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Are you really my friend

January 4, 2011
By CheyDance GOLD, Peralta, New Mexico
CheyDance GOLD, Peralta, New Mexico
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She told me that she loved me, that we were sisters.
Do sisters stop answering each others calls, do they stop writting letters. Do they move and change there number without telling you. I don't they do or should. She left me alone in the cold, she shunned me, she stabed me in the heart and shreaded it into little pieces. I cryed everyday and night for months. My heart is scared, ssometimes I wounder if she killed my heart. I know that this has happened to other people but at the time I thought it only happened to me. It happened 5years ago, but it still feels like it happened yesturday. This is what happens when a friend(sister) moves away.

The author's comments:
I know that this doesn't happen every time, but I want people to be forwarnd that it sometimes happens. Maybe I was told this when she moved away it wouldn't hurt as much.

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