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All Alone in the World

December 17, 2007
By Anonymous

I see him sitting there
All by himself
Eating his lunch and reading his book
I’ve never seen him talk.

The next day half way through lunch
Another soul sits with him
I notice they start to chat
It looks like they are becoming friends.

The next day another one comes
Then they start laughing
They are starting a little group
It looks like they are having fun together.

They have their group
Now they’re not all alone in the world
They become good friends
And others join along the way.

Their group starts to move
They get new friends
Their group gets even bigger
They seem really happy.

Their close group of friends is great
They seem to be getting happier
Everyone they see all alone they help
They know how it feels to be alone.

The kids now all feel important
They all have friends now
They went from being all alone
To being the coolest kids in town.

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