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The Mystery Of Solving A Mystery

May 25, 2009
By MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
MariaMarie DIAMOND, Washington Court House, Ohio
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Part One

Some time not long ago in a faraway village near Iraq there lived a little girl named Elizebeth Jones Misa.Or otherwise known as Lizzie.Only her mother calls her Elizebeth.Lizzie was a tall thin girl.She had long, beautifull ,glistening brown hair, pretty shining blue eyes,and two fantastic friends.Her mother's name is Kelly Lyn Misa.A very strict, blonde haired, blue eyed woemen ,who cared for her daughter a lot. Lizzie's dad is a U.S. soldier fighting in the Iraq war.[Which is only about 50 miles from Lizzie's village.] His name is Jake Long Misa.He's a doctor in a M.A.S.H. unit. M.A.S.H stands for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. He's a black haired, green eyed man. Sometimes he writes his daughter,but he's usaly very busy,so he doesn't have to much time to write.
Lizzie's friends are Emeralda Keith Cortez,and Johnathen Derek Cortez.Emeralda go's by Emma.She's A slim girl.With black hair,and brown eyes. She's been Lizzie's best friend since they were 6 years old.They talk together about everything,and they have lots in common.Emma's dad George Andy Cortez works at the same M.A.S.H unit as Lizzie's dad does.{M.A.S.H 4088}He has Aburn hair,and dark blue eyes.The girls are both 15 years old,and they like almost the same things.

Johnathen is another story.He likes to go by John.He's a tall ,slim,brown haired boy.With deep blue eyes.He's funny and obnoxis like most boys,but on the other hand he also has a heart of gold,But that's Lizzie's oppinion.Emma's opinion is that he's a total pest,and annoying.John is 16,that makes Emma only one year behind him,but he's still allways left in charge.And in Emma's opinion it's;

"So not fair!" Emma shouted into the cold night air,as she walked along beside her best friend Lizzie.

"Calm down Em! It's not that big of a deal."Lizzie soothed Emma,"Besides, your brothers totally cool! How could you not like him?"

"We'll for one thing he's my brother,not my crush."Emma laughed,"And besides that's what sisters and brothers are supposed to do, hate each other,and I hate him, because he's allways being left in charge,and he's allways getting to do cool things!"

"Brothers and sisters are NOT supposed to hate each other! In fact, I think your lucky- I'd give ANYTHING to have a real brother or sister.... And I do not have a crush on him!"

"oh,..Well that's to bad, I heard him talking about you last night."Replied Emma

"Really! What'd he say? Did he say I was pretty? Or how about a girlfriend? Did he mention a girlfriend?"

"Don't have a crush on him huhh?"

"Em,You are so dead! "
And that's how are story starts.With Lizzie chasing Emma Home, threatening to hurt her if she says anything to John.Weird Huh?

"Oh,hello Lizzie."Said Mrs. Cortez,not to surprized." Emma you were supposed to be home ten minutes ago."

"Sorry mom,we just got....caught up,anyway,"Replied Emma,changing the subject,"can Liz spend the night?"
She gave one of those long puppy dog faces. Emma's good at those faces, she's gotten Lizzie to do even the unthinkable with it.

"I suppose,"Her mother always falls for it,....but not all the way."But you have to ask your brother,since he's whatching you,"
Emma got this stoney look to her face,while Lizzie looked like she was in a dream.

Now,...Mrs. Cortez is a very free spirited woman.But she cares a lot for her children,and treats the Misas like family.She has black hair like her daughter.The only differince is that her eyes are blue.
While they were walking up to John's room Emma said,"Well ya never know.He may just say yes.I mean after all you two are sole mates!".........."Ah hello- Lizzie, Do you hear me?.Earth to Lizzie! Liz!'s official I have a total alien related friend."
"That's nice Em." Said Lizzie with a dreamy tone to it.

Emma roled her eyes as she said "This is it."and knocked on the door.
"Who is it?"Came a calm and smooth voice.

Emma shouted her name through the door.
"Go away twerp!"Yelled John jokingly.
"Haa.."Emma folded her arms and once again rolled her eyes as she said,"And Lizzie!"
There was a sound of rushing around inside,and so Emma looked through a crack in the door.He was combing his hair!And putting some cologne on! He opened the door and Emma fell forward."serves you right,ya little brat."Mocked John.Then he said in a completly different voice,"Hey Lizzie."
"Hi, John"Replied Lizzie with a dreamy expression on her face.As a matter of fact they both had a dreamy expression on their face.
Behind their backs Emma was making barfing motions.
"As long as you two love birds are done."Emma said,"We need to know if Lizzie can spend the night."
"Oh..Lizzie.Hmm..Well I don't know.I mean I am whatching you and..."
"Come on Brat! You know you want her to stay anyway."Emma interupted.
"Alright you can stay." Lizzie gave a great big grin.and Emma yelled "YES!" ,while John just smiled.Before they left the room Lizzie took a look around.The bed was made,the clothes were hung up,his knicknacs were assorted neatly on his dresser,and there was nothing on the floor.It was the complete opposite of Emma's room,and Lizzie's room was an organized mess,[or so she says.]

After Lizzie called her mom to get permission to stay over,Mrs. Cortez left,and the kids ordered pizza.Later that night the girls were getting ready to whatch a movie while john was making popcorn.
"Hey,Liz Maybe you and John can sit together while whatching the movie."Whispered Emma.

"Don't be so stupid Em!"Lizzie snapped,"besides why would I want to sit by some boy anyway?" But Emma could tell she was lying,because Lizzie had this faraway look in her eyes.
"Who's ready to whatch a movie!"Shouted John as he walked into the snowey white frontroom.The movie they were whatching was Pirates Of The Carribean.
The front room was snow white like I said.It had a big screen T.V,,a light blue couch,and a black shaggey rug on the wooden paneled floor.
After the movie the kids played Truth or Dare.
"Truth"said Lizzie
"Truth"Said John
"Who do you like?"
"EMMA!"Said two voices at once.
"Awww you're sooo sweet!" She sang.
After the game they layed down and whatched t.v. John fell asleep on the couch,Emma on the floor,and Lizzie propped up against the couch.Sometime in the middle of the night they were awoken by a loud booming noise that shook the entire house.It was allmost like thunder but a lot louder...BOOM..BOOM..BOOM..BOOM.."WHAT'S GOING ON!"Emma Shouted
"I DON'T KNOW! MOM!..MOM!...MOM!"John yelled and he ran up the stairs looking in every room. but he couldn't find his mother any where.Then the house started to callapse.The girls were shouting to John telling him the cars not out front.He ran down the stairs grabbing both girl's arms and pulling them outside,right when the roof callapsed.Bombs were going off everywhere.One of the neighbors grabbed the kids told them the bridge was bombed down,and that they were evacuating by Planes.The neighbor was a very good friend of the cortez and Misa family.She told Lizzie that her mother was taken onto a plane already and that no one has seen Mrs. Cortez,and she reashored them that Mrs. Cortez was probably stopped from comming in by athorities.
Once on the plane Lizzie learned that her mother was in bad shape.Everyone did their best to comfert her,but nothing worked.All her mother said was;"Take care of yourself,I love you honey."very weakly.The plane they took was taking them to California.It was a long and gruesome ride.
Once on ground Mrs. Misa and many others were taken to hospitals,while the healthey ones were escorted to a hotel,where they recieved food,water,and warm beds to sleep in.John,Emma,Lizzie,and Miss. Martin [the neighbor that saved their lives.] all shared a room.That may sound like a lot of people to you but you have to think there was probably hundreds of people in the village.Miss. Martin is a widdow.Her husband died at war.All the villagers loved her for her kindness,and trustworthyness.

One by one the kids fell asleep.After the kids fell asleep Janet,that's miss. Martin went to sleep as well.
The next morning Janet went to see if she could get a job.Oh and she's 53 years old.John and Emma went to see if they could get a job at the hotel,but they made Lizzie stay in the room and get some rest.While laying down Lizzie wrote a song.Which in any case she's always writing.

"Wars are never different,even if the heritage is.Why can't we see that? Why can't we see that?Even if the truth is right infront of our eyes.We won't admit,That we won't admit

it.But someone has to speak up, so I'm here to tell you.If you didn't like the Indian,and the English war,then you shouldn't like to days war either.Cause it's just as bad as any other war,even the worst war of all.And I just want to inform you that each war is the war of the worst.Even if we won't admit it, the truth is right infront of us.That the Indian and the wars today are just the same.They have killings and wounded.Guns and aroes too!The only differince is that people won't admit that our worst fears are coming true.Ohhh...You just have to realize that everything in the world is changing all the time.The world is breaking up,the cultures,and the cities.There all going down the drain,and even ours isn't doing that well.But we just won't admit it,if we just unite together and stop the ablitterating wars,then we will see the thing that can be peace,and harmony.The knowledge can go beyond the seas,the friendships even farther.So why can't we just admit that peace is even better.Why can't we talk about the things we dissagree about,instead of millions dieing at war?So i'm asking you, what is the differince between every war?"

For about the next two hours Lizzie just lay on her bed thinking.Thinking about her mother,her father,her friends,and her home life.Then John came into the room,and sat beside her."The hospital called."He said,"Your mother's got an infection in her lungs. They're doing everything they can for her but she's not doing that well."He stopped there,swallowed hard,looked at her,and continued,"They say that she wants to see you."

"I won't be able to,"She swallowed,and blinked back her tears,"I won't be able to look her straight in the face.And besides I don't know where the hospital is."

"I do,and I can take you.She needs you Liz.Now more than ever."Then Lizzie looked John straight in the eyes and said o.k. I'll go.
So they got dressed,and left for the hospital.On their way there they walked past ice cream shops,stores,and many beautifull houes.It was much like their own village.Before they went to the hospital Lizzie,and John shared an Ice cream sundae,John's treat.
When they got to the hospital they went to the main desk,and asked for Mrs. Misa's room nuber.She was in room 125.After searching many halls they finally found it.Lizzie's mother was lying in the hospital bed with tubes sticking out of her everywhere.John grabbed Lizzie's hand,and held it firmly.Then whispered it'll be o.k. in her ear.When they approached the bed,they saw that Mrs. Misa was very pale, her hair was going in different directions,and her arms lay uselessly at her side.
It took some time but Mrs. Misa finally opened her eyes.She smiled but only half way,it was as though one side of her mouth wouldn't move.John and Lizzie sat with her for hours talking,until the nurse came in,and said visiting hours were over.Then her mother told Lizzie and John,to take care of themselves and each other.She also told them to keep their friends close,And to never give up on hope,even if hope has given up on them.On there way home Lizzie got them a pop.It was a long and silent walk.
As soon as they walked into their hotel room Emma and Janet started to bombard them with questons,like where have you been?Did you go to the park together?Do you have any idea what time it is?Staying out late together huh?That's so sweet.What were you thinking going off like that by yourself?Were ya on a date?
"Emma please! This is serious you two could have gotten hurt! Now please calmly tell me where you were."
[You choose.Who asked what question?]
"John took me to see my mother in the hospital."Lizzie informed them.
"oh,well that's alright,but next time tell me first.We were worried sick! Now how's she doing?"So then Lizzie and John told them how Mrs. Misa was doing.When they were done Emma and Janet started giving Lizzie sympathy.Which was one of the things she hated most,but only John and her father knew that.
That night as they all lay down John came over to Lizzie.They were the only ones left awake,and he hugged her,but never let go.He told her that everything would be o.k. both of their fathers would come home on emergency leave,Mrs.Cortez would probably find them in a couple of weeks,and that her mom would hopefuly get better.They just sat there comforting one another.Wishing,and hoping for the safty of their parents.Then John pulled out a picture book that he managed to pull out of the remains of their house.It had pictures of the Cortez and Misa family in it.
When they were awoken by Emma the next morning they realized that they had fallen asleep while looking at the pictures.And to this day Emma still hasn't stopped teasing them about it.But the mood changed instantly when Janet walked into the room with a grim expression on her face.
"I have good news and bad."She said,"The good news is that Lila [Mrs. Cortez] is fine and very healthy,she was stopped by authorities the other night,and that's why she wasn't in the village."Everyone cheered. "The bad news is that Mrs. Misa passed away this morning.I'm so sorry Lizzie."As soon as the words were out of her mouth John grabbed Lizzie in a tight embrace,And Lizzie broke down crying.

The rest of the day was tirerding,and sad.Everyone was stopping by to see how Lizzie was holding up.They all said the same thing."We're sorry to hear about your mother Lizzie."

Some time in the afternoon John finally got Lizzie out of the hotel by all 4 of them going on a beach picnic.Lizzie loved the beach,and John knew it.They played all sorts of games,and later Janet told him it was a brilliant idea.When they were there John picked Lizzie up off her feet and through her in the water.Once he chased down Emma and did the same thing to her,he jumped in.Then around four o'clock they had some turkey sandwiches.While waiting for their food to digest the kids,and even Janet built a big sandcastle,and lots of other things.Then they swam for about two hours more.After that they returned to the hotel.Then some time later that night, when they were all whatching a movie Lizzie received word from her father.It was a note,and said the following;

To Elizebeth -Lizzie-,

My dearest daughter,I miss you very much and my heart is breaking over your mother's death.But please do not let it harm you,like it has harmed me.Myself and Mitchel [Mr.Cortez] are on emergency leave.But we may not leave for a little while, because the enemy is advancing closer and closer.I do not know when we will be home my darling,and it is just work nonstop here.I'm going to tell you something that Janet,Lila,Mitchel,your mother and I have been keeping from you kids.Ever since the war broke out we've been saving up our nickels and dimes so we could get a house in the united states,where there was no war.Even Janet's husband was in on it,until he died.About a week before the village was attacked we found the perfect house in San Fransiscoe,united states.We even bought it.It's waiting furnished for some one to move in.Janet has the keys,and she knows where it is.That's where you kids will be living.There will be a little girl that's about 6 years old waiting for you there.She's Janet's grandaughter.I know you probably didn't even know that Janet had a daughter,but she did.She just went to the United states before you were born.Janet's daughter's name was kate,she died about 3 weeks ago in a carwreck.Ever since then little Sammy,that's the grandaghter,has been living in a foster home awaiting her grandmother's return.She's only gotten to see her grandmother five times,so try and make her feel welcome.I love You honey.Take care.

Love,your loving father.

After Lizzie shared the note they all turned to Janet,and she told them they would be leaving the next morning.That night she told them about her grandaughter."She has brown hair,blue eyes,and she loves music."
"Sounds like you Liz!"Emma proclaimed.
"Yes it does."Janet said laughing,"Actually she has something related to each of you.For one thing she loves to talk."
"Hmm..That's gotta be you Em."John teased.
"Shut up Brat!"Emma snapped.The entire time Lizzie was trying to smother her laughter behind their backs,only Janet noticed, because she was trying to do the same thing.
"Alright that's enough."Janet said,with a smile on her face,"The other thing is that she loves being outside."
"That's definitely John!"Said Lizzie,laughing at Emma's,and John's faces.
"Right now lets get to sleep,we have a long day tomorrow."Janet instructed.
The next morning when everyone got up they packed their belongings and took a cab to the airport.Janet had booked a flight to
San Franeisco about 3 days ago.So when they got there they gave their tickets to a worker,and boarded the plain.They weren't in 1st class but the section they were in was still pretty nice.Janet and Emma sat in one isle,and John and Lizzie sat in another.John and Emma were on the end seats,While Janet,and Lizzie were in the middle seats.
That night as everyone on the plane slept John and Emma lay awake.Emma had been spying on Lizzie and John the entire planeride,but nothing happened.John didn't know that Emma was still awake but he could've cared less, because he was just lying there thinking about things.Janet was layed back against the chair sleeping,Emma had her head pressed against the chair listening closely to see if she could hear anything,and Lizzie was fast asleep with her head resting on John's shoulder.Finally Emma turned in her seat to see if John was awake.
"What are you doing?"John asked startled.
"Just making sure you two aren't back there lockin' lips."Emma tried to annoy him.
"That's an odd way to put it,"But it didn't work,"and what makes you think we'd be doing that?"John asked
"Cause ya like each other."
"Haa..Lizzie doesn't like me."John mumbled.
"Ahh...yeah she does.That's why she always blushes when she's around you,that's why she always has this dreamy look on her face when she's around you,oh and you forgot to say you didn't like her."
Then John just gave Emma the sinserste,saddest look that she felt bad about teasing him.And it was at that moment that she promised herself to get them together at some point.
From then on it was pretty much the same thing.Talking,Laughing,and eavesdropping.

When they finally arrived Janet had a cab waiting for them.So they got their luggage,and got into the cab.It was a 20 minute drive to the new house from the airport,but they didn't go to the house right away.First they stopped at a place where you can buy cars.They bought a green Van that had two front seats,two middle seats,and three seats in the very back.Then they went to a restaurant.Janet ordered a salad and fries,Emma ordered a hamburger,and John and Lizzie ordered chicken salad.For dessert Janet got a hot fudge Sundae,Emma got a piece of cheese cake, and John and Lizzie shared a brownie." two are such a cute Love bird couple! Am I hearing Wedding Bells?"
As soon as Emma said that,Lizzie and John choked on their drinks."Emma that's enough!"Said Janet,but she winked at Emma after she said it.No one talked much for the rest of lunch.Emma and Janet Just watched Lizzie and John with interest for the rest of the time,but Lizzie and John never looked up from their plate.
When they were leaving John grabbed Emma's left arm and tried to pull her over to the side,but Lizzie tried to do the same thing,at the same time with her right arm."OW!"Emma screamed,"Ya know if ya guys wanted to get pay back,you could've done it in privacy."

"Sorry."Replied John and Lizzie quickly.

"See you two are just alike."Teased Emma at the wrong time,"You'd be the perfect couple!"Yeah the wrong time alright! As soon as she said that John and Lizzie started chasing her.They chased her until she managed to jump into the front seat of the van.Once they were all in the van they headed on to their new house.
As they approached the house the kids gasped in astonishment.It was back off the road,had a black wire fence going around a humongous yard,and the house it's self was huge!The house was white with green window shutters.The front door was black.As they got closer they realized that there was a lake by the side of the house.It was beautiful! You could see a few gorgeous fish swimming around,but there wasn't too many.The house stood at least three stories high.In front of the house was a big beautiful garden,with tons of different flowers."Ahhhh....."Sighed Janet."Isn't it gorgeous?" But there was no reply.The kids just stared at it with both a stunned and happy expression on their face.When Janet saw their faces she couldn't stop smiling.
The kids were excited and ran up the sidewalk to the front door."you may go ahead and look inside but be careful!"Janet said,as she walked up the front steps.
The first room they came into had white carpet,white walls,and a beautiful white spiraling stair case.Off to the right was a door leading into a stunning living room,and the best part is that the house was already furnished.The living room had a brick fireplace in the very front of the room.The walls were of course white,with brown trimming.Against the back wall was a brown velvet couch,and there was the same color and texture of two recliners that was in two different corners.There was a coffee stand in the middle of the room,and then there were beautiful paintings hanging on the walls.There was also a t.v. a little ways in front of the couch.Not to mention in the back of the room was a doorway leading to the kitchen.
The kitchen had black and white tiles on the floor.The walls were white with green tiles going halfway up the wall.Then there were brown cabinets.The cabinets went around the room.In the front of the kitchen was a beautiful big glass window that had a view of the lake.Underneath the window was the sink.The stove was against the right wall,and the fridge was against the left.Also against the right wall was a doorway leading to the dinning room.
The dinning room had a big brown dinning room table in the middle of the room.There were 3 chairs on the left,and right side of the table,and 2 chairs at each end.Also in the middle of the room was a big beautifull chandeleir.In the far end of the room was a door leading to the back yard..[If it was the back yard.]And in the back of the room was another door leading back to the stair case room,but we'll call it the front room.
Then before going up stairs they checked out the room to the left.It was a bathroom witch of course had white walls,and a white paneled floor.Off to the left was the toilet,in the middle of the room was the sink.To the right of the sink was a soap despensor,and then to the far right of the room was a shower.

Once upstairs they learned that the second story was the complete opposite of the first story.The hallway had a deep,rich,red colored carpet,and wall.The walls had a golden trimming! It was mavesously gorgious!The end of the hallway had just a planebrown glistening staircase that led to the third and final floor.On the wright side was another door leading to yet another bathroom that was the same as the first story bathroom,except it had a shower,and a bathtub.Then there were other doors leading off from the sides into bedrooms.There were three bedrooms total.Janet took one with light blue walls,and a window showing the forest outside of the fence.The one next to her's was a light bright pink colored one,which will be Sammy's.The one left over,will be an extra room.Then there was a game room with computers and all sorts of different games,plus lots of toys.
When they went upstairs they saw that the carpet was a dark green,and the walls were a light green with mildley dark green stripes
going vertically on the wall.There were five bedrooms total.So John took a dark green room,and the girls are sharing a periwinkle colored room.That leaves three bedrooms.There was also another bathroom that was the same as the second story bathroom.
That night for dinner Janet made spaggetie.While they were eating they talked about their situation."Now I have been here a few times,and I have quite a few friends here as well."Explaied Janet,"So we'll do pretty good.My daughter was very rich,and her will stated that I was to inherit her money and adopt little Sammy.This house's furniture,or most of it,is also part of the will.Now Sammy will be here tomorrow at twelve.I want everything to be perfect,and just so you know.You kids will be staying here for as long as you like,but atleast until your parents return home,and I do hope you'll stay with me."
"Of course we will!"All the kids said at the same time.
"Now I was thinking we could get up at seven o'clock,Eat breakfeast,and go shopping for clothes.How's that sound?"
"Fantastic!"Yelled Emma.
"Could we look at the music,and journals to?"Asked Lizzie.
In reply John also asked,"Yeah can we atleast look at the music?"
"Of course,"Janet said,"Emma I'm glad you like my idea.we can each do something special,as long as we're back in time for Sammy,and we also need to get new clothes for her.Now who's doing dishes?" In the end Lizzie ended up washing the dishes,and John ended up drying them.The next time Emma and Janet would have to do them.After dinner everyone turned in for the night,since they had a big day ahead.But before they did Janet,and Emma evesdropped on Lizzie's and John's conversation,and then Emma told Janet about the planeride incident.
The following morning was quiet,and warm.When the alarms went off,all you could hear were birds fluttering away.Everyone was so excited that they didn't even hesitate upon getting up.Janet was dressed in a black summer dress with pink flowers on it,and a pink cloth jacket.Lizzie dressed in a black tanktop with a jean jacket and plain jeans.Plus flipflops.After she was dressed she went down to the kitchen to help get breakfast,she loves to cook.Once Emma was dressed in her plain Jeans,Yellow teashirt,and pulled her hair back she went to look up on the San Fransisco mall.She was an excellant researcher.Finally when John was done dressing he started to clean up a bit.He had a good eye to find the littlest thing.
After breakfast,which was french toast,and orange juice the group left for the mall.Once there they went to Al's clothing.Each of them got six pairs of pants,six shirts,six pairs of socks,undergarments,and one pair of shoes.The girls got 2 dresses,and a pair of flipflops.John also got flipflops.They each even got six pairs of shorts,and a bathing suit.Janet made shore to get for Sammy,and the kids helped out a lot.
After the clothing store,they went to a music store,where John,Lizzie,Emma,and even Janet picked out some music.Three c.d.'s apart, all different.They figured they could share.After that they went to Every Day supplies,where Lizzie purchessed a journal.Then they finished up,and got home with ten minutes to spare.As the kids rushed the stuff in,Janet went out front to wait on Sammy.At five till
one the social worker showed up with her.
"Grandma!"Screached Sammy as she ran up and through her arms around Janet.
"Hellow Sammy."Said Janet hugging,and kissing her grandaughter.
"Now I just want to make sure that Sammy will be safe with you."Said the social worker,"I know we've been through this all ready so I won't take up any more of your time.But please don't hesitate to call if you need anything.Here's my number."She then handed Janet a card,said good-bye,and left.
"So how would you like to meet a few friends of mine that will be staying with us?"asked Janet,"There's Emma,and Lizzie.They're fifteen,and then there's John.He's sixteen."
"All right."Was all she got in return.
"Kids this is my grandaughter,Sammy."Introduced Janet,"Sammy this is Emma,and John.They're sister,and brother.Then this of course is-"
"Lizzie?"Interupted Sammy.
"Right!"Said Lizzie,a little surprized.
"Did I forget to mention she has a fantastic memory?"Asked Janet.Everyone smiled and nodded their heads yes."Well I didn't mean to.Anyway Sammy has a fantastic memory,and loves to get into any type of water.Plus she loves music.Emma is good with doing research,and she's great with human emotions,not to mention she loves to play match maker."At this Sammy laughed,Emma pointed to John and Lizzie,while Lizzie and John looked away blushing."Lizzie is good at creative writing,which is her favorite thing to do.Not to mention she's a fantastic cook,but she also likes music just like you and John."Janet was trying to make everyone comfertable with one another,"And finally John likes being outside,playing sports,and like I was saying he loves music just like you and Lizzie."
After they talked a bit everyone went out back and sat on the patio.Lizzie went inside to make leomonade.After about five minutes John went in to see if he could help her."Sure,leave us alone while we're talking about football so you can help your girlfriend!"Emma made sure she yelled loud enough so that Lizzie heard her."Oh,and ah Lizzie ya better write this down in your journal right next to John's name that you wrote hundreds of times!"Emma yelled with the same pitch.Janet,Sammy,and Emma echoed with laughfter from what Emma had said.
When John got inside Lizzie and him just stared at each other for a moment then Lizzie turned back to the leomonade,and John looked out the window."So were they really talking about football?"asked Lizzie.
'Well yeah.Did you really write my name in your journal?"John asked nerviuosly. But he didn't get an awnser straight away.Instead Lizzie picked up the tray of leomonade and walked to the door.
"Maybe,....or maybe not."Was all she said,but then she backed up a bit and said "Wanna get payback on Emma.It would make Sammy laugh,and us feel a little better."
"Cool with me.We could also get our revenge."So they whispered their plan back and forth as they approached the table.
"Hey Emma look what I've got."Coaxed Lizzie.
"Lizzie!Give me my cell phone back!"Damanded Emma.
"You didn't say the magic word."
"Please give me my cell phone back."Begged Emma.
"To late!Ya have to come and get it."Then Lizzie ran off toward the lake,with Emma on her heels.But John was going around the other way to meet up with them.As soon as Emma got up to the bushes John was behind,he jumped out,grabbed her,and through her in the lake.
Then Emma screamed."You two are so dead!This isn't funny!" Everyone was laughing,except for Emma,and Janet.But even Janet was smilling.John and Lizzie were happy to see that Sammy was just laughing away.As soon as Emma was out of the water she made a lunge at Lizzie,but John was to quick he grabbed Lizzie's hand,and pulled her out of the way.Then John and Lizzie started running from Emma,hand in hand.But they didn't get to far,for Sammy snatched up the water hose,and started to spray them. That made it Emma's turn to laugh,but Emma didn't get to far either,because Sammy started to spray her to.
While all this was happening Janet was just sitting there laughing at them.Until Sammy turned the hose on her but as soon as she took the hose off the teens they ran up and grabbed her from behind.Once they had the hose fom her they started tickling her.Sammy couldn't stop laughing.She was obviously very ticklish.Emma's the one that grabbed the hose.After they let off Sammy she started spraying everyone.Finaly Janet said that it was time to go inside.
Once they got inside Everyone changed.Janet changed into a light blue shirt,and jeans.Sammy loved her clothes.She changed into a black summer dress,much like her grandmother's.It had pink flowers on it. Lizzie put on a pair of shorts that had dark green,and light green squares on it.The shirt she wore was a plain yellow one,with a light,but bright green jacket.John put on his black shorts and tee shirt. While Emma changed into her sweat pants,and tee shirt.
Once gressed, Janet left to find a job.The teens were in charge of Sammy."Now,you know the rules.Inside voices,no cookining,behave,listen,no awnsering the door,and no yelling.If you want someone use the intercom.I love you kids see you in a bit." Janet was explaining or trying to explain the rules to the kids."Oh,and if you need me call my cell."
After Janet left Sammy and Emma went off into the dinning room to play a game of Uno.While they were doing that Lizzie and John were in the Living room whatching a show called Psych.
Once Janet was back home she told them the good news.She got a job at Sister's Tanning!"Does that mean we get free tanning sessions?"asked Emma
"No Miss.Einstein. Not even Janet get's free ones."Mocked John.
"Well I do get one free tan, once a week." Janet informed him.

"Ha!"Emma loved to get on her brother's nerves,but this time he wasn't listening.He was whatching Lizzie play with Sammy.Emma and Janet tried to get his attention,but nothing would bring him back to earth. Finally they gave up,and started talking about the kid's jobs. Janet told them that she didn't want them working. She also told them that they would be home schooled, but not for two months, because that's when school starts back up.Their tutor will be a good friend of Janet's, and she will be staying in their house with them.Her name is Shirley Lynn Jewl,but she go's by Lynn.She's actually Janet's best friend,and she can't wait to see her again. Lynn will arive in about one month.That means she'll be arriving sometime around July first. She's only thirtysix.

Part Two

It's been three weeks since part One.During that time it was the same thing Fun,teasing,and more Fun!There's only one week left until Lynn's do to arrive at the house,and Janet can't wait!

"So what ya see is only half the story there's another side o.." "Lizzie!Turn that down,the phones ringing!"Lizzie's sterio was blasting away.Her and John was listening to Hannah Montana,and Janet was trying to hear the phone.
"Hellow.Oh hellow Lynn!"Janet was talking on the phone,and the four kids were listening intently behind the door.It was very easy for them,because the phone Janet's at is in the kitchen."Two days?Oh no,deary that's fine!I can't wait to see you.Alright,good bye." "That was Lynn kids she'll be here in about two days,and I forgot to tell you.This morning I got a call from Greg Keith.He's in charge down at the community center.Greg's one of my oldest friends!He's about my age,if I remember corectly.Anyway he wants to know if you kids would like to help with the blood drive.It starts tonight at five ends at eight and lasts for three days.All you'd be doing is making drinks and snacks for the doners,and workers.Then you'd pass them out.How's that sound?" The kids thought about this for a second,and then said sure why not.

"Great it's one o'clock right now.So the blood drive starts in about four hours."Janet confirmed.

"All right" Said Lizzie,"Lets get baking." So for the next three hours everyone was baking up a storm.Janet and Emma was making punch,while John and Lizzie were making chocolate chip cookies.Sammy was the taste testor.The kitchen was a total mess!When it was four o'clock everyone started packing up.

"All right ladies and gentlemen.We have one hour to get there,and get set up."Said Janet."So let's go." Janet grabbed the Punch,Lizzie was carrying the cookies,John was carrying the cups,and napkins.Emma and Sammy rushed ahead to unlock the van.

"Are we there yet?"Asked Sammy.She was getting very impatient with this car ride.Janet was driving,Emma was in the passengers seat,Sammy was in the back,and John and Lizzie were in the middle seats.

"All most sweaty,just a little farther."Awnsered Janet.

"When we get there will we be allowed to donate blood to?"Asked Lizzie.

"Of course" Replied Janet."You'll just be donating last." As soon as they arrived at the community center Sammy jumped out of the car.
As Janet was getting out of the car she said,"Now I want everyone to behave.,in there.Understand?" Yes.Was the replie she got,and she was very happy to hear it."All right.Now,I need to be at work in half an hour,and I don't get off until one o'clock in the morning.So Greg will take you home.Be good and listen.By kids." Then she hugged each of them,introduced them to Greg,and left.

"So you must be little Sammy!"Said Greg welcoming the kids."And I think you'd be John,inlus of course your Emma."He laughed. Everyone else was laughing to except of course John and Emma.After they got situated,and Greg showed them where to set up they went to the restroom and washed their hands.By the time they finished there was about five minutes left until the drive started.

"So.Are we hearing wedding bells yet?Or just a few clinks of Jewlrey on jewlry so far?"Emma asked,Eyeing John and Lizzie.But John and Lizzie were to busy staring at a weird looking figure in the corner,to pay attention.It appeared to be a short black haired man.He was wearing eye glasses,a tucked in sweater vest,and pants.But the weird thing was that it looked like a huge scarecrow was sitting on his head.

"I wonder who that guy is."Said John,nodding toward the figure.Then Sammy and Emma looked where he nodded.

"That looks awsome."Exclaimed Sammy.

"I'm not sure,but whoever he is,he's coming this way."Said Emma.

"Quick! Look in another direction!"Lizzie said hastily.

"Hello."Said the stranger cheerfully,"Nice day,isn't it?"Hi,replied all four kids staring at his head wearily.They saw now that it was a gigantic feathery hat.

"Oh,Im sorry,where are my manners.My names Jefforey."Said the stranger.

"My names John.this is Lizzie,Sammy,and Emma."Introduced John.Jefforey smiled,took a cookie and walked to another section of the center.

Around seven o'clock there was lots of people at the center.But as time wore on the lights turned off,and it was pitch black!Then after about five minutes of panic the lights flickered back on,and sighs of relief broke out over the large crowd.

"Hey my bag's gone!"Yelled out a young woman.

"Mine two!"Yelled another young lady.And just like that panic struck again as everyone was frantically searching around for missing items.
"Alright everybody calm down!Please!"Greg was trying to calm the croud."Alright this is what we're going to do.Take a piece of paper write your full name and the object you lost.So if we come across it we can return it,to it's right full owner."After they got things written down the workers started to help evacuate the crowd."Go inside my office,kids!"Greg instructed the four kids.
After about twenty minutes Greg appeared in the office looking tired,and shaken up.He started to talk about one mystery they'll never solve,mainly because they can't afford good detectives.
"Ya know Greg maybe we could try to solve this mystery."Suggested John.
"Yeah,that would be so awsome!"Exclaimed Lizzie.
Greg thought about this for a few seconds and then said,"I don't know kids I mean it would probably be hard,and besides---"
"Oh,Come on! It would be so cool,and besides it's better to have tried then not to have tried at all,Right?"Pleaded Sammy.
"Well I suppose it wouldn't hurt.Just be carfull."Said Greg.Then there was a knock at the door.When Greg opened the door they saw Jefforey.He still had that black hat on,except it seemed to bulge a little more.After Greg and Jefforey finished whispering Jefforey turned to go,and Greg turned around to the kids."Well it seems as though the money vault was broken into before the blood drive started,but the security camera had been shut off.You may start there.We'll be leaving in about an hour.I'll have Cox show it to you.
He's one of the other workers."

On the way to the vault Cox didn't say much,except "This is one job that you can always be helpful in.Although it doesn't pay much.Whoever got away with all that stuff must've got a pretty penny.Ya know the odd thing,is Greg and I are the only two people that knows the combination for the vault.I mean don't get me wrong I didn't do it,and I'm positively sure that Greg didn't do it."
Stepping aside John allowed Cox to open the vault.Once inside the kids stared in unision around the room.The room they were in did not feel like a vault,but a prison.With Steele sides and a combination door.
"I know it's not much."Said Cox,"But it's all we have." Then seeing another worker he went over to him,and was immediately in a deep conversation.
"What do you suppose they're talking about?"Asked Lizzie.
"What ever it is it must be urgent."replied John.The others nodded in agreement.
As time flew by Sammy inspected low areas,such as the floor.Emma investigated a substance near one of the walls.while John and Lizzie were examining the door.As Lizzie looked at a part of the door,John went where the camera was.The wires somehow had been cut.As time flew by and by like a bird flying through the sky,Greg came in.
"All right people! Lets get cleaned up,ten minutes till closing time!"
As the kids cleaned up their station they saw Jefforey leaving the building at a quick pace,his hat leaning over his head.As they were going home in Greg's car they asked numerous questions.
"So you've known Jefforey for how long,and when did he start working for you?"
"I've known him for about two weeks,and he's worked for me about,come to think of it two weeks.I actually met him at our job.One of my friends, Lisa, recommended him.I know he seems odd at first,what with that hat and all,but he's really quite the gentlemen.Cox is my most trusted friends.I've known him since we started that place.It's been I say around five years.Now he's a bit of a shy fellow,but once he gets to know ya,he can't stop talking.HA,Ha."Laughed Greg.
When the kids got home they took showers,got in their jammies, ate,and gathered around the fireplace."So,where do we stand?" Asked Emma.
"Well,first off."Began John,"What you did earlier was not funny, and secondly Sammy if I were you I wouldn't help her. Thirdly, someone cut all the wires to the camera, which means that they probably are'nt to good with electronics.Also it's probable that they didn't want to be seen."
"Right,and just so ya know.What I did is no where near as bad, as what I'm Going to do" Said Emma matter of factly.With this deep and mocking look to her face.
"What'd she do?"Asked Lizzie.

"Look can we just get back to the case please?" Demanded John, "What'd you find Sammy?"
"I found this realy Humongous boot print on the floor.It looked like it was incased with wet sand,and bits of rock."Sammy informed them.Wet sand and bits of rock,John pondered this for a momet and then said the beach.Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.
Then Lizzie said,"On the vault there was a greesy substance,sorta like sun tan lotion.So we have sand like the beach,and a type of lotion."
"Also commen on the beach."Stated little Sammy.
"Well,I found the oddest thing."Said Emma,"A sticky blue chemical.It looked like That stuff they put into ices,to give it flavor."
"So."John Confirmed,"We're looking defiantly for someone who's been near a beach recently,and probably works there."

As the kids went up to bed around ten Sammy and Emma hung back.They were talking about their little shower fiesta,that scared John half to death."So do you really think we gave John the scare when we put that tape of Lizzie's voice in the bathroom and played it?"Asked Sammy eagerly.
"Defiantly yes!,But remember.We never reveal our plans,sources,or secrets to anyone."
Lizzie went to tuck Sammy in,as she did, Emma whispered "Where and when is the real quistion here.Not why and how."Then she dissapeared up the steps,just like that.As they were walking up the steps Lizzie asked John what Emma had done,and he said nothing.
Before they went into their rooms John picked Lizzie up and swung her around once in a tight embrace.Said their good nights and vanished into their rooms.
The next morning Emma was up first.She ran down the steps quietly,but swiftly.Like a cat lurking in the shadows.She went into Sammy's room and gently shook her awake."What time is it?"
"Seven o'clock.Come on,it's time to put our next plan into action.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,arr.[Thump,thump, thump, thump.]
"Go away!I'm trying to sleep!"Yelled Lizzie through the shut door.
"Lizzieaaaaaa!!!! Get UuPp! Get Up! Get Up! Get Up! It's ten o'clock and we want to go sight seeing!"Screached a whiney voice from the door.
"Ohhh.."Lizzie groaned.
"That's it! I'm coming in!"Then without warning the door flew open and someone started jumping on Lizzie's bed singing;Today is a beautiful day!
over and over and over.

"All right I'm up!"Yelled Lizzie,"Will you at least go out while I get dressed!"

"Sammy!"Called Emma from down stairs.

"Coming!"Shouted Sammy as she trotted out of the room.But before she went to far Sammy hollard back to Lizzie"Hurry UP,Or else"

Lizzie groaned once more and through her head onto the pillow.Then John walked in and asked what that was all about,but before Lizzie could awnser Emma called him down stairs.But instead of just John going they both went.As they were walking down stairs Lizzie told John what had happened.
Once she finished John said,"Little kids can be such-"
"Roses are red,violets are blue.My best friends big brother is sooo cute."Janet heard Emma yelling in a poetic voice like a cheerleader yelling a cheer. But all to soon all you could hear were shouts and stamping feet .

"Emma what'd you do with my diary!"

"Who says I have your diary! Who says I have any diary!"

Then Emma came belting through the kitchen throwing something into the pantry,and Lizzie high tailing it right behind her ran after what ever was thrown.Janet was about to yell at the girls until she heard shouts coming from the front room again.

"Sammy give me back my book!"Came another angre voice.

"Neverrr!"A short little figure came bounding into the kitchen and slipped into the pantry where Lizzie had gone.With John right on her heels he went right behind her.Janet had Enough! She went to the intercom,put it on speaker,and said,"EVERY ONE IN THE LIVING ROOM NOW!"
The house was suddenly still and quite.Once everyone was in the living room Janet sat them down and gave them a stern talking to.
Then she told them to go get ready,as she walked up stairs.John and Lizzie rushed to the pantry to retrieve their belongings.Sammy went into the front room,and Emma walked to the bathroom door open then closed it,and carefully tiptoed to the kitchen doorway. Making sure that Lizzie and John were nowhere near the pantry door she sprinted through the kitchen and slammed the pantry door shut.Then Sammy rushed into the kitchen from the dining room,and handed Emma a combination lock.While Emma clamped the lock onto the pantry door Sammy worked on distracting Janet,and pulled her outside.
Once outside Emma told Janet that John and Lizzie were'nt going because they were'nt feeling good,so off they went to look at they're surroundings.

As soon as Emma slammed the doors shut John and Lizzie rushed up to them.
"I told you.It's not how and why.It's when and where."

After trying the doors countless of times Lizzie and John started searching around for their things,and took in their surroundings.
The pantry was maybe about the size of the kitchen, for not only did it hold food, but it also held lots and lots of boxes.After searching around for close to four minutes John stumbled upon a little hard book.He opened it to the first page that said the following;

My names Elizebeth Jones Misa.I'm thirteen years old.My best friend is Emma Cortez,and my second best friend is John Cortez.My crush is.....
"John."Lizzie said as she came up behind John,and he slammed the book shut,but not quietly enough."What's that?"
"Oh,Nothing.Here I think it's yours."He said handing the book to her.
" you."Lizzie could feel her face getting hotter by the second.As he asked her what she had. "Oh,these realy beautifull pictures."Then as she saw his face go pale she said,"These are your pictures are'nt they.Here I only looked at the first one." Then she handed the pictures to him,And it was John's turn to stutter a thank you.

After about fifteen akward minutes Lizzie walked over to John and told him the pictures were beautifull.
"Can I ask you somthing?"
"You just did."Said John with a little laugh.
"Ha,Ha.I mean realy ask you somthing?"
"Sure."Replied John.
"Who's that girl?The one in the pictures I meen."

"Hey,can we go look at the jewlry?"Asked Sammy,as Janet,Emma,and herself walked through the mall.

"I suppose,but I need to go and see about some cloth at the sowing store.Which means your in charge Emma."Replied Janet.

After walking around for a little while the two girls came upon Jefforey. "Should we go say hi?"Asked Sammy.
"No,we should follow him."First Jefforey led them into a clothing store where he bought a new tea-shirt.It was red.Then he went into a cafe and had a blue icie.The rest of the day they learned that he was normal.Atleast he didn't do anything odd,but he did go down to the beach.When they were there the two girls got a braclet.Emma picked out two matching best friend braclets for John and Lizzie.

Once they were back home Sammy distracted Janet long enough for Emma to unlock the pantry doors.The plan was to pick up John and Lizzie so they could go to the store and pick up some things for the blood drive.Emma went through the front door,quietly shutting it behind her.Then tiptoeing through the kitchen she went up to the pantry doors and unclamped the lock.Making sure not to make a noise she ran out the back door. Then she ran to the porch in the front of the house and went in,this time slamming the door and yelling that they were home.

John and Lizzie hearing her of course tried the door,and *surprisingly* it opened.After Emma told them they were supposedly home in bed,they were about to kill her,But then Janet walked in."Alright children let's go.No time for dittle dattle.To the store."
In no time at all they were at the store buying apples and water.Then After about thirty minutes they were at the blood drive,and set up.
With one hour to spare and Janet at work the kids set about looking for clues.
"Kids come here a minute!"Greg called from across the room."Kids this is Stonewall.He's the janiter here."
"Hi.This is Sammy,Lizzie,and John.My names Emma."
"Hello listen it's realy nice meeting you."He said,"But I need to be getting back."
I'd like to look into that janiter more John later told the others.Who all agreed.Emma told them that she would look into the center,and stonewall that night.While they were looking around the vault they discussed the matter of their soon to be tutor Lynn.They didn't find anything else,although they did note that Jefforey was hanging around a lot,and was wearing that big hat again.They also noticed that
the other clues had been cleaned up.So now the main question on their minds was Why and how.
Sometime around seven o'clock a tall man with black hair came running from the kitchen yelling that the good china was missing,but he didn't have much time for about one minute after he came out yelling the lights went out again and it was plumb dark.This time the lights stayed off for ten minutes,which the kids gathered later on was because the croud was bigger.When the lights came back on it was no surprise that people had stuff missing all over.So once more Greg had everyone write their names and what they lost on a sheet of paper,but this time the kids instead of going to the office split up.Sammy and Emma followed Stonewall,while Lizzie,and John followed Jefforey.
Jefforey went along the back wall,and out the emergency exit door.Then he quickened his pace,to where his persuers had to run at a medium sprint to keep up.He turned a corner and rounded a bend in the sidewalk.Then he dissapeared into a black van hidden in the bushes,but not before scouting the area.
While all this was happening Stonewall who had went in the opposite direction through the door leading into the hallway was pushing a janiter's cart that had a trashbag,and numerous cleaning suplies.He headed down the hallway and slipped into a room.After about five minutes he came back out without the cart but carrying a stack of papers,which Emma assumed was for the people who's stuff was stolen.But instead of heading back the way he came he went to another door and went in.When Sammy and Emma tried to follow,Emma saw with dismay that it was for authorized people only.but they didn't give up that easy.If they couldn't follow him, then they'd look for clues while they waited.So the two girls tried the janiter's door,but there was no mistaking it,it was locked from the inside.There for they got between a ledge in the wall and waited.It was probably only about ten minutes but to the girls it felt like hours.Finally the door opened again and Stonewall came out,..emptyhanded.Then he went back into the janiter's closet,brought out his cart,and headed back to the main lobby, where the theft was made.
Back at the van with Lizzie,John,and Jefforey things were growing tense.The night air was getting chillier by the minute.He was in there for so long that the two kids were getting ready to go back inside,and say forget it when the door opened and he came out still wearing his hat.This time he took a different path,and went into a back door.They raced up the steps,but not quickly enough for the door shut seconds before they reached it.They tried the handle and....."Rats! It's locked."Said John.
After circuling the whole building they gave up,and just went through the front,but what they were afraid of eyed them just as they walked in.Jefforey was standing in a corner taking in everything and everyone.
Seeing Lizzie and John, Emma hurried Sammy over to them."Tonight."Said John without taking his eyes off the glare of Jefforey.
The girls stared at him astounded.The same question going through each of their heads.How did he know I was wondering about when we would talk?Atleast each thought of this until they met his gaze.
About half hour till nine Janet walked in with a middleaged weoman probably in her mid-thirteys.She wore a long silkey blue dress,and had long black hair."Hi, kids I got off work especially for this.I'd like you to meet your new tutor.Lynn!"Said Janet with an exciting tone.
"Hellow dears."Said Lynn politely,"Although I'm your teacher logikly,I suppose technically i'm your tutor to.Now let me see if I can get this right.Lizzie,John,Emma,and you must be little Sammy." Yes.Said all kids at once.

At nine o'clock as everyone was leaving John kept a close eye on Jefforey,but quickly lost him in the crowd.Janet had gone back to work,and Lynn was taking them home.After saying good-bye to Greg, the kids piled into Lynn's van.It was just like Janet's except it was a light blue.

Once they got home they all ate turkey sandwiches.while the girls did dishes John gave Lynn a tour of the house,and showed her to her bedroom.It was the extra room on the second floor.By the time John got back down stairs the girls were waiting for him by the fireplace.He told them that Lynn was unpacking."So what'd you find?"
As Sammy and Emma described Stonewall's journey Lizzie and John listened very carefully.Then John and Lizzie told their piece.
"Hey! I just thought of something!"Sceached Sammy,"Ya know that blue stuff Emma found.What if it's not from icies.What if it's from an invisible inkpin!"
Emma's mouth suddenly dropped in understandmemt."That's right! Which means the paper the janiter was carying could have been written on,we just couldn't see it!"

"But the question is why."Said John.All the kids pondered this and looked at each other thoughtfully.

"Well,I don't know about you,but I would make a list."Said a voice from the darkness."Now i'm no expert at mysterys,but I do whatch the shows."Lynn! The kids gasped in astonishment. "And the first thing i'd do is take notes,and try to awnser some questions.Also I'd allways be prepared with some gadgets."

"But Lynn were you listening the whole time?"Lizzie asked feeling dumb struck.But Lynn didn't awnser she just shrugged and went upstairs.

The kids looked at each other and got straight to work.Emma doing the reaserch,Lizzie and John making a list,and Sammy supervising and reminding.After about five minutes they all gathered up and showed what they found.Emma said that she couldn't find anything on Jefforey at all,in fact she couldn't even find his birth records,but Stonewall before he was a janiter he was a lab chemicalist,but was fired for the missuse of some unknown chemicalls.The questions Lizzie and John came up with were the following.

1;Who stole things from innocent blood doners?

2;Why did they they steele from them?

3;Who's the culprit?

4;What are we missing?

5;Why did the janiter have blank papers?

6;Why'd Jefforey go inside the van?

7;What's Jefforey's hat for?

"Wait a minute!"Said Emma excitedly,"What have I been telling you two for the past few days?"

"To look behind our backs,and not be so stubbern?"

"No."Said Emma impatiently,"I've been telling you the questions not how and why! It's when and where!"At that Emma picked up the tabblet and quickly jotted a few things down.The kids were now looking at the following.

1;When did the culprit steele the things?

2;Where did they steele it from?

3;Where was the culprit?

4;When's the time to find what we're missing?

5;When and where did the janiter have blank papers?

6;When did Jefforey go inside the van?

7;Where did Jefforey get the hat?

8;When's the hat look most peculiar?

"Your Right!"Said Lizzie in a shocked but calm voice.

"Of course i'm right! Now lets awnser these."

1;Little after seven.[both times.]

2;Center lobby.[both times]


4;Little before seven.[Before the thefts occur!]

5;When:After theft. Where:Stairway.

6;After theft.


8;After theft.[stuffed like somethings inside of it.]

"Only two left unawnsered."Emma said,"And I took the liberty of printing off the center's blueprints."Looking at the blueprint the kids realized that the stairway the janiter went into was not only a stairway but it also contained a shoot.A trash shoot that led outside to a dumpster.They not only saw that but there was a way into the janiter's room not only by the door but also a path from that same stairway.
whispering it over the kids devised their plans and just as they finished Janet walked into the front door."Goodness-Gracious! You should be in bed.It's mighty late,and we still have yet another long day ahead of us.Oh,and by the way i'm off tommorow,which means I'll get to come to the center with you kids."
After shoeing the children up to bed Janet went to sleep herself.Making sure to get up extra early the kids were dressed and ready to go by eight o'clock.Since they were done so early the kids decided to make breakfast.Of course that wasn't the real reason.While Sammy and Lizzie made breakfast [pancakes and bacon.] John and Emma snuck out of the house.If Janet and Lynn was up before the two were back Lizzie and Sammy had to come up with an excuse.

Once John and Emma were out of the house they made their way down to the pier which was right around the back of the house.Though seperated by the fence and a big hill.As soon as they were there John asked a worker at an icie shop if he could have a sample of the syrup they put in icies.After many excuses and lies the man finally let them look at it.
"It's not it."Said Emma,"Which means Sammy's probably right.It's invisible ink."

On the way back Emma was making small talk with John."So. Any news with Lizzie yet?"
"I don't know what your talking about."Said John flatley.
Emma couldn't resist laughing,"Course you do! Has she seen those pictures of her yet?You know the ones in your journal.Or how about you.Have you seen her dairy yet?"
"You know Emma,I did find out somthing interesting.All I have to do to get my little sister to be quiet is tell her best friend Lizzie that she likes and I qoute "The Tewy Tubbys." And I can tell Lizzie about my sister's dream to meet the red Telly Tubby.Wouldn't that be funny!"
Emma and John made it back to the house about five minutes before Janet and Lynn got up.Which gave them just enough time to tell of their descovery.After breakfast the kids went outside and ran around for about an hour then swam in the lake.At three o'clock they went to a store where each of them perchased one thing.Then they went straight to the center.As they were driving the kids explained that they weren't giving out snacks today,but they didn't tell them why.As the day wore on the four kids met and talked with several people.John never took his eyes off of Jefforey,and Lizzie never took her eyes off of Stonewall.By six-thirty each of them were in their possit

The author's comments:
I hope you all like this! I love it mostly for the relationships :) -Hope it's not too long! I wrote it in 2007, so my grammar has improved since then. I've been trying to find ways to better it. If you have any ideas please let me know!

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"Will: This is either madness or brilliance. Sparrow: It's remarkable how often those two traits coincide."-Pirates of the Caribbean:Curse of the Black Pearl.

Hey, this the writer. This isn't the enttire story, if u want me to put the rest on, let me know. Sorry bout all the spaced and such, i didn't realize it would come out like this.