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A Lesson Learned

April 24, 2008
By Anonymous

[Monday. (Sign-Before School) In the Hallway, At Lockers]
Amber: Ahh, Oh my gosh. I think I got problem 23c wrong on my homework! I have to go fix it right now.
Mrs. Hussly: Dear, what’s the matter? You’re making quite a racket.
Amber: Sorry Mrs. Hussly. I think I got a problem wrong on my homework. Can I fix it in your classroom before school starts?
Mrs. Hussly: Of course, dear. Come with me.
[Amber and Mrs. Hussly enter classroom. (Sign-5 min. later) Bell rings and Amber dashes into her classroom.]
[Alex walks in late slouching.]
Mrs. Hussly: You’re late! Detention. It’s your 5th time being late for school. Please!
Alex: Mmm…
[Alex enters the classroom.]
[(sign-After school) In the hallway. Alex and Amber bump shoulders hard and Amber falls to the ground.]
Amber: What’s your problem? Why do you hate me so much? Just because you stink at school doesn’t mean it’s my fault.
Alex: Well sorry, Miss Perfect.
[Alex and Amber stalk away from each other]
[(Sign-Next day)]
[Alex slips Amber’s homework out of her bag and puts it into her own bag.]
[In the classroom Amber opens her folder.]
Amber: (gasp) my homework! It’s gone! She took it (points to Alex). I know it.
Alex: What! Prove it!
Amber: I’m positive! Look in her folder Mrs. Hussly!
Mrs. Hussly: Girls! Alex, did you take Ambers homework?
Alex: I…
Amber: (interrupting) Don’t ask her! She’ll just say no. Look in her folder.
[Mrs. Hussly opens Alex’s folder.]
Mrs. Hussly: Alex, how could you? Stealing is against the school’s rules. I think you have earned another detention during lunch for taking Amber’s homework and one after school for not doing your homework. Oh, and yesterday you didn’t serve your detention for being late so you’ll need to make it up during lunch tomorrow.
Alex: I…? Uhh.
[Amber smirks as she walks away.]
[Alex trips Amber]
Alex: Now we’re even.
Mrs. Hussly: Alex, don’t trip people! Detention after school tomorrow. Come and get your slips.
[Alex grabs the detention slips and shoves them into her bag.]
[(Sign-Next day)]
Mrs. Hussly: Now we are starting our World War II projects. Partners are: Bob and Tim, Kate and Joanne, Alex and Amber (Mrs. Hussly glares at Alex), Caleb and Ben, and Sammi and Kelly. Get to work.
[Alex and Amber move two desks together.]
Amber: Now, you better work really hard because I want an A.
Alex: Fine.
Amber: Now, I thought we could do our report on the weapons used by the soldiers or the cause of the war. What do you think?
Alex: Hmm… the cause.
Amber: Okay, now all you have to do is pretend to have helped and stay out of my way.
Alex: What!? I don’t get to do anything?
Amber: Not if you want to get a good grade seeing how your work is… well…horrible.
Alex: What? (Punches Amber.)
Mrs. Hussly: Alex! Detention for the next week.
Alex: But, Amber…
Mrs. Hussly: (interrupting) I don’t want to hear it. Amber, do you need to go to the nurse?
Amber: Yes. (Amber exits rubbing her shoulder and sniffling)
Mrs. Hussly: Everyone, pack up. It’s time to go.
[Alex exits]
[Alex runs after Amber.]
Alex: I hate you!
Amber: I hate you more!
[Bam! A puff of smoke appears.]
[Witch drifts out of smoke]
Witch: I am Grobel Grub, the Witch! And you two need to be nicer, especially to each other. You will switch places until you learn the hardships of being one another.
Alex: Hardships? She doesn’t have hardships.
Witch: You’ll see.
[Bam! Smoke. Witch disappears.]
Amber: Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can’t be you! Now, I’ll have to do all your detentions!
Alex: Too bad. So this is how it feels to be smart. (Pause) I don’t feel any different.
Amber: Who cares! We need to find a way to become ourselves again.
Alex: Heck no! I like being smart.
Amber: What did the witch say? I can’t remember!
Alex: Uh… You need to be nicer… something something… switch places.
Amber: Uh…
Alex: Wait! Something about ‘hardships of being each other’. Right, you don’t have any hardships.
Amber: Oh yeah, you’ll see.
[Amber walks down hallway.]
[Mrs. Hussly runs up.]
Mrs. Hussly: Amber, you’re Dad just called and said you have to find a ride home. He’s going away for the weekend.
Alex: What? Oh, okay.
[Mrs. Hussly enter her classroom.]
[Alex runs after Amber.]
Alex: Amber, wait!
Amber: What?
Alex: I need a ride home but I don’t know where you live.
Amber: Tough luck.
[Amber walks away.]
Alex: Uh… Fine, I’ll switch back just because I don’t know anything about you.
Amber: (Turning around) Great!
Alex: Okay, what do we do?
Amber: Let’s call the witch. Mrs… Miss Witch, can we switch back?
Witch: You two! Again?
Amber: Um… Mrs…Miss Witch?
Witch: Groble Grub.
Amber: Grobel Grub, can we switch back?
Witch: I don’t think you’re learned how to be nice to each other.
Alex: Oh, we have!
Amber: Please Grobel Grub! Please!
Witch: Will you be nicer to each other?
Amber: Oh yes! (Turning to Alex) Alex, do you need some help on your homework?
Alex: Sure, and I’ll do my part on the project.
Witch: If I learn you two have been rude to each other… you don’t want to know how to know what I’ll do.
[Bam. Smoke. Witch disappears.]
Alex: Yes! We’re back to normal!
Amber: I have to go get some homework done, bye!
Alex: She’s still just the same.

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on Jul. 15 2009 at 11:21 pm
Hope_Princess BRONZE, Hebron, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible."

That was a cute way of writing your story and I thought it was hilarious how the witch popped up out of nowhere!

Keep writing!