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Allegory of the Masses

December 21, 2007
By Anonymous

Dark and deep the answer calls to her from the darkness. Desperately she calls back out, " where are you?," but she receives no reply. The answer dangled across the centuries but could make no sound. It had been silenced by the new age that had dawned. She contemplated the matter and wept as she realized the consequences. She wept as hard and as deep as she had ever wept. She wept for her country and for her children. She wept for her sisters and her brothers and for all of her ancestors losses that had come to nothing. She wept at the thought of her brethren clad in chains and wept for her children who had chained them. Mother Freedom wept and thought of all the sacrifices that had come to nothing. Turning, she screamed into the night. " Children, what have you done?! Brethren where have you gone?! Why have you made a mockery of me and why have you forgotten my power. Your ancestors fought for your right to have me and you have cast me aside like so many dirty rags. You have elected your leaders from among the most corrupt of your masses and have forgotten the common touch. The select among you have been subconsciously elected kings and you worship them as gods. Your prophets have been forgotten and thrown into the forgotten waters of Hope. You fight your brethren and put them in chains. You humiliate them in Tier 1A and call it " interrogation techniques." You bomb their homes and rape their women and call it your "right." You allow dictators to crush me and to abuse my name. You allow them to gain power even though you have seen it all happen before. All my children have strayed and I don't know how to punish you. You have forsaken me my children, my brethren and you have lost me for what might be forever. You have decided that you would rather fight it out on your own and forget me for all time and yet you still dare to use my name as justification. Freedom does not mean torture. Freedom does not mean war. Freedom does not mean murder and pillaging. Freedom is above that and above your current senses. You cannot wire tap nor can you capture me under the Patriot Act. You must feel me my children and you must live by me. You can not label me a terrorist and you can not declare war upon me. I am covered in the blood of your past and you cannot escape me. I linger at the edges of your lives, locked outside the door. Your dictators keep me here children and only those of the wisest know I am here. Alas, my loves, I shall wait for you. Mother Freedom will wait, for I know what you are capable of when you use love to rule and I will wait for the day when you put Hate in my place and reclaim me for your own.

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