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The Battle Within

November 24, 2007
By Anonymous

Chapter 1
With my heart-pounding, chest hammering, I cautiously step onto the battlefield. Through my gleaming visor, I see the enemy standing before me. Each warrior holds a sinister looking medieval axe, with a quiver of arrows at his side. Their eyes, seemingly black holes enveloping the very things they look at. Their chests are etched with countless battle hardened scars. But, nevertheless, their faces have the look of utmost fear and twisted sadness.

Scared stiff, I motion toward my men for a horn. Into it I shout, “The fear on each and every one of your faces is plainly evident, and putting down your weapons will spare your lives.” Their whole army hesitated for just a moment, and in that moment I thought they might surrender. Unfortunately, a booming voice cried out “YOU WIMPS !” Soon after, a monstrous figure arose from the middle of the army, and replied “My men may be wimps, but if you fight me, I will give you possession of their souls. But if you lose, you and your pitiful army will be enslaved to the king of the Underworld.” Accepting the terms, I spoke no words and only nodded my head. I stepped forward and withdrew my sword. Walking toward the fighting area, only then did I see the true size of the beast I would be pitted against.
He was at least 5 feet taller than any man I had ever seen. In his massive hand he held a spiked club made of many precious metals and inset with gems. His shield was made of pure gold and his armor of pure gold also. Looking into his visor, I saw a horrid face. His face was absolutely consumed with evil. From the deepest place inside my body trembled an untamable fear which quickly consumed me. The surmounting fear caused me to lose my focus, and fall to the ground. Surprisingly, I quickly stood back up. A strange feeling had arisen from the depths of my heart. It was one of bravery. Allowing it to spread across my body, I was enveloped in an utmost passion, one of the will to save the enslaved souls of the other army.
Springing toward the monster, I unleashed a chain of attacks that would make the toughest sword master proud. Coming toward him a second time, I stopped short and watched him falter and lose his balance. His heavy club that had slain so many others would now lead to his downfall. As he was confident to kill me in one stroke, he hefted a mighty swing that sliced through nothing but air. Awkwardly, he fell to the ground with a mighty thump. Unfortunately, he was just as quick to regain his balance. By that time, I had already positioned myself to stab him in the face as soon as he stood up. The moment his face came into view, I lunged full force with my sword pointed right at him.
Flying toward him at breakneck speed, I had mixed emotions. One saying to not take a person’s life, the other wanting to kill this man for all the evil deeds he had committed. Quickly, my conscience prevailed when reminding me he is an evil man, intent on doing wrong. At that split second, my sword penetrated the thin armor around his visor, instantly killing him. As I triumphantly rose, I was suddenly startled by a piercing scream. Rising from the dead body of the fallen warrior was a mist, shrouded in darkness. Luckily, it was soon swallowed by the earth, never to return again. For me this was a great achievement. I had saved countless souls from the clutches of evil, and I would live to fight another day.

Chapter 2

Exhaustion had begun to set in. I was excruciatingly tired. I announced to my comrades that I would scout for a place to relax. Finding a quiet, secluded spot nestled in the middle of a lush forest teeming with colors, I lie down and immediately fell into a deep slumber. Shortly, I was awakened to a bone-shredding explosion. A vortex from another world had appeared, and from it emerged an unearthly being named Dematron. The shockwave reverberated across the vast landscape, blowing me backwards. Falling head over heels, I finally stop rolling, and although wobbly, raise my battered and bruised body.
From my inmost parts, I felt absolutely petrified with fear. A dragon had accompanied him. Its eyes were smoldering with utter hatred. The dragon’s skin was scarred and damaged beyond all possible repair, indicating it had been through hell itself. Pain and suffering had ravaged this beast, tormenting him for thousands of years. Dismounting abruptly, Dematron looked in my direction. His gaze penetrated my very soul, eroding and defiling it. With blood colored eyes, skin burnt to a crisp, and wings that were black with red veins protruding from them, he towered before me.
With a thunderous voice he said, “You have defeated my master and commander, for which you will pay with your very life.” Reaching behind himself, he unsheathed an enormous sword. Engraved in it was a story, the story of his defeat. It was stained with blood, evidence of his brutal past. The edges were razor-sharp, frightening the most heroic men into little more than cowards. Stepping towards me, he motioned for the fight to begin. Simultaneously, he leaped into the air, coming towards me at supersonic velocity.
With fear gripping my heart, I remember that God has authority over everything, even Dematron. Bowing my head in prayer, I plead to God to live. In seconds, I felt as if time had stopped. In the distance, I saw someone running in my direction. Angorus, servant of God, had arrived. He had come to deliver me from death. Getting within shooting distance, he unleashed a score of arrows from his bow. Streaking through the air, they impacted Satan with devastating consequences. From midair, he fell heavily onto the ground. Writhing with unimaginable pain and agony, he screamed and cursed at Angorus. Immediately, he knew he had made a major mistake. Staring coldly at him, Angorus confined Dematron’s soul to the burning depths of hell. In mere milliseconds, he had vanished.
Thankfully, I gazed at Angorus with unrivaled respect. He replied, “You have done well my good and faithful servant, and with you I am well pleased.” Soon after, a pulse began to emanate from his body.
Reaching my ears, I heard the sweetest music that had been heard by mankind. The tune was a soothing melody, contenting the whole body. Sadly, as soon as it started, it stopped. Remembering my true objective, I stood up. This was only one of many battles to come, and this victory must be short lived. Walking off into the sunset, I had a great feeling of hope. It pushed me to trust in God no matter what the circumstances.

There is a monster inside all of us. Although, sometimes the hardest part is not getting rid of it, but asking someone for help. For you must fight the good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith. Completing all of this will abolish evil, and keep it from coming back to tempt us.

The End

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