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Never Changing Faces Of Friendship MAG

By Anonymous

   Nice take-off, I thought to myself on that rainy day as I left Logan Airport for Dallas/Fort Worth. You see, I hadn't seen my best friend Cassie for two and a half years, and as you can imagine I was very nervous. This was one day I know I will never forget.

I leaned back in my seat with my eyes closed, remembering the times we shared. I saw two young girls about ten years old: the one with a brown ponytail and wondering blue eyes was me, and the one with short blond hair was my best friend, Cassie. Neither of us knew exactly how long we had known each other, but to us it seemed like forever. It wasn't that we took each other for granted, but it was only natural for her to be there,every day.

Cassie wanted to be a model and I wanted to be a veterinarian. She liked pink and wearing dresses; I liked my brown corduroys and docksiders. However, despite our differences, we were perfectly matched.

Every day she came over and we would play house. We would plan what Wayland High School would be like, even though it seemed so far away. She would be a cheerleader and I would go out on a date, at least once a week.

I remembered walking by my kitchen and overhearing a conversation between our parents. Her dad was saying how he loved Texas, and that he got a job offer as a teacher down there and that moving was the best thing for the family. I ran back to my bedroom where Cassie lay on my bed reading Sixteen magazine and debating whether Michael J. Fox was cuter than Ralph Macchio. Finally she decided that Michael was the better looking one and when I didn't respond she asked what was wrong.

Yes, something was wrong. I thought to myself. I carefully chose the words to explain the news that would change her life." Umm...

Cassie, well, you're moving to Texas and I'll never see you again." Well, that was smooth, I'd thought to myself.

Cassie didn't believe me, but sure enough a week later her father announced that they were moving to Dallas at the end of the summer.

I wasn't sure if I had ever cried that hard in my life. My eyes stung and my stomach heaved. My tears tasted salty and I hadn't the slightest idea how I was going to survive the following year without her.

As the year came to an end I tried to take advantage of the days I had left with my friend. Then, Sunday morning, Cassie called me and told me that her father changed his mind and that they were not moving. At age ten I had never had such a feeling of exhilaration. My face lit up and my eyes watered. I did a cartwheel and ran around my house shrieking. Words cannot describe the feeling I had. It started out deep inside me and quickly came to the surface of my skin, making me warm and happy.

But, of course there's no such thing as fairy tale endings. The following week her father changed his mind once again and she left in August.

I opened my eyes and saw the stewardess telling our section to fasten our seatbelts because we were about to land in Dallas. All at once thousands of thoughts raced through my mind. What if we didn't like each other? What if we didn't have anything to talk about during my visit? What if my horoscope was right and I got into a big fight with her Thursday night?

Despite my worries, I gathered my belongings and slowly walked down the hall that led to the waiting area, paused and looked around the room. I saw a pretty girl with medium length hair and stormy blue eyes. Although she wasn't wearing pink, she had the same freckles on her nose and the same warming smile. I guess she had convinced her mother to get her ears pierced and allow her to wear make-up. I froze and all that came out of my mouth was "Cassie?"


I ran towards her and gave her a huge hug. Although I was not wearing brown corduroys, I knew that nothing had changed between us.n

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This is really sweet, really shows childhood friendship and the feelings it can cause

i love this !