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Love at First-Sight

September 27, 2007
By Anonymous

One day along a troubled path, filled with folley and tormented wrath,I was sinking fast, but to where, I don't know, and when I got there it was miserable, until something gentle pulled me out, it was the sight of beauty that pulled me out, her eyes were outreached to embrace me, a fabulous world lasted for eternity, in that one second, thought could not think, the mind was encased, memories could not link.

Then, in a haste that was speeding away, to her, I ran, and my heart, I heard say, "Instantaneous love will not last long, then I heard a magnificent song.

The song became a beam of light, and then I knew this love was right, I talked to her not but a spell, but it felt like I'd known her eternity well, maybe she felt the same as well.

Dazed by her image, I've been eversince, my mind's been concentrated, my heart's been tense, I swear I'll love her forever more,
that is if my heart is never torn.

Seldom comes these gems in life,
better go after them, no matter the strife, I'm still after mine, so don't lose sight of yours,...

Hopeful the heart, to the gem, it moors.

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