitting in the passenger seat up front was some other guy who also was looking at her with the same "Why have you not said hello to me yet?" look. "Morning." She said for lack of anything better to say to them. "Hi." The guy said his voice, deep and rough, sort of chilling and warm at the same time, it was sort of sexy. "My brother never knows anyone cool. What the hell does this guy want from us?" she wondered while her brother started them on thier way to the school.

"Kaye. This is Jessi. He's new to the school and just moved in next door." Said Jer. Her parents had names him Jer after Jeraud Deveraux from thier favorite book series. Her name also came from a book known as Tithe, she was named after a faery character in the book who had been the main character of the plot-line. "Nice to meet you." She said not to sure of her sincerety just yet. "Likewise. Jer, you never told me your sister was so nice" He said making her blush. "Or so pretty." He added and Jer scowled at him. "Maybe you could show me around?" Jessi asked her making her blush even more. Jer punched him hard on the arm. "Leave my sister alone." He said looking angry. "What the hell Jer." Kaye said mad that he felt he had to stick up for her. "I can take care of myself." "Maybe once hell freezes over" She added looking at Jessi. "Ok. ok. no need to be so hostile." He said and once more his voice was chilling and also strangely soothing to her. "I'm sorry it's just that I just met you and you kind of come on a little strong." Kaye said and found she meant it. She sort of found herself wanting to be kind to him. He seemed like a nice guy,even if he was coming on to her it was sort of sweet and not many guys took interest in her. She was average looking, good build, not too tall, curvy. She was also Jer's sister and his reputation transfered to her and made it so few talked to her and the guys who wanted her she didn't want. Either they were sleazy or were more interested in whether Boba-Fett could take on Qui-Gon-Jin and even the fact that she knew that much about Star-Wars showed how boring being a loser by association was.

Maybe this kid would be different, he seemed normal. He was tall and his blue eyes were emphasized by his jet-black hair and the combination made him seem exotic and sort of sexy. He wore skinny leg jeans and a grey t-shirt from some band underneath a black and grey striped hoodie. "So you're in a band?" She asked thinking maybe the shirt was from his own band, it was one that she had never heard of. "Yeah. How'd you know?" He asked her looking slightly surprised. "Your shirt." She said smiling. "Oh yeah. We are called Suicidal Tendencies and we mainly play hardcore stuff but I have one accoustic song that I wrote." He said and she could tell that music was his passion. "Wow. You write music too?" She asked him. "Yeah. Maybe during seventh you could stop by and listen to it. That's when I have band and the teacher said he'd let me practice my own stuff as long as he can listen in."He said and she nodded. "Yeah. I'll be sure to stop by." She said feeling dazed. She was starting to think he might not be all bad.

Chapter 2: New noise

As she walked to her first peroid class she was thinking of Jessi. Why was he hanging out with her brother when he seemed so cool and not nerdy? Maybe he was using him to learn the system then he'd ditch and hang out with cooler kids. Or maybe he was nice and would be a good friend to Jer. During second period she saw him walk by and waved to him. He smiled and waved back, her face started to feel hot and she was blushing. She did that alot around him.
During seventh she asked the teacher if she could go to the restroom and walked on into the bandroom to see him practice. He was holding a jet black mean looking guitar and was playing soft low notes. Suddenly he began singing to the soft melody he was playing. " I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake, we already know all the things you say today. And just when you think you'd figured me out, you think that you could kill me but i've already been shot down. Oh in cold blood, shot down, today." She walked over to him and he turned around and noticed her for the first time. " So i guess you heard that huh?" he seemed suprised to see her and slightly embarassed that she had heard him sing that song. "I heard you singing that song. I really like it. Did you write that?" He looked sort of far off and took a long while to respond to her. " Yeah...I wrote it back when I was with my old girlfriend. It was our anniversary when I sang it for her.Later that day I found out she had been cheating on me with my best friend." She guessed it had once been different but he had changed it to better suit his and his girlfriend's breakup. She smiled and walked over to sit down by him. "Can you play me something else real quick?" She asked hoping the teacher wouldn't come looking for her. "Sure thing." He said and stood up and changed the setting on the amp and suddenly started playing something a bit heavier. It sounded thick and felt like blood was running through each cord. Each note seemed to have some darker meaning than you could comprehend and she knew this would be one of the songs on his band's album. The beginning suddenly ended and he launched into a solo bridge and the drums joined in even though the kid was not in his band. It sounded good and even the bassist of the class joined and added some effect and suddenly Jesse walked to the mic still playing and stopped when the drummer hit the secod symbol. He began to inhale and did and in-ward scream that made shivers run up her spine and seemed to come from everywhere. He began to sing the chorus line and every verse was even more destructive sounding than the last and when the song hit the second solo she found the entire bandroom was listening in. He played like nothing she had ever heard, each note carried on long after he hit it and the solos were intense and his hands moved impossibly fast it was more like they were somthing seperate from him and he was just trying to keep up with them. She had heard all of Hendrick's albums and solos and this kid made those sound like a little kid learning to play Smoke On The Water. He was an incredible guitarist and an even better singer. When the song ended the whole room clapped for him and the people playing and she walked over to talk to him. "That was amazing!" She said and he blushed slightly. "Really?" he asked looking like he didn't believe her. "Yeah you are really good." She said and suddenly she found herself leaning towards him and kissed him softly. He looked stunned for a moment and then smiled and kissed her back.

--Please note there is more to come soon and i am hoping to add on to this and it will be much better as time progresses i just thought i would submit this for people to comment so i could get some advice on how to make it better. Thanks for reading!!!--

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I liked this alot, the characters are interesting. By way of advice, i think that you should supply a little more detail concerning the character's personality traits, that would make it more intriging! Good Work!(: