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Behind closed doors

October 22, 2007
By Anonymous

Behind closed doors there you are. Waiting for her, I'm waiting for you. She steals your heart and I dream on.
Stars in the Sky are just for show. Always wishing...Always waiting...Days pass and she’s still yours.
Souring beneath dreams so high. My heads in the clouds and my hearts in the sky.
And I wonder if you ever think about me anymore. My dreams were crushed the day you decided you wanted more. I guess imperfect just wasn’t good enough. So you moved on.
I gave you my led me to his. I didn't want his...All i wanted was you.
Now I'm finding new ways to be okay...How’s life? You ask. Fine i say but inside I’m screaming I love you! Can’t you see...he’s not the one for me?
My heart has been torn in The Can’t you see...i love you!
Years pass... I think I’ve finally moved on then find your way back into my heart one simple smile...and I’m hooked on you.
Find a way to make this me just give me another chance.
One shot to make you love me...i start to feel sick...what is it? What is this feeling that i feel for you? It’s called hate...
One little chose her...hate is what i feel...and you ask are you okay? i say I’m fine through my don’t care...turning to kiss HER and simply leave me...standing there vanish into thin air...with her...hate is what i feel. Yet there is still love.

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