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The Day is Here: Citizens to Rebel

December 11, 2010
By DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
DevinQuin GOLD, Norwalk, Iowa
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"If it would be revealed or demonstrated that there is no future state (heaven), my advice to every man, woman, and child would be, as our existence would be in our own power, to take opium." - John Adams

Today is an amazing day, today the declaration of independence made its début. We are officially on our way to independence. But is this a good move or will we be punished for our blind and rash rebellion? We are about to go to war against the strongest country in the world without any military at all, without a government, and without a leader. Will we crash and burn in either our extreme stupidity or amazing bravery or will we re-write our future and embark on the journey of a struggling country? For the sake of our citizens I can only pray that we beat Britain and become our own country. I fear that if we don’t succeed that not only the rebels will be punished but the colonists as a whole will. As far as Britain is concerned divided we stand and united we will fall but I prefer the opposite point of view because our country is like an eagle, we may fight among each other but we still believe in the same natural rights and the only way to tear us apart is to defeat us! We are the land of the free and the home of the brave! No one can defeat our hearts, our determination, and our perseverance. That is why we will not only fight this war, we will win it!

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This is a piece from the perspective of a an American patriot who just learned that America had officially declared freedom from England. It portrays the feeling of excitement and nationalism but also the fear of what could happen that any patriotic colonist would be feeling at this time.

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