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Lost and turned out

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Lost in her own guilt feeling ashamed
to late to correct the problem for whose to blame! Turned out into a society that is bitter and cold its hard finding help for a mother whose only fifteen years old! with shattered plans and dreams for the future wasted in the faturnel school of life! Lost and afraid of what is to be no senoir prom,no college degree, no wedding bells, or being dressed in white for daddys not in sight! To late to turn back the hands of time baby soon due mom wondering, "What shall i dO", hepless and feeling used. No child should have to pay these kinds of dues, for in the age of birth control to, its foolish for a young girl to say "i do". Nine months carring baby bottles instead of schoolbooks but the burden is not hers to carry alone it affects everyone in her family home. For when you are lost and turned out and only fifteen love isnt such a wondrful thing!

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