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The Peace Killer

May 18, 2009
By Te-Roy-Say BRONZE, Apopka, Florida
Te-Roy-Say BRONZE, Apopka, Florida
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There once was a time of peace and harmony, a sin free world. We lived together in love and faith and no doubts of our own.
Until, one day, something happened.
There was a killing. No one expected for something like this to happen. They were frightened. The killer was insane; he'd lie awake in his prison cell, day and night. The only thing that he did was read. He read every book in the prison. Each day his mind would grow with intelligence. He would write equation formulas on the walls of his imprisonment. The guards had no idea what he was up to, until, it was too late.
One day, the guards were accounting the captives in the prison yard, when they realized that someone was missing. They checked the list, and realized that the killer was gone. They searched the whole building, but did not find him, nor any evidence of his escape.
It was like he vanished in thin air. The doors were all locked, and no keys were missing from the guards belts. No windows were broken. Every possible exit was just as it was the day before.
They put out a search on him across the whole state, with a reward of one thousand dollars for any information. They waited a month, but nothing was reported. He had not been spotted anywhere.
After a year of chainless murders, no one could find any evidence of the killer’s whereabouts. The only thing that he left, was the first name of the person he was going to kill next, on the victims wall of their house. The police began to send the name of the killers next approach to every one in the state of Florida. The People with that name, were to report to a shelter nearest them, until the killer came up with another name.
But the killer knew that there would be at least one stubborn fool that didn't go to one of the shelters, and when he would make his attack, he would write a threatening note on the wall, in the victim’s blood. It read: "I know where you are, and I will find you!" People were frightened and confused about what the letter meant. They began to quit there Jobs and stay at home with ten locks on each exit, with the police on speed dial. Every time there was a new name, they would stay at home, in fear of getting killed on their way to the shelters. The Population was fading quickly, and the whole state was in a uproar. There seemed to be no ending to this horrible madness, The police had no leads, everyday, someone would be killed, and there were no witnessed to these accounts.
Everyone had given up hope and had just let things go the way it was meant to be. They decided that their fates were in the hands of the killer. There was no stopping him. People went about there normal lives, and prayed that they would survive another day.

About a year later, the killings died down a bit. Eventually, there was only one killing per week. Everyone began to relax a little and went back to work once again. Everyday was a given, and the locks came off the doors, one by one.
The Killer was never caught; in fact, he lives among us, walking in our streets, a normal being in our society. Though the killings come and go, we stay strong, and wait with timid expressions on our faces, until the killer is caught.

The other day, I relieved a phone call. I picked it up and heard a voice: "I know where you are, and I will find you!"

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on Jun. 15 2009 at 10:10 pm
GoldenGirl PLATINUM, Vashon, Washington
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WOW! That was genius. I'm not even joking. It's so deep! I got chills just reading it!