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Full Moon Fever

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

I walked into the school not knowing anyone and questioning if I would fit in here or not. I noticed all the different cliques and groups as I glided down the hallway. But out of all the students one caught my eye. He had mud colored hair with ocean blue eyes; he had to be the most beautiful person I’d ever seen. The second he caught my stare I looked away, worried he might think I was weird. Throughout the day I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I chose an empty seat kind of in the back of my poetry class to hopefully not be noticed by anyone but to my dismay a pupil to my left said, “So your new here?” I turned to say one of my sarcastic snotty answers to the same question asked to me about six times that day until I looked at him and realized it was the guy from the hallway. His eyes were even more stunning up close. At first I just stared into them almost mesmerized until the bell signaling class to begin rang and brought me back to reality. Remembering I never really answered his question I just simply nodded my head with a slight smirk on my face.

My first day at Lincoln High wasn’t so horrible, granted I was the outsider with no friends or social life, I just keep telling myself it will get better, gladly the second one did. A girl named Rhonda, who has a locker next to mine, noticed that we have all the same classes together and said she would walk with me to each one if I would like. I thought it was a sweet gesture so I accepted. On the way to first hour she talked about all the clubs she is in and all the high honors she has received, my immediate impression on her was that she must be the smart girl in class. At lunch she asked me to sit with her, I figured it would be better than sitting alone in the corner so I set my tray of hamburger gravy next to her brown lunch bag. It was silent at the table of just myself Rhonda and some guy with spectacles and a pocket protector. I looked up for a moment meeting eyes with hallway guy I blushed immediately and asked Rhonda if she knew him.

“Oh, that’s Aiden Yale. He is a pretty quiet guy and doesn’t really talk to anyone, but I’ve never had a problem with him, why?” She asked. “He is in our poetry class and I just wanted to know who he was.” I replied.

I sat in the same seat as yesterday in seventh hour poetry hoping that Aiden would sit next to me. I was so happy to see my plan worked I could smell his cologne as he walked passed me, this sent shivers up my spine. Today he asked me what my name was, I replied with,

“Are you going to ask me a different question everyday?” his answer was, “well I could or you could meet me at the coffee shop, Hanging ‘Round, after school so I can get to know you.” A sudden burst of excitement filled my body, I had no idea what to say.

“Uhmm, sure, I would love to.” I answered.

When I arrived at the coffee shop Aiden had already ordered for me, he said it would be the best latte I would ever consume, I must admit it was pretty tasty. We just sat there for a little over and hour talking about our lives and interests. Aiden decided he wanted to show me something so we got into his car and droveout to the country. When he stopped he told me to get out and take a little walk with him, I thought well, okay, what could happen. We hiked up this little tail. When we got to the end I realized we were standing on the top of a bluff with a beautiful view of the bay and the full moon. It was extremely romantic.

I checked my cell phone and the time was 9:30p.m. I figured it was time to get back, but Aiden stopped me from going and said,

“I know I don’t really know you but for some reason I feel like we have this connection. And I would like to show u something.”
Just then an ugly growl came out of Aiden’s mouth and he started to morph into this hairy being. What used to be Aiden stood a nine-foot tall werewolf. I was too shocked to speak, I didn’t want my secret to emerge as well so I ran, I ran all the way into town. I sped home, trying to pretend it didn’t happen.

When I arrived at school there was a note on my locker reading,

“Kyla, by your reaction last night I know there will never be anything between us, I’m sorry for the fright I put you through. When you see me today don’t feel the need to come up and say anything I think it’s best if you just stay away.”

After reading this I knew I would have to talk to Aiden. I walked towards him but he just ran away. I needed to let him know what was on my mind, so I wrote him a note,

“Aiden, I’m sorry you feel that there can be nothing between us. Next time you just jump to conclusions about how I feel you can just talk to me, you don’t know everything about me…”

Your werewolf friend, Kyla

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