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Carmen Redd

September 8, 2010
By scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
scooby2 SILVER, Perry, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"Always be a star on matter what role you play..." -Sixth grade L.A. teacher.

Carmen had gotten cocky at her last mission. She had taken out the guards perfectly but had forgotten to take out the cameras. She sighed and pulled her red hat off her head. Her brown hair hung down loosely. She leaned against the musty wall and watched the TV. It showed her taking out the guard and jumping out the window. “Shoot! I didn’t have time to get the money…” she realized. She shook her head and sat down in the wooden chair. Her laptop was placed on the wooden table in front of her. The TV was on and it played in the corner. She filed her nails. She pulled out her red nail polish and began painting her nails. “Such losers…they can’t even stop me…” she laughed at the thought. She looked at her bag in the corner under the TV. It was barely full. She had spent most of her wealth on jets and planes to escape the police. She was supposed to pay the rest of her dues today. “What do I do?” she wondered. She opened the newspaper and began reading. Carmen began laughing. “This is gonna be sweet!” She had found an article saying there was a new artifact at the museum. A rare Ruby that was centuries old. Said to be priceless. And priceless was Carmen’s favorite word. She put on her red drench coat and left her little room. She had climbed out of the cellar of an old abandoned house on the edge of New York. She changed into a disguise. She put on a blond wig with a blue shirt and a tight red skirt and red boots. She kept walking. Her boots clicked with every step she took. “Hello, gorgeous…” A tall and muscular man walked over to her. She pretended to ignore him. The man kept talking to her but she didn’t even notice him. Just then a hand grabbed her purse and yanked it out of her arms! Carmen jumped back and the guy started to laugh. His voice was rough and scratchy. “Give me a smooch and I’ll give you back this purse, Miss…” Carmen grinded her teeth. “Okay…pucker up…” she said. The man closed his eyes. Instead of kissing him she kneed him in the chest! He grunted and fell to his knees. “Sorry…” she spun and kicked him in the jaw! He fell and smashed into a pile of trash cans. Rats ran out and hid among the alley. Redd picked up her purse. “Go sleep in the trash where you belong…” she huffed swinging her bag over her shoulder and she kept walking. The man tried to get up but fell back, defeated. “No one steals from Carmen Redd….” She thought. She kept walking. She passed several people who had seen the fight and backed away. “That’s right…fear me…” she huffed under her breath. The rest of the walk was as easy as stealing an idol from the southern temples. “Yeah…that was a good mission…” she thought. She shook her focus back on her real mission. She HAD to have the jewel. She had to pay off her expenses to pay for all the times she had to use the jet to escape. She hand rented the jet from an old company in China in return for a portion of what she stole. The ruby would pay anything for a long, long time. And she was deep in expenses. Carmen made her way to the Museum. She paid for her ticket and walking inside. People were gathered around all kinds of artifacts and other old and boring items. The article said it would be in the Egyptian part of the museum. But where was that? She wondered. Then she thought to herself. She took a left and came to the old Indian exhibits. “No that’s not it…” Then she took a left. This path took her to the Art exhibits. Then she found the Egyptian exhibit. Her eyes boggled! It was a huge Ruby! It was about the size of a persons head! It was a very beautiful red ruby. It was the perfect size and everything! “How would I get it out of here?” she thought. She scanned the room. There were guards posted at most places. This was a problem. How could she get the ruby out of the museum without getting caught on camera again? Then she spied the empty sarcophagus. They say they lost the mummy and all they had was the stupid sarcophagus. What a drag! But this gave her an idea…. She smiled a sly smile. She started walking towards the sarcophagus and stared at it intently. “I bet this could be some help to me…yes…it can.” She smiled and walked past a security guard who was talking to a kid. Then she spied a tour group. She jogged up in her tight skirt and caught up to the group.
“As I was saying…The Egyptians were very fascinating in the Pharaohs and Kings.” The blond haired woman announced. She kept talking. “Someone likes to listen to her own voice…” She said under her breath. “Excuse me Ms.?” The lady asked. “Oh…nothing…just-talking to myself.”
“Uh-Uh.” The lady rolled her eyes and kept on talking. Then they started walking. Carmen followed. The lady kept talking and Carmen just ignored her. “That ruby better be worth listening to her…” she thought.

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