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Trees And Flowers And Bugs And Blues MAG

By Anonymous

   Freedom or freedumbs, which did I want to achieve? Yellowstone National Park boomed wild behind the silent everygreen forest of western Wyoming; the land of nobody never. Expanse was an understatement. Vast trees, and flowers, and bugs sang their John Denver imitations all-a-round, round, round, ROUND. Climbing rungs of spindly spider webs arched high into the ever evergreens. I sat in the upper tier noseblood seats of life, a season ticket holder was I not: in and out of reality as I so pleased. Occupation gave me a freedom, or freedumb to play with the rascally rabbits of dimensions far. My occupation was a 'lude expression of giving the world its turn ons and turn off in human form. A lonely lithium lizard from L.A. From LA LA LA LA land. Why was I, from LA LA LA land rrrooooaaaarrrriiiinnnnnggggg around through the back countries and counties of Wyoming? Well to find the statue of purpose. A smallwildevergreen of life. The heart of the desire, of lust, of hope, of religion, of everything everywhere. The statue of purpose was there for everyone; mine I hoped was in the back countries of Wyoming: singing the blues with the trees, and the flowers, and the bugs. 1

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i love this !