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By Anonymous

   There was something strange and sinister going on at Pembrooke Academy for Girls. It had been brewing in the autumn air for some time now. I believe it was Susie Quimple who came up to me sometime after third period. She looked quite out of breath, yet as excited as a six-year-old on Christmas morning.

"Ellen, Ellen!" she panted. "Lisa, Lisa Medfield!" Her blond ringlets bounced randomly on her shoulders.

"What? What about her?" I asked. Lisa had a reputation for being a troublemaker. She was always coming up with obscure plans to somehow bring enlightenment to our dreary lives.

"Tonight, at the old chapel. She's really done it this time, Ellen. She's found a way." The bell rang and we scurried off to our classes. Sister Marrietta would be mad if I was late for Religion.


The path to the chapel was certainly getting overgrown. The blackberry bushes reached out and pulled on my uniform and tore my tights. I wondered what kept me from turning around and going home. Mother wouldn't be pleased when I didn't arrive for dinner. I scolded myself as I drew nearer to my destination. I could see the outline of a few girls. Patty Berkshire, Elaine O'Connor, Maureen Smith...all of them rejects in one way or another. Subjects of cruel jokes. There they were, all together as one, and in the middle, Lisa, smiling a horrid smile.

We all gathered in a circle as she had directed. I longed to go home yet curiosity had the better of me. We joined hands. Lisa began, "We are here because the outside world has been cruel to us. They have pushed us aside to be forgotten. Rise up, sisters, and claim the power that has been ours all along. Rise up and take it!" The wind picked up, twirling the leaves and debris around us, catching our skirts and lifting them. She laughed an eery laugh and continued.

"They thought that we could be forgotten, but they are wrong! Come wind, blow; come storm, thunder, roar, light up the night!" I could not help but feel chills dance up and down my spine. It began to rain, then to pour. Our shirts were soaked. Water ran down our noses, yet Lisa went on.

"No longer will we be ignored. No longer will they pass us by! They will have to notice us; they will have to see!" The lightning flashed and the thunder rolled. "Come, dream world! Take us away! Make us your servants to do your bidding! Take us away from this wretched world; lead us onward to sanctuary!"

Little Peggy Williams, her eyes bloodshot and red, broke free from our circle and ran, ran as fast as she could away from us, away from the rain, back home where she could understand. All the while Lisa just stood there, grinning an evil grin...n

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