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The Lost Vacation

January 26, 2008
By Anonymous

“Flight 2938 Service to Tasmania, Australia now boarding First Class”,
Announced the flight attendant, Jill. A line of passengers quickly arose from their seats. The scanner beeped rapidly as the passports were swiped underneath. No one stuck out except two foreign men in all black carrying two metallic briefcases, thick as shoe box. The scanner man identified the men as Kapa and Karato. Following them, I boarded.

“Man, this is one crowded plane” I thought as I walked toward my seat. “B3…B6…C4…C9 here we are C11” I mumbled. As I waited for the plane to take off I read the safety manually on the back of the seat in front of me, though I usually don’t. After seeing those two mysterious men pass me, I had an eerie feeling that something would maybe happen. “Now please buckle your seat belt and we shall take off shortly” I heard the intercom say. All I could hear was the roaring of the engine starting up. I quickly took out my blanket, pillow and my and eye mask, and drifted into a deep slumber.

My eyes whipped open when a terrifying scream made me jump with fear. I made contact with the horrified lady giving her an annoying glare, when she gave an instructing look in return. My head turned like an owl to wear the lady was staring, when I saw same thing. Blood was running down the isle, slow as molasses!

In the front cabin, there was a loud, startling gunshot followed by a thump. Then, a rusty, foreign accent came on the intercom, “Dis’ plane az been hijacked. Zeveryone get on za floor!” Three more gunshots followed, with three bodies landing on the ground with a thump. My heart was now beating at a hypersonic speed, and I was about to pass out. While I was crouching on the ground five men crawled toward me. They were all very strong looking and tall. Although they look tough, you could see the fear in there eyes. The tallest one, Chris, began to ask me if I wanted to join their plan to over throw the hijackers. I am not the one who is usually involved in stuff like this, especially this. But duty calls. We consulted a final plan and asked a group of ladies to distract the hijackers, which were Kapa and Karato. And then, we charged.

My vision went black and my head began to spin. My legs gave out from under me and I clumsily fell over. The last thing I saw were those to foreign men laying in the cockpit, bleeding like a heavy thunderstorm. Mission accomplished.

I woke up and found myself awkwardly placed on a soft, sandy substance.
“The plane!” I suddenly yelled. My head cocked itself in straining positions to observe the shocking scene. “ca CAAA ca CAAA”, a parrot squawked. Exotic plants swarmed the land surrounding me, as far as the human eye could see. Trees, plants, animals, rivers, ponds, lakes… “Where the Heck am I?” I murmured. “Oh, no… oh, no… I couldn’t be… dead? No, I must be dreaming. Have to be dreaming.”.
“That’s what our first thoughts were also. Don’t worry, your not dead… but not safe either.” claimed a voice behind me.
“Who’s there?”
“The Survivors.”

We all walked along the beach when the golden sun departed the horizon. Myself, Jackson Hole, a physics professor, stranded on an island with four other strangers… unbelievable! The others: Chris, Jane, Bill and Tracie are the only ones left from the plane crash, besides me. The story goes that I and the five other men who killed the hijackers were all praised greatly. Sadly, we forgot to fly the plane so it went down to the ground in a wink… and BOOM! Everyone died except us, amazingly. And now, we are stranded on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Doesn’t sound like a great vacation?

Chris, the biggest, and I went to the plane. We salvaged as much stuff as possible. By noon we had built a hut, found some food, and made a smoke signal. We all waited around the signal for hours till our eyes were heavy as gold.

Nightfall came surprisingly fast, but we were nearly sleeping by then. Chris was snoring along with Bill, but the two ladies were softly consulting among themselves. I broke out bits and pieces of there conversation, but not enough to understand or care. I drifted into a dream, in which I was on my vacation in Tasmania. And then, when I took a dive into the crystal clear pool, I started falling into a big black hole. My dream ended there so I awoke. The crickets’ were wailing like new born babies. Chris and Bill were still snoring, and the ladies were breathing lightly, tossing and turning. I looked up into the sky and the sun was creeping up behind the horizon. For a small moment, this island was peaceful, so I started to doze off again.

I woke up, looking for someone to say good morning to. “Chris?” I coughed. No response.
“Tracie, Bill, Jane?” again, no response. I jumped up in a panic and searched the campsite for hope of some there. I looked further out and saw nothing, but heard a faint yell of terror. I shifted gears and jolted into a sprint towards the sea. Chris was waving his hands toward the sun, obviously trying to convince someone to come this way. I was soon gliding on the hot sand and yelled to Chris asking him what was happening. “Their leaving, swimming away, leaving!!!” he frantically responded.
“Bill and Jane trying to escape! Their swimming away!” Chris said madly.
“There going to Die!!” I added.
“Well duh.” he said in a flash.
We couldn’t do anything but watch them stupidly swim towards no land. We were walking away when a small murmur filled my ears. We looked back at the ocean and saw a red spot starting spread all over. “AHHHHHH OH MY GOD!!!! BILL!!!!” We suddenly saw a figure swimming back to the land…but then we saw the body go under! The body came back up!! I looked over at Chris and he was just watching the act in horror. Now Jane was on land. Jane collapsed crying in despair “Bill…Bill…BILL COME BACK TO ME!!!” Jane was screaming. Tracie couldn’t believe her eyes.

That night everyone huddled by the small fire that they managed to make, except for Jane. “Come on Jane sit by the fire it’s very warm and cozy” Chris said invitingly. “Not without Bill” she mumbled back. All the next day Jane was depressed and wasn’t interested in anything. We asked if she wanted to talk about, because Tracie was once a psychiatrist before she began her teaching career. She mourned and mourned for the lost of her husband, but it got out of hand. It was day three and she was standing around the fire. “Jane?” Tracie sweetly, but softly asked.
“What.” Flat out she responded.
“I’m not going to talk Tracie.” She added.
“I know, I was just wandering about your life at home, and your relationship with Bill.”
“I had a life, until he left me” she muttered.
“You mean yesterday?”
“No. When he filed for divorce. We were on our way to Australia to visit his sick parents before court… and then the crash happened.”
“I am really sorry, Jane”.
“Goodnight” she said as walking towards her tent.

It was day 4 and I woke up to the parrots imitations. Just my luck, nobody was at the camp, so I calmly took a stroll through the forest. It was peaceful and sunny, and perfect temperature. I though to myself that this wouldn’t be a bad vacation spot if there was a city around. I found my way to the beach when I met up with Chris and Tracie standing close to each other. I usually say “hey” or “what’s up you guys” but this time I just walked up next to them. I looked towards the ground and nearly passed out. This purple-green faced figure was lying on the ground, dead. I got the courage to talk after a moment of silence. “Um… you guys, is this…………………..Jane?”
“We believe so”
“Oh my god.” I whispered

We buried Jane next to a large palm tree and scattered flowers over the mound of dirt. Not even a week and two people have died. Now I’m depressed. As we left the burial site, a loud chigachiga came from above. Not very alarmed, we slowly looked towards the blinding sun and saw something we haven’t seen in days. A shiny metal object levitating in the air was directly above us. With a moment of silence, Chris said “Is that was I think it is?”
“Yah, it’s our road to civilization” I said with alot heart.

We ran like never before, especially me. Chris was leading and Tracie fell behind every now and then. We were headed toward the beach to wave the helicopter down. We screamed and shouted as loud as can. Our bodies made award movements to get there attention. Finally, they noticed us.

The ride home wasn’t that adventurous. We got checked on by doctors, interviewed by psychologists and asked personal questions. We all got flown home to our normal lives and normal everything. It seems I would have to go back to work the next day. Before I was dropped off into a pool of news crews, I said my proper goodbyes to my new friends. Tracie had tears steaming down her cheeks. After going through a plane crash, losing two lives, surviving with nature’s tools, and staying on an island with complete strangers, you are going to miss the different style of life.

I stepped off into the swarm of News reporters, trying to make it to the front door. I turned the knob and turned my head to wave goodbye and say, “See you all on the next flight to Tasmania!” I chuckled. No one is ever going to get me on a plane for a long time. Lucky I’m not dead!

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