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Kodak Moments

November 18, 2007
By Anonymous

“Every girl needs a date to Sadies!” my mom said. Once again I had to prepare myself for another lecture from my over-involved mother.
“Sarah, you are not an ugly girl. You have pretty eyes, nice hair and a cute body. You should at least be able to get a date. If you don’t get one I’ll hire a boy to take you.” She said harshly.

“Seriously why are you so up in my business?”
“Because I want you to be happy, so go get one and I’ll pay for everything. If you don’t find one I’ll hire that paper boy that lives down the street! “
“Eww! Mom I will not go with that weirdo. He stalked me for like 3 years.”
“What do you mean stalked you?” she said.
“Mom, remember when we used to watch Hey Arnold, that nerdy glasses boy that breathed weird – like that.”
“Ok, you’re right but Honey, I am being fo real find you a man.” Her mom said trying to sound cool.
“Na-huh don’t you ever talk like that again.”
It was 9 o’clock time for my nightly talk with Kayla my best friend. So, I knew I had to get away from my noisy mom so I unplugged the phone. I peeked around the living room and saw my mom eating a bag of Fritos. “I’m safe.” I thought. I ran upstair locked my door and called Kayla.
“Man, Daniel was so hot today! Did you see him bend over to pick up that pencil? Gahhh!” I said.
“Yeah I did! He’s a cutie. I think you should ask him to Sadies!”
All of a sudden we heard crunching. Like someone was eating chips or something.
“Yeah, she should. Opps! ” my mom said.
My mom was always in my business, like now I was on the phone talking about how hot Daniel was, and mom couldn’t help but be on the other line ease-dropping away. She was a bad ease-dropper too because she couldn’t refrain from saying something about the conversation. I had had enough so I went to bed. In the morning my alarm went off so I knew it was time for school.
“You better find you a man or that paper boy is gonna be pretty happy.” mom yelled from down stairs. I was getting tried of this over-involvement. So I figured if I dressed my best and found me a date and went to prom my mom would back off. So I got in my best clothes put on my cutest jewelry and straightened my hair. One spray of touch of pink, “Perfection” I thought. I was totally dolled-up. I walked down stairs and asked, “Dad, do you think mom will approve?” I said sarcastically. Just then mom walked in the room. “Nice job!” she said. “Thanks.” I said shortly. I gave them both a hug and left for school.
When I got there I strutted my stuff in front of Daniel down the hall way. He was looking! Ahhh! Its working. Keep going I thought. I flipped my hair and BAM! I ran right into an open locker. I was so busy paying attention to him paying attention to me I didn’t even see what was right in front of me. I hurried and turned to see if he was looking… oh man was he. He was laughing. My heart raced. “How am I gonna ask him to Sadies after that lil’ incident.” I thought. So, I just blew it off and went to class.
It was so boring in history. I needed a break, so I raised my hand and asked to go to the bathroom. I got the pass and doddled to the bathroom. I was singing to myself that catchy yet old tune, Sadie Hawkins dance by Relient K. “Sadie Hawkins dance in my khaki pants nothing better, oh oh oh! Girl ask that guys its always a surprise nothing better baby do you like my sweater?” I was minding my own business but singing my heart out when all of a sudden I heard a little giggle behind me. IT WAS DANIEL!!!
I was so embarrassed. “Sadie Hawkins? Ha-ha so you gonna go Miss American Idol?” he asked. I blushed and my heart was racing “You better ask that boy to sadies… PAPER BOY PAY-PER Boyyy.” said a voice similar to my mothers. I knew I had to. “Do it do it!” my conscience said. So I did. “Will you go with me?” I said nervously. “I’ve been waiting for you to ask me.” He said. And once again my heart raced like it was gonna win the World cup.
“What colors should we wear?” he sweetly.
“Which ever you’d like.” I said shly.
He leaned into kiss me. “Awww…Kodak moment!” Flashes of what seemed to be a camera happened. Oh my God! It was my mom! At school, following me! I felt a scream coming on. The view started to shake and I open my eyes to a class full of people staring at me. “Wake up Miss American Idol. You should know better to be sleeping in my class.”
Before I could even reply the bell rang. I knew I needed to make my move on Daniel. So I waited for the halls to clear out. I scanned the lockers and there he was. I took a deep breath and marched up to him. “Uh, hey Sarah.” He said. “Daniel, I’ve been meaning to ask you… will you go to Sadies with me?” I said firmly. “Yeah.” He said with a smile. His smile faded, he looked confused. “Whose that woman with a camera?” he said. I turned around to find my mom. “Kodak moment.” She said peppy.
You have got to be kidding me.

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