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January 27, 2009
By ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
ExpectTheUnexpected GOLD, Janesville, Minnesota
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His eyes are like winter you can be fooled it may look like the sun is shining a bright radiant light full of warmth but when you step outside its bitterly cold.

His rosey chapped lips, even though they were chapped they still looked soft and kissable but them being chapped was a warning that they would be rough and scraped up.

His smooth soft skin, I could run my fingertips up and down everyday and not get tired of feeling its smoothness and still get the tingles that went in my fingers.

His big hands, in which I thought my hands could fit perfectly inside. But the blisters and calluses told me that I wouldn't be able to hold them much longer.

His heart which I thought was pure and like a white dove, was soiled and black and never had love in it.

All these warning and signs I caught just a little to late and now im stuck here alone.

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