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Breaking Broken Promises

January 29, 2010
By Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
Audrea15 PLATINUM, Murphysboro, Illinois
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I watched as the ripples in the ocean caused more ripples until they then dissapeared.Ripping the bracelet off my wrist then throwing it as far as my arm would allow me to.I felt the traitorous tears flow down my cheeks.You broke your promise i yelled to no one.You said you be here forever i continued.But you lied.My knees buckeled from underneath me causing me to fall against the freshly falling leaves.To make matters worse the reain started to pour causing my hair to stick to my face.Standing up with as much strength i had left I broke out into a run.I stopped as soon as I heard the sound of my boots hitting the wood of the fishing deck.If you get to break you're promise then I get to break mine i yelled again to the howling wind of the ongoing storm.The waves were now crashing against the deck making it hard to keep my balance. I then rushed to the edge prepared to jump in and break my promise.But warm arms grabbed my waist preventing me from entering the abyss of water.What are you doing he yelled grabbing me tighter as I struggled in his grasp.What do you think i'm doing I'm breaking broken promises I tried to yell back but it came out as a harsh whisper.Do you think this is what she would want you to join her in death?I dont care what she would want i replied back,I only care now what I want now.It was a lie I cared about everything she wanted but, I was so incredibly mad that nothing mattered right now. I quit struggling giving up the fight I didnt have an ounce of stregth let alone will power. Noticing me stopping he turned me so I was facing him and embraced me. I felt weak,useless and like a child now as he began smoothing my hair and rubbing circles in my back.She broke her promise I whispered.He was going to say something but i cut him off.If I was going to pour my heart out then I was going to fully do it.She said she was always going to be there when I needed her,she promised I repeated she promised.He looked me right in the eye ,she kept her promise she is always going to be there in your heart he whispered as he put his hand over my heart.I understood now I understood that her promise wasnt broken and that it will be forever kept.HE cradeled my face in his palm and brought his lips to mine.I had been kissed by him many times but this kiss was differnt,this was not only a kiss but also a promise.That he would always be there to even if it was only in my heart.In the middle of a storm,on a fishing deck off the ocean shore, he mended my broken promises and created a new promise.A promise of forever.

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