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Warped Reality

October 14, 2007
By Anonymous

Warped Reality

Yawwwnnnn, sigh that was such a satisfying….hey wait a minuet, why am I on the floor of my parent’s bedroom. Wow didn’t know I could sleep walk. Hold up, didn’t I shave last night?!?! A wild thought flashed like a bullet through my mind. Sydney be rational it’s six in the morning your bound to become delirious some days. Just walk to the mirror and….AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I could not fathom the creature staring feral eyed back at me. Remarkably, the small pink nose my face once bore had elongated and was now slimy and black, ewwww and it was hairy. Oh my goodness! My hair, my once prided hair now covered my entire body! I will not let my self consider the fact that over night I had turned into my fluffy, self-conceded Chow mix, Ginger.
“GIIINNNGGGERRRR, time for breakfast!” I abruptly realized that the individual my mother was screaming for was in my twisted reality, actually me. Dazed, as if in a dream, I stumbled into our now dull gray kitchen. I gaped down at the vile bits of Iamb’s dog food that was to constitute breakfast, oh yeah and also lunch and dinner. I cautiously took a nibble and immediately regretted my decision. No wonder our poor deprived dogs plead for scraps; this “food” tastes horrifying! So much for breakfast, guess I’ll just attempt to ready myself for school. Hold the phone, I don’t have any school!!!!!! YAY, no drawn out boring lectures; no homework! This whole dog bit just became easier to swallow.
Some time later my mom permitted the three of us, Rex, Maddy, and me, to explore the astounding backyard jungle. The whole day spent just lazing out in the sweet summer sun was amazing. Between slumbering underneath the shade of the lovely scented oak and wrestling with the incredibly strong and sleek Beagle mix Rex, the time flew by. I hardly noticed as the others flew off the handle, barking as a Volvo pulled steadily into the driveway. MOM’S HOME!!!!!! I raced like a stallion to join my pack in waiting impatiently for the pleasant voice of my mother cooing to us as she strode toward the door, coming to play a now extremely necessary and infinitively important game of fetch.
My heart was still racing as I flopped on the ground, the moistened ball rolled out of my mouth and bounced merrily along the hard wood flooring in the dinning room. I was pooped! My long day as my dog was exceedingly amusing, but I was antsy to be myself again and eat some acceptable food. I managed to guardedly devour half of the unacceptable morsels that lay staring blankly at me from the bowl. Exhausted and in need of major beauty rest to divest myself of all this hair, I stalked to my parents spacious master bedroom and collapsed on the glorious feeling cloud. I allowed sleep to slowly envelope my tired body.
I awoke slowly to find my mother ogling down at me, “Sydney, why in the world are you sleeping in Ginger’s bed, good lord child have you completely lost your mind!” I managed a sheepish smile, “You will never believe me if I told you.” I said through a giggle. My mother continued to stare at me all day, especially when I begged her with pleading eyes to play fetch with me.

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on Jun. 2 2009 at 12:19 am
americanteen97 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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That part about the dog was cool but the beginning was slow and the story was a little confusing.

Do you know what conventions means because i couldn't understand the comments above.

on Apr. 26 2009 at 6:12 pm
xcupcakesxbrokenheartx BRONZE, Seaside, Oregon
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You might want to work on your conventions before you sumbit yoru work.

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