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Freelock the Friendly Dragon

November 27, 2007
By Anonymous

Freelock stared out into the dieing sun. He heaved a deep sigh that shook the cavern. His brother, Grono, was a thunder dragon. He never minded the simple life of scaring a few peasants. Freelock never saw any joy in that. Although his mother and father loved him, both were water dragons, his brother saw nothing but a dragon denying his heritage.

“Freelock?” said his only friend, Sanza. Sanza was a fairy. Her light, shimmering orange body meshed perfectly with her bright, electric blue wings. “Freelock, are you there?”

“Yes, Sanza,” Freelock responded. “I am here.” 'Like I have anywhere to go', thought Freelock.

“Well come inside. Your brother is threatening the village to a horrid storm,” she told him. Freelock got up reluctantly from the mouth of the cavern and entered the kitchen area.

Just like Grono to scare the villagers. “What does he want from them this time?”

“He doesn’t want anything. He told me on my way over here,” Sanza explained. “Grono only wants to terrorize them.”

“No, he wants to teach me how a real dragon should act. He threatened to do this if I didn’t,” Freelock stated. “Grono knew I would never go through with it. I am just a friendly dragon.”

Freelock sighed again. Sanza was a great friend, but what he really wanted was a human friend. Some one who could reason with the village that he was here, not to harm them, but to be their friend. He confessed this to Sanza.

“Well, I know of a wizard that might be able to help you, Freelock. But it would be dangerous getting to him,” she explained, paused, and added, “extremely dangerous.”

“Tell me where this wizard lies,” stated Freelock with a look of pure determination on his face.

Sanza told him exactly where to go. And he left the very next morning. After taking care of his older brother.

"Grono," screamed Freelock. "Where are you?" Freelock looked around his brothers’ cave.

"About time you show up, little brother," whispered Grono. Freelock turned around to face his brother.

"Grono, you can't keep doing this," he stated.

"Doing what?" growled Grono.

"Trying to get me to be like you," said Freelock softly. "Mum and dad have accepted me for who I am. Why can't you?"

"Because I am a dragon," stated Grono proudly.

"Like that's and excuse," said Freelock sarcastically.

Grono let out a ferocious roar. Smoke was coming out of his nostrils. "Know your place, Freelock."

"Fine. I will speak to Mother and Father about your threats," threatened Freelock.

"What?! No!" exclaimed Grono. "Please, Freelock. Don't. I beg of you!"

"Will your stop threatening the village?" Freelock asked, his back turned to his groveling brother.

"Yes, anything," responded Grono, exasperated. "Just don't tell mum and dad."

Freelock flew as fast as he could. He followed Sanzas’ directions exactly, but he still got lost halfway through his journey. He stopped for a few minutes, hovering one-thousand feet above a beautiful lake. Freelock heard voices to his left. He flew towards the voices and noticed that they were young unicorns playing a ring game with their horns.

One of them saw Freelock hovering above them. “Hey, look. It’s a dragon,” said the one in the middle.

“What do you want, dragon?” asked the one on the left. There was no worry on either of their faces. There was no need to be. Unicorns are faster then dragons.

"I have come a long way to find a wizard that can help me with a problem,” stated Freelock as he landed.

“Oh, I know which wizard you are talking about,” responded the one on the right. He lives a few miles to the north. But that’s dangerous land.”

“How dangerous?” Freelock asked the unicorn.

“If he caught you, you would have nothing more to worry about, ever,” stated the unicorn in the middle.

“You will just need to stay under his radar,” said the right. “Jobe, you got the spare meter?”

“Yeah,” stated the left. He rummaged for a bit in his sack under his wing. “Here it is.”

“Good, give it here so I can put it on this dragon,” said the right. “This meter will tell you if you are in the danger zone. If you aren’t then you will be safe. Keep as close to the ground as you can. And fly fast. Look for the rock with a hat on top. That’s the wizards place. You will be safe there.”

Freelock looked down at his tail where the unicorn put the meter. “Thanks, this really means a lot--.” When Freelock looked up, the unicorns were gone without a trace.

Freelock flew up into the air, trying hard not to go to high. He flew so close to the trees, that they tickled his underbelly. There was a branch right in front of him and he jerked upward. He returned to his position, inches above the tree tops.

There was a massive roar behind him. Freelock turned his head and saw a dragon’s worst enemy, a griffin. It's gray and brown wings beating ferociously against the wind. Freelock must have triggered the griffins’ radar when he jerked upward to avoid the branch.

Freelock flew as fast has he could. The griffin was on his tail. Freelock was reaching the end of the forest. He stated to panic now. There was only one dragon to ever out fly a griffin, and it was at night. Griffins have very poor eye site.

He saw the rock with a hat on top. Freelock flew up and up and into the cavern. The griffin tried to find Freelock, but its eyes couldn't penetrate the darkness. It snapped its beak and gave up.

“Well, what do we have here,” said a voice behind him. Freelock turned to face the wizard. “Who are you?”

“My name is Freelock, and I have come a long--,” the wizard cut him off.

“Freelock, the friendly dragon,” stated the wizard. “My name is Ozura. And I know that you have come a long way. You must have been desperate to find me if you were willing to out fly a griffin.”

“I didn’t know that there was going to be a griffin chasing after me,” responded Freelock.

“Well, do tell me Freelock, the reason of you coming to find me,” stated Ozura.

“Well, I have come to find a friend,” explained Freelock. “A human friend, one that won’t be afraid of me.”

“Well, my dear dragon, you have come to the right place,” stated Ozura with a smile.

Days Later

“Sanza, I’m back.”

“Freelock,” screamed Sanza. “Are you okay? You didn’t get hurt or anything, right?”

“I am perfectly healthy,” responded Freelock. “I would like you to meet a friend of mine. Sanza, this is Ozura.”

“Ah, hello my young fairy friend,” stated the wizard.

“Nice to meet you, Ozura,” said Sanza.

Freelock was no longer a dragon with out a friend. He now had two of the best friends that he could ever as for. A dragon friends with a human. Freelock stared out into the rising sun. Thinking about his friends. Thank you, friends.

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