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Alone Dandelion: Peeta's point of view during Mockingjay PART 1

July 7, 2012
By iluvrockandroll2 PLATINUM, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
iluvrockandroll2 PLATINUM, Tinton Falls, New Jersey
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#1 After the Arena
I didn't want to part from her. It was Beetee's idea. although it was unmistakably brilliant, but reckless. So many things could go wrong, with the wire, or Enobaira, Brutus, and Chaff would get to us first.

She wanted the alliance to END, too, always watching our backs, like before, like I should've been doing, the whole time;evidently, it was my plan to keep her alive.

I screamed when the hovercraft came.

I kept screaming till my voice went raspy and my throat was stripped raw, but it all happed too fast. I was a lone wolf.

She said she would die for me, to stop the trouble. she caused as the Mockingjay, that it was my turn to be saved.

They keep demanding answers, mostly Snow's advisers, and other Capitol officials, asking always asking, but i feel drained.

My name is Peeta Mellark, from District 12, was left at the Capitol. I am lost in my own personal cave. Oh I'm lost!

Why did she leave me? Why am I still here?
#2 Alone in the Snow

I woke this morning behind bars, no windows, a dark room and the overwhelming smell of fear, and blood that wasn't mine.

A scream alerted me of other people nearby.. But who?

A pair of peace keepers fitted in strict white uniforms, beckoned me, but I kept back, wary, always wary. "Peeta Mellark, District 12- The President has requested your appearance." My blood ran cold, but I flashed a wry smile. "And what business would he have with me?" the Peacekeepers didn't respond, and simply grabbed me by my shoulders. They gratingly ushered me down to a cold glistening white hallway, as the smell of roses and blood grew more and more distinct. I fought to sustain a calm conscience, trying to decipher what exactly teh President would want when--

" Mr. Mellark, well, I never imagined seeing you again. Please, take a seat." I take it quietly, sitting loosely, ready for whatever he was-- "Peeta, just what exactly Whose idea was it to blow out that force field, hmm?" Ok, so he wasn't playing.

"It wasn't planned. It must have been instinct, to either kill Enobaria, or..." My excuse for Katniss felt so weak, I could feel his beady eyes looking through me. "It was Miss Everdeen's wasn't it? A wonder, isn't it?If she loved you so much," his voice light with taunting, "Then perhaps she would be in your place now, Strange.." I bristled, my mouth in a faint snarl. "She didn't have a choice, with all due respect. I was way too behind. I couldn't have reached her, even if I tried." my blond hair, blew into my eyes, as I glared at his receding figure. Snow rose slowly, to my side of the desk, a cold shower of fear going down my spine.

"Mr. Mellark, yuo do realize, that she left you here?" And while you are in the Capitol's possesion, it looks almost too suspicious, that you were part of the rebel's game."

Rebels. So it had been true.... "Peeta do you have any idea how harmful this war could be to the human race if it did break out?" I didn't trust myself to shake my head. "Which is why the rebels must be terminated immediately. It's about time the Capitol quenches the Mockingjay's flame." "Do you even know where she is right now?" I didn't let him respond. "You'll never get the chance to kill her off. She's clearly too valuable of they wouldn't. Have,. Taken. Her. From. The. Arena." I puffed. Snow turned his face towards me, a strange frightening look on his face. "I'm glad we had this chat, Peeta. Tonight, You'll be seen by all with Caesar, because Panem has been starting to wonder what has become of their dear baker boy. And please don't try anything stupid; I'd hate for your stay to be any longer than it has to be." Two Peacekeepers silently appeared by the door. "Gentlemen, please escort Mr. Mellark to his stylists. We shall be seeing each other soon, shall we?" I hold my tongue, as he leaves my sight.

How does he sleep at night?
Are his dreams filled with similar creatures that occupy mine? Or do people that soulless still dream? Or most importantly, what will await me in my dreams tonight?

"Katniss," I whispered. my voice desperate and lonesome.

"Where are you?"

The author's comments:
I always wanted to see Peeta Mellark's perspective when Katniss left him as the Capitol's captive.
The characters and settings from this pov belong to Suzanne Collins, the author of the Hunger Games trilogy.

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