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The Brick Wall

November 19, 2007
By Anonymous

Everyone had a childhood friend, if it was the little girl that would play dolls with you, or the one that your mom kept over during the day and you were forced to play with.
Well,Jake and Hannah where childhood friends. They where both eight years old and there parents where very good friends, so they had known eachother since they were in diapers. They would every other day get in the car and their moms’ would drive them to Hills Park. Both of the children looked forward to the day when they got to play in the park with eachother. One day Jake and Hannah met up but Jake was acting stand offish and Hannah didn’t know why. You see usually in a park there is a brick wall the entrance to the park and then another brick wall. Well there was bench by the brick wall on the outside part and one on the inside; well everyday that is where they met, on the benches. He leaned and planted a good one on her lips, the minute he saw her. Hannah, not knowing what else to do, pushed him away harshly and ran to tell her mom she did not feel good and needed to go home so they did, really though, the moms had seen the whole thing. And Mrs. Vail, Hannah’s mom was laughing in the inside. Later that night Hannah was "better" and Jake came over and saw that she was outside swinging, he gave her a ring and she took it but refused to talk to him. Jake went on and on about how pretty she was, the golden blonde hair glistening in the early sunlight her blue eyes sparkling when he even looked at her, but Hannah just sat on the swing, not listening. Or at least he thought she wasn’t. She really was, but she was just so young and confused she didn’t know what to think about it. So Jake left. Well they grew there separate ways but always managed to be in the same classroom at their school. In fifth grade she started to like him. And she never knew what was going to happen.

“You like him!” Christie teased. Christie was Hannah’s best friend. They had met the same summer, Jake and Hannah stopped playing. Which was 3rd grade. Christie moved in right next door and ever since they had been tight.

“No, I don’t!” Hannah lied. She did, she was staring right at him! How could she not like him? Who was she kidding? It was obvious! Then she remembered the ring. When she was doing her homework at home one day she was looking for a pen, she opened the drawer to her desk and found the diamond ring sitting there preciously in the drawer, Hannah picked it up and put it in her purse she carried to school that had her makeup in it, her cell phone and her pen she carried every where with her. She kept it in her new purses she got over the years, gently taking it out and putting in back in or wearing it to maybe catch Jakes eye and make him remember that he gave it to her. One day her sophomore year of high school it was her last chance to go to the Spring Fling with Jake. Jake was moving next year, moving to Nebraska, moving from Texas, Hannah’s life was ending!
As she walked down the hall with Christie, Jake came to them.
“Hey, Hannah, what’s up?” Jake asked shyly. Hannah’s cheeks turned bright red and she started to shake, he was talking to her! Christie stifled a laugh and looked at Hannah, like it was her big moment and Hannah knew it.
“I’ll leave ya’ll two alone! See you, Hannah, call me!” Christie dashed off.

“Christie…” Hannah started to protest, but Christie was already down the hall and out the door. Hannah sighed and looked at Jake, the one that she had been crushing on for so many years now.
“Hannah, please, I wanted to ask you a question, it’s been bugging me.” Jake said. Hannah nodded for him to go on.

“Do you still hate me?” He asked.

“No, I don’t, Jake, I’m sorry, we were just so young, I didn’t know what had happened, I didn’t want to think about it, I wanted to play and be happy and”—Jake cut her off.

“Sssshhhh…it’s okay,” Jake put his finger to her lips. Hannah blushed. “I am sorry too, and look you are wearing the ring I gave you!” He took her hand lightly. Then he tightened his grasp on it, and slid his fingers inside hers. “Hannah, will you go with me to the Spring Fling?” Jake said. Hannah squeezed his hand, tightly.

“Yes!” Hannah yelled. Then she realized how loud she was being, she calmed herself down and then correct herself. “I mean, yes, I will go with you.”

“Good, I will pick you up at 7:00 on Friday, see you.” Jake rushed off. HANNAH HAD A DATE WITH…JAKE!!!
As Hannah rushed home she started to dream of them dancing at the Spring Fling. When she got home she called Christie right away.

“Hello?” Christie answered.

“Oh my gosh, Christie. Guess who’s going with Jake to the spring fling?!”

Hannah waited for the night when Jake would ask her to his last spring fling, to Hannah; this was a very big deal. Her sister, Emily had taken her to get her nails and hair done and get a beautiful dress, a light red that was strapless with a white cashmere shawl around it with six inch heels. But one thing was missing...Jake. He was fifteen minutes late.
"He isn’t coming!" she told her sis as Emily looked out the window.
"Oh yes he is!" Emily smiled.
The door bell rang.
"O my gosh it’s Jake!" Hannah opened the door. There stood Jake with a white rose with a red ribbon around it and around the ribbon a ring, just like the one he gave her when they where lil'.
"The line was practically the whole school was in there…I had to get it, here you go, it was so beautiful!" he handed the rose to her. She smiled, breath taken. They walked out the door. As they rode in the car Hannah thought of all the good times Jake and her had had together. She wanted to relive the moment he kissed her. She had a plan. They drove up in the parking lot of the high school. Jake got up and opened the door.
"Jake, no, lets not." Hannah stayed in the car.
"Okay..." he got back in the car. “Okay, Hannah where to know?"
"To the park, hills park." Hannah said.
"Okay...why?" he asked.
"Don’t you remember, when we where little?" Hannah asked. The rest of the trip was silent. As they drove up Hannah got out by herself. She got on her old bench and so did Jake.
" long have you remembered this? How long have u been thinking about this place?"
"Since this." She leaned forward and kissed him right on the lips. Then she stopped, “I never forgot.”
Jake started to smile and leaned toward her, to kiss. Hannah knew the feeling because she had gone out with a boy. They kissed eachother passionately and he stroked her hair. While they kissed, she fell deeply in love, and wished she had never pulled away. She wished she would have listened to what he was saying that night when she was mad at him, and she knew that even though she didn’t like to care she loved him, deeply.

Now Hannah has finished out college, she is a stay home mom. She is married to, well not Jake but a dentist named Landon Hughes. She has two twins Jake and Maddie, who are 13 and a 6 year old named Brandi, and a newborn, who was months early, named Brianna, they are both doing fine. Although, you would think that Jake would marry Hannah, it didn’t work out. Like its said, love hurts. That following summer, Jake moved to Nebraska, not telling Hannah bye and even though it broke her heart, he had to leave her. Jake is now living in Texas again, with his wife, and his 3 kids, Hannah, Emily and Justin. They are expecting another in November. As you all know it is not 2006 anymore. I actually talked to Hannah the other day, I know strange huh? But everything is going well, everyone healthy and happy. Jake, I can’t get a hold of him; he has a hectic life, he is the number 1 lawyer in his town. The last time I talked to him I asked him where he had gotten the ring. He said, “It was on my mom’s dresser and I thought it was pretty and thought Hannah would forgive me if I gave it to her, so I did, well you know how she didn’t listen to me? Well when I asked her like…a lot of years later and she said yes I went out to Fine Jewelers and found one exactly like it, I don’t know how I did it but I found it! I thought it was beautiful, it was 345 dollars and I sold my baseball collection to my rich older brother for 700, he had one this contest in cooking and got 10,000 bucks for it, and he loved baseball and he took it. That’s how I got it!” It is funny how love never lasts until you find the right person. That’s what happened to Jake and Hannah. Hannah and Jake don’t see each other often, even though they are now, unfortunately best friends. Well this is how the story ends, but even though they aren’t together anymore, I can still say, they were once in love, very deeply.

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