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The Sphinx MAG

By Anonymous

   Timeless guardian of the valley,

In the sacred river's banks - alone,

You stand so still in that old quarry -

With bones of rock and stone.

But with a heart filled with ancient fire,

Of the people whom you serve,

Your eye flashes with desire,

To see again the sun blazing on their work.

Forgotten dweller of that valley,

Whom time not ceases to strain,

Burst free from out your sentry,

Lift paw and soul from out your shell.

Let your tissue twist and glisten,

Show off your strength and muscle raw,

Come back to life from out oblivion,

Drink the waters, be reborn.

Master of Egyptian glory,

Soul of beast but face of man,

It sorrows me to tell your story,

To desecrate your throne and name.

So roar now in the sacred valley!

Let the rage in your soul to foam,

Roar free from out this century,

Transport yourself through time back home.

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i love this !