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Twilight Princess

September 8, 2010
By scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
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An ancient Evil….. Has awakened…

“All is peace in the Kingdom….until HE came!”
“He’s an abomination!”
“Darkness continues to dwell, here!”

“Death reeks about the palace now….”

So far all of the complaints and remarks thrown at me are true. “He must leave the Kingdom of Crestimire before it is too late!” I though this was it. I though that I was about to get tore apart when a voice stopped the crowd and their noise fell to a brisk silence. Zelda was making her way through the crowd. “Stop…As the Twilight Princess I order you to halt this behavior.” The crowd stared at her as if she were crazy. “Russell is no disaster…He was able to warn the kingdom…He saved us from total destruction!” She said. “He was the one that-!” But another person interrupted her. “Why is it that the Knights attacked us then?” Zelda was about to retaliate but another person interrupted her. “Why is it that our own Princess Zelda can’t defend us?” Uh-Oh! Now the people were mad at her too! Just when Zelda was about to say something, she was once again interrupted. But not by a person. An eerie laugh cut her off.

Chapter 1
All is peace?

Working as the personal assistant to the Princess of a kingdom is a very nice job to have if you need one. Most people would find the job a pain to have to work for royalty and have to do even more work for the royalty. Most people think the royal family is a group of snobs. Although they usually think that wrong. The Peasants I mean. Ugh! I hate that word. People shouldn’t be called that. That’s one reason I hate the royal family. They are very kind people, don’t get me wrong. But every time they are at dinner (I’m the sever too…) they talk about how the “Peasants” are and the amount of work. And other statistical junk too! I get to eat dinner in my own room. A small room with a bed, closet, small desk and chair. With ivory colored walls and chestnut furniture. Occasionally I would pass the Princess in the hall on my break hour. Her royal Highness would smile and walk on by gracefully. I wasn’t sure if she was just being kind or if she was flirting with every guy she saw. Anyways, Her parents, I hardly ever saw, would often scold me and threaten to take my job to bathroom duty if they catch me staring at her again. Time and Time again they warn me. But for some weird reason I can’t seem to take my eyes off of her! The way she flips her long brown hair over her shoulder and…and…What am I saying? I couldn’t possibly fall in love with very high royalty. Enough of that. I slid on the blue jacket (Servants jacket) and quickly buttoned it up to my chin before quickly leaving my comfy little room on the fourth floor. The dining room was on the fifth floor and the princess’ room on the sixth. Don’t ask how I know that. I checked my watch on the way down the hallway and moved in a some what fast pace. I passed several guards in emerald suits guarding doors. I had to get to the ceremonial room in ten minutes to provide any needed service. Originally I started as a simple “Peasant” but eventually got caught up in some trouble. I ended up here in the castle to pay off the forgiveness the royal family had on me. Mainly Zelda. Her parents weren’t home, obviously. She said I would work as a simple minded guardsman. After the work I put in for years, she said I either could leave since I worked for service or have a chance to work my way up. Her parents were against the idea but I was still able to get the job by I was seventeen. Now I’m nineteen and still working for the Princess. As far as I was concerned she was eighteen. It felt weird to take orders er, instructions from a person who is younger than you. I opened the door on my left and slowly shut the door behind me. I turned. This was The Grand Staircase. The red carpet that draped over every step seemed to go on and on. I quickly walked up the stairs. A huge golden archway marked the narrow hallway leading to the Ceremonial room. Two guards stood by the huge double doors. They each wore a brown leather belt with bright, newly polished swords securely strapped in their holders. “Halt! Who goes there?” They said together. “Russell here for the Ceremony under Princess Zelda’s request.” I said standing up straight. “Good, shape up and get in there… Zant will give you further instructions.” I nodded and they opened the huge double doors. I slowly walked in. The room was just as I had remembered from several weeks ago. The whole room had huge book cases surrounding every inch of the wall. A huge golden chandelier hung in the center of the room. A grand table with many velvet chairs sat in the center of the room. A silk white tablecloth wrapped elegantly around the table. Each chair had plates, napkins, silverware sitting neatly around the table. Apparently I wasn’t the one stuck with serving the meal or anything like that. I had been there to help if necessary. Princess Zelda was down by one of the desks with her nose deep in a book. I began to walk up when a firm hand clasped my shoulder. I took a deep breath and turned around. Zant stood there with a pale expression as usual. He wasn’t always the one for “Positive Re-assurance” His pale face seemed to be extra dark and mysterious today. Zant was Zelda’s number one assistant. He handled everything. He probably tortured people in his spare time. “Russell… go get the food ready.” He said. “I’m off duty…” I said as I past him. I was always able to tell he didn’t like me much. I walked up behind Princess Zelda and she turned around to face me. “Russell…will you make sure the table setting are good?” She asked as she gathered up documents from the book she had been reading. “Yes….Princess Zelda…” I had to bow before walking over to the settings. I checked every setting. Everything was just about perfect. Then Zant walked in the room. Funny, I never realized he left. “We are just about to start…” A quick burst of lightning followed by the roar of thunder shook the castle.

Chapter 2
Shadow of Your smile

Several of the royal guests showed up. I haven’t ever heard or seen the likes of them before. Still, I helped seat several people. Zant just helped himself to a glass of Champaign while I was doing his job. A lady in a bodacious red dress with black ruffles entered with a younger looking boy in blue suspenders. Her long white hair curled. The next was a man. He had an eyeglass and looked around the room inquiringly. He was dressed in a black formal suit with heavy work boots. “Thank you” He said as I offered him a seat. At least someone has a little decency for a good thank you. Another group of people entered as a group. After they took their seats Zelda stood up from the golden seated chair to speak. “Thank you all for coming.” A huge crack of thunder stopped her for a moment. “AS I was saying…Thank you for coming… All of us in Crestimire Castle thank you for coming…” Another pause during some lightning flashes and bursts of thunder. Zelda looked out the window. “I’m sorry…Just one moment please.” I could sense something wasn’t right. Not at all. She walked toward the door in her pink dress with her heels clicking as she went. “Please feel free to browse our extensive new history on Crestimire castle.” Zant gestured to the huge selection of books. The people started chatting amongst themselves. I started to walk towards Zelda. She was looking out the huge stain glass window, down into the courtyard full of flowers. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “Something isn’t right.” Another crack of thunder. The lights flickered. My heart was starting to beat faster and faster. I looked out the window. I swear I could see a dark figure making his way toward the castle amongst the rain. Wind ripped at the plants. The lights flickered again. The guests were starting to get a little nervous. But so was I. Right when I was about to say something a scream stopped me! The double doors burst open and a guard ran in! He was yelling. His emerald robes covered in blood. He kept screaming! The guests screamed and ran, pressing themselves against the bookshelves. Zelda, Zant and I all ran over to the man. His screaming silence. Blood spilled out of both corners of his mouth. The stench of blood filled the room. Zelda’s eyes widened and she ran over to the window again. “Get some help, Zant!” I said. He for once listened to me and went to get help. “I was horrified now.” I felt my belt to make sure I had my own sword. But sadly I remembered that I had the sword in my room. The lights flickered. Then they were out.

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Interesting. Based of the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game, right?