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November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

You know that old saying?
The one about the cat.
The cat referring to you of course.
My parents used it often.
Curiosity killed the cat is how the saying goes.

Well there was a young boy named Billy Joe we’d play in fields we’d pretend were made of gold
One fine fresh morning we came upon a house playing our daily game I looked ahead and laughed, “go inside don’t be lame”
Billy Joe looked up at me, shivers down his spine Why me look at you, you think your so mighty and fine
The house was dark and grey even though it was a sunny day
I knew not of what lay inside, Sure I’d go in so long as my mum didn’t mind
Seeing Billy Joe rigid with fear soon made me curious , though If I wasn’t back in time for dinner mother would be furious
I took a step forward, said “see you later” and walked into the abandoned house
Soon after walking into the dark suspicious gloom of the dimly lit room
I realized the house was not abandoned
At this moment in time I couldn’t help but think “will curiosity kill this cat?”
Then I smiled, I even giggled took a step forward and out a mouse wiggled
A sigh of relief had just escaped me when out a witch stepped cackling hee, hee, hee
Many would think that I’d scream and cry, run away perhaps give it a try
But no I grinned like id just one lots of money and said miss what do u find so funny?
Her black rotting teeth in front of her slimy black tongue closed as her cracked dark lips unfurled to a frown
“Are you not afraid young one? Do you not find me frightening why don’t you run?
“From what miss I laughed and replied, after all you’re just a witch, why run and hide?”
At this the old dark witch actually smiled, come dear child my other witch friends will find this absolutely wild!
I sat with the ladies and had bats wings and tea, until I was full and needed to pee
So I left the old lady I’d known as a witch
They say curiosity killed the cat
I died in there when I saw the witches face
But I guess you can say curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back.

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