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December 4, 2012
By MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
MidnightFire PLATINUM, Lincoln, Illinois
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My eyes open, flames dancing in the pupils. My hunter’s eyes widen, a curiosity lights his eyes slightly, but it’s held back by respect for me. He was told and trained well, but let’s see how well. We study each other in silence. He’s a broad man, nowhere nearly as big as Kit, but enough to intimidate some people. With light brown eyes that hold emerald flecks and dirty blond hair, he holds my gaze for half a minute before he’s smart enough to look away and not challenge me. He wants to challenge me but something is holding him back, maybe his people. His army green shirt, camouflaged pants, and hunting boots suggest military training and hunting skills. They are trying to throw me off, I can see through it. I smile and give one huff at his ignorance. This man is even more ignorant about himself than those he works for. He’s a Virused, a late one yes, and a weaker one yes, but still Virused.
“So,” my voice a ruff growl, I lean forward onto my elbows and clasp my hands. “Who are you working for? What do you have to offer … other than to be my plaything for the next,” I look at the wall clock, “half hour?”
His cunning eyes are still studying me, trying to figure out my way of thinking. I almost laugh at his attempts, you couldn’t tell what I was thinking if you could read my mind! Thoughts, data, and emotions all run together in a steady stream flashing by at the speed of light, even if a mind reader, computer, or whatever could keep up with that, my mind has double layers. This was tried once before to measure brain waves and such stuff but it didn’t work out to well- they also found that I use more than ten percent of my brain, though we didn’t ever find out how much because, well the following explanation, but I’ve got major control of my body because I use more that 10% of my brain- , I made their computer explode … along with every other computer on their network … and within a 7-10 mile radius. I smile, I’m as unpredictable as where lightning will strike, you can make educated guesses but in the end you don’t know till it’s too late … again: nicknamed Storm for a reason. My gaze makes him uncomfortable; he keeps tensing and relaxing his muscles. I can tell they are toned from hunting my kind, there are some scars peeking out from under his shirt collar and sleeves.
“I’m with those fighting Kristopher Karason. You are running from him, and he is attacking you, so we wondered if you’d like to join us?” His voice is deep, but not threatening … or at least not trying to be.
“So you’re not going to tell me the name?” He motions for some drinks and goes to answer, but I cut him off. “Because I tend to have some trust issues, and know already that Kit would only attack me in the manner that he has if he thinks it’s for my best interest. The only reason I’m running is because, since he thinks I’m doing something not for my best interest, I’m playing a game of Keep Away going with him. If you’re against him, you’re against me.” The drinks arrive, large mugs of foaming brown liquid made of dead organisms and their waste. Double yuck. “Wondering if I’d like to join you, hah, I know it was your guys that tried to suffocate m in the fire.” My voice drops to a threatening sound, my head dipping slightly with it, his eyes widen slightly.
“Take a drink and I’ll explain.” He takes a large gulp of his drink. I curl all my fingers except me pinky, it sticks straight out. Unsheathing that claw, I dip the lethal weapon into the fiery liquid and then lick the drop off the talon. Pain sears my tongue, this wasn’t an ordinary drink. Dipping the claw again, drag the fire covered spear in a circle on the table. The hunter is watching the whole time.
“What’s your name, kid.” I ask without looking at him, as the circle I made burns a whole through the wood. Finally I look up at him straight in the eye.
“I did not know they’d do something like this!” He clams defensively. “I thought it was just going to be me and you.”
“Well Hunter,” deciding to name him after his work, “it’s time you learn who you are working with. Because if this is what they will do to someone who doesn’t like them, WHILE someone who trusts them tries to talk things out, what do you think they will do to you?” The circle inside the sizzling ring clatters to the floor, the door opens, and in walks Taylor.

The author's comments:
This is the 15th in the Drizzle series, before this article is Inundation and is followed by Jump.
I hope you like it, even if you are reading it out of context :)

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