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A Day in the life of Alex Super Spy

April 25, 2008
By Anonymous

A Day in the life of
Alex Super Spy

The doorbell rang its happy ringing sound. I groaned and looked down to the floor below. My excited, happy, screaming older sister ran down the hall with that I-am-so-great-get-out-of-the-way kind of feel. Before she could even open the door it sprang open and her friend Mouse jumped inside. They both screamed together and away they bounced. In a few minutes she would be partying and I would be alone, I wasn't invited.
Then I started having some thoughts. I wonder why girls always scream? I wonder why Natasha didn't want her own brother at her party? I wonder why they call her Mouse? Hundreds of questions flew through my mind. That's when I, Alex Thanhouser, became, Alex Thanhouser Super Spy.

I ran up the stairs to my room. I jumped over mountains of clothes, ran around piles of toys, and searched my floor for one thing. My spy kit.

I found it in my closet under a pile of blankets. I opened it and dumped the contents onto the floor. A magnifying glass, weird earphones so you could listen into other rooms, a flashlight and a black hat. I shoved the black hat onto my head, smiled brightly, and threw the rest back into the closet. I was ready.
I snuck up to Natasha's door. There they sat, five giggly screaming girls. I squirrel jumped by the window and they all turned to watch it. Time to go. I dove behind the bed and rolled through the blankets carelessly splewn all over the floor. I lay under the bed and looked out. They still hadn't noticed me. I smirked. I was turning out tho be a pretty great spy. I looked around the small space. I shared it with old clothes, pictures and a bag full of candy. A BAG FULL OF CANDY!!

My eyes grew huge and I started to shake. The bag of candy covered with blue and green foil sat calling me. I looked out once more to make sure I hadn't given away my position. I reached out my shaking arm. It was a snake slithering ready to grab its prey. My fingers felt the plastic cover of the bag. I silently gripped it, pulling it close. I grabbed the two sides and split the bag. POP. The bag split in two, and chocolates rolled out everywhere. The shadows around the bed scattered, and of course more screaming.

Shrieks of terror hit me like shock waves. I rolled out from under the bed I leaped toward door. I was going to make it! I could hear Tasha yelling something in the background. At this point, I really didn't care. I flew past the presents stacked like a pyramid and the posters on the wall. The door got closer and closer. I angled myself so I would land perfectly. The floor grew closer and closer.

That's when I felt it. A slight pressure on my leg. I fell to the floor all my momentum was gone. I landed painfully on my side. I turned to find Tasha handcuffing my leg to her bed, three angry girls, and Mouse who was watching a fly on the wall.

“Heh...Heh...Hi guys!” I stuttered. “I was just looking for that.. umm... a penny! Yeah I dropped that penny in here and I came to find it,” I held back my laughter at my own excuse.

Tasha sat there, an angry Alex eating monster. She had her fists clenched, and her teeth grinded, Tasha sat staring at me. She started to yell again. “Alex you've got to stop coming in my room!!” Tasha hollered. “I'm going to tell mom and you're...”

“Wait, Tasha,” Mouse cut in. “I've got a better idea! How about we let Alex here help us with our game?'

Oh no, Alex thought, this can't be good.

They led me over to a chair and set me down to my doom. In the next ten minutes they messed up my hair and put a bunch of glop all over my face. They were all giggling again. What were they laughing at now?

They turned the chair around and let me look in the mirror. I shrieked in terror and disgust. It wasn't me in the mirror, it was Princess Alexandra.

I looked like a brat doll gone wrong. Blue sparkles shot up from the side of my black raccoon eyes. A bright shade of pink covered my mouth. I looked down and nearly cried when I saw my once ragged disgusting boy nails turned magenta with little purple stars.

Now I knew why they were giggling. They dragged me down the stairs into the basement. They shoved me into the closet and sat giggling near the door. I could here Tasha talking in the other room, but who was she talking to? Then Tasha opened the door and the girls shoved me out.

I looked out into the bright lights and stumbled down the path of blankets. That's when I realized why I was out here.

Past all the lights and beside the blankets sat my parents, only worse! My parents with a camera! I screamed and ran upstairs as they all laughed.

I ran into the bathroom and spent the next hour washing goop off my face.

I sat in my room thinking of ways to delete pictures. Or better, memories. I knew that would be the best picture at my graduation party in nine years. I sighed and walked downstairs to a night full of giggling girls, cake opening presents, and still wondering. Why do girls giggle so much? Why do they always scream, and why they called her Mouse. That would be another story for me, Alex Super Spy.

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on Nov. 3 2009 at 3:56 pm
SonOfApollo GOLD, Katy, Texas
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is it a series?

if not MAKE IT ONE!

on Feb. 28 2009 at 11:14 pm
Be careful where you use names because people can easily mistake it for copywritten. I don't if you know this but Alex Super Spy for your story and Alex Rider the teenage spy novel series are both about young spies.

overall its good.