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The Fate of NATO

August 24, 2009
By Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
Anson Lee PLATINUM, Chai Wan, Other
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Moscow, June 12, 1991.

The night was filled of the sound of men voices shouting. Two trucks with the words CCCP painted in red on them screeched into view, and Soviet Spetsnaz commandos holding Kalashnikov 7.62mm AK-47 assault rifles stepped out of them.

“All ready, Comrade Linderberski?” asked a man wearing a Soviet uniform of general rank to a man wearing Soviet uniform of Field Marshall rank.

“Yes, Comrade Vostrikov.”

Suddenly there was the sound of propeller blades, and both men looked up. A Mi-8 helicopter with Mi-24 gunships as escorts was landing. The trucks moved to provide space for the helicopters to land. The Mi-8 touched down and the former Soviet Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev stepped out.

“Have you managed to capture the leaders of the former countries in our Motherland?”

“Yes, sir,” replied General Vostrikov. Then he turned to some commandos. “Получить их!” (Get them)

The commandos saluted and hurled the bound and unconscious bodies of the leaders of the countries in the former Soviet Union. Vostrikov nodded and some of the commandos held an AK-47 to the leaders’ heads while the other commandos woke up the leaders.

Gorbachev addressed them all. “Comrades, will you rejoin our new Soviet Union?”

The leader of Ukraine shook his head. “We will never agree! We have our own rights to be independent, not be part of your Soviet Union! May you get cholera!”

Gorbachev frowned. “Then you must be terminated.”

A commando nodded and he squeezed the trigger on his AK-47. A burst of bullets entered the Ukraine leader’s head. He gasped as blood leaked down from the bullet hole. Then he fell forward, dead. Gorbachev snickered as the commandos carried his body away. But to Gorbachev’s surprise, none of the other leaders looked very frightened.

“What is it? What is it?” snarled Gorbachev.

He got his answer when there were sounds of helicopters. Gorbachev turned to see helicopters and men of the countries of the leaders running forward, emptying their rifles.

“Нападение на незваных гостей!” (Attacks on intruders)

The commandos immediately turned their weapons on the intruders while the Mi-24s attacked the helicopters. While six commandos threw grenades, the other commandos fired their AK-47s. The grenades exploded inside the formation of the intruders, launching men and blood into the air. Within minutes, all the intruders and enemies’ helicopters were destroyed at the cost of zero lives. Now the leaders were really frightened.

“W-we will join y-y-y-our Soviet Union,” stammered the leaders.

Gorbachev smiled as the commandos injected a drug into the back of the leaders’ necks. Then they bundled them into the trucks. Gorbachev stepped back into the Mi-8 and while the helicopters took off. The commandos stepped back into the trucks and when all the commandos were in, the drivers instantly stomped on the acceleration pedal, following the helicopters at 80 mph.

“Принесите лидеров в своих камерах! Скоро мы будем вторгаться в их страны!” (Bring leaders in their cells! Soon we will invade their country)

White House, June 18.

“Mr. President, a former Soviet Special Operations agent called Nakata Vorkuta has recently defected to us. I think she has some news for you. Permission to bring her in?”

President George Bush nodded. “Permission granted.”

The door opened and a Russian girl with a red-and-black cap and black Kevlar skirt walked in with two guards. Bush estimated that she was about 32 years old.

“Well, Ms. Vorkuta, I believe you have news for us?”

Nakata nodded and while she spoke, she spoke with a light Russian ascent. “Mr. President, I warn you. Our former Chairman plans to remake the Soviet Union. He has already kidnapped the leaders of the countries in the former Soviet Union. He has held them to ransom and his forces easily invaded their countries. They are now advancing onto Germany and Japan. Soviet ships have already surrounded Japan 300 miles from the shoreline and they plan to take control of the skies then attack. I cannot stay any longer because I must return to Moscow before they realize I have defected. But be quick to react.”

Bush nodded. “Good. Guards, bring her back to Moscow.”

When Nakata was on her way back, Bush rang the Secretary of Defense.

“Hello?” “Mr. Cheney, this is an order. Get PACFLEET speed into the Atlantic immediately. Tell them to have their F-18s and F-14s prepared for movement. Have the Marines be ready for a beach assault. I want all our aircraft carriers stationed in the Atlantic NOW. Understood?”

Cheney was shocked. “Why? Mr. President.”

“I can’t say. But also have plenty of naval force ready to advance on Japan. Also have the 82nd Airborne Division ready to land in both Germany and Japan. We must turn all our military might that is not in Iraq prepare to land onto Germany and Japan. Make sure that the forces surrounding Japan are at least 200 miles away from the shoreline. No ship is to get nearer than 200 miles.”

Moscow, June 23.

Inside a room at 24 floors below ground level, safe from bomber attack, Gorbachev was meeting with General Vostrikov. The room contained no electrical devices except ten 100-watt lights embedded in the ceiling. Gorbachev pointed to the map.

“We will attack Germany by sea first, gaining a stronghold for the 1st Army, commanded by Field Marshall Linderberski to cross in from Poland.”

Vostrikov was confused. “Cross in from Poland? What do you mean?”

Gorbachev chuckled. “Oh, did I forget to tell you? We have kidnapped the Polish leader. I will bring him in.”

Gorbachev pulled a tiny mike out of the wall. “приведения польского лидера в!” (Bring the Polish leader)

Minutes later, two burly soldiers with AK-47s slung on their shoulders dragged a bound and gagged man in. Gorbachev smiled. One of the soldiers pulled some more rope out of his pocket and tied the Polish to a chair while the other soldier ripped the gag of the soldiers poked an AK-47 at him.


Vostrikov sneered. “Ha! As if! We will always have our hands of your country. We might not kill you if you agree to let us have it.”

“NEVER, OUR ARMY WILL STOP YOU!” The Polish leader bashed his head at the table, causing a lighted cigarette that was absent-mindedly left ignored on the table to fall down, nearly burning Gorbachev.

“If you want to kill us, you will be killed!”

One of the soldiers nodded and let the trigger on his AK-47 fall back. The rifle spat a couple of rounds into the Polish leader’s lung and he gasped as the air in his lungs was propelled out.

“Ok…” the Polish man gasped. “You can cross our country…”

Gorbachev snickered. “Too late for talking!”

The soldier who had first fired at the Polish leader emptied the clip of his rifle. Rounds slammed into the Polish leader with the force of anti-tank missiles which all punctured his lungs. The Polish leader died as his own blood drained inside his lungs and drowned him. Gorbachev nodded and the soldiers went back out, carrying the Polish leader’s corpse with them.

Vostrikov smiled and pointed at the map. “We will attack tomorrow.”

Soviet Carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, June 24

Su-33 pilot Nikolai Volkola climbed into the cockpit of his Su-33. He was a little surprised to have to take off at four am, but he never questioned an order, and he believed in invading other countries to get them have a communist government. His thoughts were interrupted as a technician shouted up to him.

“Все топливные баки полностью. Готов для взлета” (All fuel tanks full. Ready for takeoff)

Volkola pushed to full throttle and slowly pulled clear of the carrier. He switched on the afterburner, gaining a speed of 567 mph. He checked the weapons systems, and flew into formation with seven other Su-33s.

Geilenkirchen Air Base, June 24

Flight Lieutenant Hans Otto climbed into his Typhoon fighter. He couldn’t believe that a swarm of Russian planes could just pop up on their radar screens. But he was ready for action any time. Making final checks he opened the throttle and zoomed down the runway. He gently pulled on the control stick and lifted clear of the airfield. In fifteen minutes he could see the Su-33s on his radar screen.

Over Germany, June 24

Volkola dived sharply. He avoided the Typhoons zooming overhead and pulled up to follow one. He found a Typhoon that seemed to be breaking away from the German formation and he followed it. He tried maneuver his Heads-Up Display (HUD) onto it, but it banked away. Cursing, he followed it and tried to lock onto it. But it was just out of range. Volkola accelerated to 600 mph and banked sharply to the left. His HUD went onto it, and he could just see the green circle following the Typhoon. The words “Блокировки” (Lock on) flashed across his HUD. Volkola smiled and hit the missile release button on his control stick. A sidewinder (heat-seeking) missile flew directly at the Typhoon. The Typhoon tried to avoid it, but in seconds the Sidewinder had struck the Typhoon and the Typhoon exploded into millions of burning pieces. Volkola smiled, but his joy was short lived because a Typhoon was diving at him. Otto.

Otto yanked on the control stick to stop from smashing into Volkola. Once clear, he dived again to get back onto Volkola. The green circle on his HUD followed Volkola’s Su-33, not letting him escape……LOCK ON. Otto smiled and pressed the release button and fired a sidewinder missile directly at Volkola. Volkola immediately maneuvered to escape the missile. His Su-33 became vertical, then went backwards quickly and resumed horizontal flight, vertical though out the maneuver. Volkola had just executed a perfect Pugachev’s Cobra maneuver. The missile was too fast, and it overshot Volkola. Volkola smiled and dived to attack Otto. He quickly locked on, and then fired. Otto immediately switched off his Typhoons engines. The sidewinder missile that was approaching him could not detect any heat coming from Otto’s Typhoon, so it glided past his Typhoon gracefully, like the Typhoon never existed.

Volkola mumbled dozens of curses in Russian, and then he filled the air with countless tracer rounds as he blasted at Otto with powerful cannon. Otto expertly evaded the rounds, and blasted back at Volkola with the Typhoon’s two cannons. Otto finally managed to destroy Volkola’s Su-33’s canards, leaving the Su-33 un-maneuverable. However, Volkola also managed to hit Otto’s wings, destroying some of the flaps. Otto pulled 4 Gs, and went onto Volkola’s tail. He was about to shoot Volkola to pieces when... no ammo left.

Because Volkola didn’t fire when Otto’s Typhoon was directly in front of the Su-33’s cannons, Otto figured that Volkola must also have no ammo left too. Otto figured that if he didn’t destroy Volkola now, Volkola would land back at whatever carrier that launched him and he would fight another day. Otto immediately swung his Typhoon at Volkola, hoping that his Typhoon’s right wing would smash into the Su-33’s cockpit and kill Volkola, but sadly Volkola had the same idea. The two planes closed in at over 600 mph and CRUNCH! Otto’s Typhoon’s right wing smashed into Volkola’s Su-33’s already damaged canards. Both planes survived the impact, but the Su-33’s right canard was completely sheared off and Otto’s Typhoon’s wing was smoking, the fuel tanks inside about to ignite. Flying as carefully as they could, both pilots flew home on their damaged jets. Their minds were so focused on today’s air battle that they were completely unaware that the ground battles had already started.

German Territory, June 24

Soviet soldier Victor Kamarov fired with his AK-47. They were gaining ground, but the enemy had unleashed tanks against them, so it was luck that the T72s happened to just turn up and engage the enemy. Casualties were unclear, but Kamarov was sure that they would win. He fired at an enemy truck, succeeding in igniting its fuel tank, but some of its occupants rolled out in time and fired at Kamarov with HK-91 assault rifles. Even though a few bullets nicked his eyebrow, he fired back and mowed them down. However, he did not notice a German soldier creeping up on him. THRACK! The German hit him on the head. Kamarov took the blow but dropped his rifle. Then he punched the German hard enough to make him fall down, pouncing on him like a jaguar. But the German kicked him away and punched him on the face. Kamarov made a last-minute grab for his rifle and swiped the German’s stomach with rifle butt. The butt cut though his body and the Germans guts spilled out. Kamarov smiled and cleaned the blood off his rifle. Then he jammed in a fresh clip and charged.

Nearby, German soldier Hans Haas watched Kamarov. Grinning, he picked up his MP5 submachine gun and fired into Kamarov’s tracks. Kamarov spotted him and fired at him, but Haas had already gone after him. Haas fired a dozen shots into Kamarov’s rifle. Although they did little damage, Kamarov was furious and blasted away at him. Haas never stopped running after him, only stopping when his MP5 needed to be reloaded. Karmarov waited until Haas neared him. Then he swiped at Haas with the butt of his rifle, knocking him down. Haas got up but Karmarov attacked him again. Then Haas swiped at his legs with his submachine gun and knocked him down. Karmarov quickly grabbed Haas’ MP5 and thrust the barrel back at him. Then he squeezed the trigger so that the bullets entered Haas heart with no chance of them being pulled out. Karmarov grinned as the bullets punctured Haas’ cardiac tissue. Throwing the body away, Karmarov picked up his rifle ran.

Inside a German truck, Sergeant Rudolf Hess watched as Karmarov destroyed all of the trucks in his squad. He instructed the driver to go after Karmarov, then steadied his HK-91 and fired at Karmarov. Karmarov first noticed Hess when he felt bullets enter his arm. Clutching his bleeding wounds, picked up his rifle with his free hand and blasted at Hess’s truck. The truck didn’t stop, and Karmarov realized he better get out of the way before he got ran down. As Hess zoomed past him, Karmarov expertly jumped onto the truck’s hood. He killed the driver before he could react, then opened the door and threw in a hand grenade. Hess first realized that somebody had attacked them when an explosion tore the truck apart. Although the seats in the truck absorbed the sharpened, he was slightly wounded. Hess then spotted Karmarov and pumped two bullets into his heart. Karmarov screamed and fell down. Hess smiled, victorious. But his smiled vanished as an air strike came in. A Su-24 attack aircraft fired a small tactical nuclear missile which vaporized the area with Hess.

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