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You Tell Me

November 14, 2007
By Anonymous

You tell me, with straight face and earnest eyes, how empty this place would be with out me. But it already is empty. These faces you see are only that - faces. They are apathetic and hold all the depth of the puddle interrupting the street. But we - oh!The depth of the ocean and passion of a raging fire are within our grasp! Will you not reach out and take what is deserved to you? Will you watch as you dreams float by with eyes as empty as theirs?
But take me by the hand and I will show you the colors. The blues and greens in a world of gray. Open your eyes and add your own! Nothing this hard can last forever.
Don't bend to their wishes. Their shallow opinions hold on grounds for you to stand, no substance to save you from drowning your very soul. Lean on me; take my glory as your own. Take my hand and consider me a ladder from hell, if it pleases you. My dreams are not important when you suffer so!
They will kiss your face and whisper their offerings of everything. Anything and everything you want, save for the truth. But I could show you so much more than words! Just take my hand and turn your back on this cliff! This sea of the damned throws its waves at you from thousands of feet below, crying out for your blood. Will you jump and be ripped apart, simply to make them happy?
No! Save yourself! If not for yourself, then for me. All that I want is to see you happy.

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