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Job Application

February 25, 2009
By Anonymous

Occupation: Zeus

1. The ability to throw lightning bolts
2. The ablility to produce half mortals
3. Must live on Mt. Olympus
4. Must rule over all gods
5. Must have long white hair

Name: Hercules
Date: 9-15-08
Phone Number: (812)-555-6823
Address: 811 Olympus Drive, Athens, Greece
Previous Employer: Zeus
Empoyer's Phone Number:(812)-555-2368

Reason for leaving previous employment: Employee negligence

Reason for applying for this job: I am currently aspiring to become the ruler of all gods.

Please list any experience: I am the son of Zeus.

Please list any criminal offenses: Previous involvement with lightning bolts.

(Please enclose at least three letters of recommendation.)


The author's comments:
I wrote this job application with a partner for English class.

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