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Late One Night

November 2, 2007
By Anonymous

Late one night, was in my bedroom with only my black light on. I was pacing around the room, thinking of what, I should do tonight. I finally made a decision, I got dressed and went outside to see a full, platinum-gold moon, illuminating the necklace I had on.

I walked down the driveway and found a hidden path leading deep into the woods. I curiously went in and as I got deeper into the woods, it seemed like the branches of the black trees were twisting and getting bigger, the sky getting very dark, and it seemed the moon was using all its power t keep it light shining to guide me.

Slowly and steadily, the sound of the fireflies and crickets and all the night creatures were starting to fade into the darkness that was behind me. And soon enough there was no sound but the grating beat of my heart. I was getting scared, I kept on walking, trying to control my fears. Fears of what? I asked myself. I looked up to the sky, it was also quiet- no whispers from the wind or moon. I also realized that the moon was the only thing I could see up there- there were no stars, no dark clouds, no wind, only blackness.

It is as if time has slowly stopped. I hadn’t noticed that I was holding my breath since I saw only the moon. Have I gone deaf? Am I going blind? What is happening here? Am I dreaming? Is this just a nightmare? Am I going crazy?

I called out suddenly, ”Hello?,” to the darkness, to somebody, to anybody, no answer. I called out again and I heard nothing. The trees and leaves started to shift again, starting to walk faster, calling out to nobody.

A few seconds later my voice has suddenly disappeared, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t hear my voice. My mouth was moving but no sound came out. I suddenly felt a cold, aggressive, tight grip wrap around my throat, choaking me. An invisible force I couldn’t see, I gave out a silent scream. My mind was crying for my body to function but it wouldn’t obey.

I couldn’t lift my arms up, so I gathered all my will power to lift them- I succeded, but I lost my balance and slammed back into a tree. The haunting grip still choaking me, I went down on my knees, rolling around on the dead leaves, trying to grab the hand that was on my throat.

In a matter of time, as it quickly came, it quickly went. I stayed lying on the ground gasping for air. I was looking all around me- the trees were going back to normal, the sky was beginning to break open, scaring the darkness away. The wind, the night creatures could be heard again. The moon shining its dark light on me for the last time on this night.

There were no sadness, no fear, no anger, and the darkness went away. And as I realized, as I was getting up off the ground, under this illusion, that this darkness of mine, “Is but A Dream Within A Dream.”

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