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The Little One

October 3, 2007
By Anonymous

The buzz running in your head seems to control your mind. But what about me? The one with your blood flowing through its veins? It should matter, but it doesn't. Why don't you care for the little one who depends on you? Was she a mistake? Was I too much of a burden for you?

For nine months it grew in you, using your nutrients, using your oxygen. You took the pain for it to take its first breath. But as it grew older and made silly mistakes, so did you.

There were no light. There was no water. Tehre were things in my hair that I just couldn't itch away. As for you, you didn't need to be itched away. You did that on your own, leaving another kid to watch a baby as you had your fun and joy.

And when that awful night happened-yeah I remember-you didn't know how to protect me. As her little legs ran as far as they knew how, her little heart had just double cluched. She is lost.

Now as that little one grows into a woman, she wanders back down that path and asks herself, why? The little one had been found and brought to her king's castle, filled with love, care, and joy. But there's still that hole waiting to be filled. And as that young woman is wondering, she also asks herself why couldn't her old shack have been made into a castle, and why had her queen left the throne.

This older little one will always wonder, but she will find her way. She'll find her way around the world and finally be a queen someday herself. No thanks to you, the only buzz in her mind will be the buzz of knowledge, faith, love, care, and happiness.

For: Fhyllis

If it wasn't for you not caring I wouldn't have the life I have now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's just too bad that you couldn't be my mother. But because of it, I now have the most amazing mother who would do anything in the world just to keep a smile on my face.

That is why right now I say thank you. Thank you for everything that you never did. I will not be sad anymore over it, because it was ment to be so that my life could be the way it is now.

Your lost child,

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