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Eternal darkness

October 7, 2021
By Anonymous

The sun rises day after day, the moon soon after. Both levitating without pay. The eternal heat the sun brings and the glistening shine the moon hands out. The life it shares, we take for granted. 

A never endless darkness would soon fill with sadness. 

The booming sound of an alarm was heard. Ray groaned out of frustration, yet again another Monday morning. Slowly rising out of bed, Ray looked out into a very gloomy morning. Still half asleep he goes through his morning routine like every other day, but something in particular catches his eye. The sun is nowhere to be seen which is odd considering the fact it’s around 6:50 am and the sun is usually peering over the horizon. As if on cue a very intense alert was blaring from the phone's speakers. 

“ Emergency alert : october 3, 7:03 AM national weather server ; According to government officials, this is not a drill. Scientist have discovered odd behavior from our solar system, they advise everyone to stay inside and wait for further updates regarding code SOSS” 

Confusion and worry filled Ray's face.  A whirlpool of sounds could be heard..  

Out of curiosity, Ray slowly creeped towards the noise. Soon he came across five unknown figures surrounding his sister, sunny. Sunny was very lengthy, she had an indescribable beauty to her. Long brown hair, reaching up to her lower back, emerald eyes so beautiful, one would say they spoke for themselves . One of the unknown individuals harshly yanked at Sunny's arm, demanding her to go with them willingly or they would have no choice but to take her by force. Ray's thoughts spiralled, he didn’t know what to do or what to say. Frozen in fear he felt as if he was drowning in his own thoughts. “ Why are you doing this?!” sunny hollered. One of the unknown men spoke out. “Is there anyone else living here ma’am?” 

“No, no just me” she retorted. 

Ray quickly ran yet quietly towards the back door. In distress, Ray accidentally knocked down a vase. The ear piercing shatter of the glass caught the attention of the unknown individuals. Quickly getting back up, Ray dashed to the door, finally getting a breath of fresh air. Not having much time to get lost in thought, a thunderous sharp gun shot was heard coming from inside the home. Everything was happening so quickly, Ray could hardly keep up. This was the beginning of the end. 


2095, ten years have passed since the beginning of the new world. The eternal darkness that filled the skies. October 3rd, 2085 was the day code SOSS was announced. No one knew what that meant but it didn’t take long for us to figure it out. The disappearance of our sun and moon, No trace on where they went. Complete mayhem broke out. The streets were a battlefield,  painted in red. It was never officially announced but genoicde broke out.
If you were fortunate enough, you were put to work in an energy facility . For those who weren’t so lucky, they would be eliminated. 

Ray looked out for the bunker, a never ending darkness. Not one single star in sight. 

No amount of candles he burns at night, He can't feel warmth. Watching the flames flicker, just to watch them die soon after. 

The constant running and hiding left a distasteful taste in Ray's mouth, but he had no other choice. 

Flashbacks to his sisters muder haunts him, how fragile and pathetic he was. “Remember, strong souls in weak bodies are a highly dangerous combination. Once you put your mind to something, there is no stopping you.”   General Luna's words rang like church bells. 

Soon after the commence of the eternal darkness, Ray was rescued by a group of individuals who called themselves “the soul society”. They predicted the fall of the world we once lived in. The corruption of the politicians and the rich, we cower and bow to them, soul society was created to help our brothers and sisters who suffer from the night's cries. Bringing back our old world will be physically impossible, but with unity we can thrive even without the mellow sun we can continue as one. 

The author's comments:

If the sun fails to come back up, how would the people and society as we know it change. Something that ispired me to write aboout it is population control.

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