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Wacky Warrior

January 11, 2010
By lyndsey cross SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
lyndsey cross SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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It was a typical Tuesday for Judy. She was sitting on her back deck staring out into the beautiful view of the English Lake District. It’s what she did every morning while sipping her tea and eating the freshest crab cakes in all of England. She then grabbed her canvas and charcoal and went to work. She was an amazing artist and could draw anything she looked at perfectly.

This is the side of Judy everyone knew. The mother of three and married to a wealthy handsome man. But no one knew about her true identity… Chloe Chantelle.

Judy was asleep in her bed, lying next to her husband, when all of a sudden her husband, who happened to be iron man, was the light in the sky. He quickly woke up his wife and Judy jumped to her feet and in a blink of an eye she was Chloe. She wanted to be discrete so she decided not to fly but instead drive her Jaguar XJS instead.

Her sidekick Joe the dog was waiting for her there waiting to explain the situation.

“Is it true?” asked Chloe.

“Im afraid it is, and worse than ever…” says Joe the dog and turns around to face Chloe.

“Come take a look for yourself.”

Chloe walked over to Joe and saw a video of the wicked witch of the west striking the Lake District stealing all of its water in an attempt to drown all of England.

“We can’t let her get away with that!” says Chloe.

“No, no we can’t.” says Joe “That’s why it is your mission to stop her. We managed to get a tracking device on her so we know where she is at all times. She is currently in the area between Buttermere and Wasdale. You must go now and stop her!” So Chloe leaps out the window in a rush to make it to the witch before it was too late.

Trees where crippled to the ground all around Chloe, which only made her more upset. The Chloe spotted her in the distance, the wicked witch of the west. Chloe jumped into action and let her elastically arm do their work. SLAP! BAM! POW! The wicked witch of the west was down by the fierce fist of Chloe.

And thus ended another day in the life of Judy… or Chloe whichever nature might choose.

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