October 21, 2009
By aaliyah limon BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
aaliyah limon BRONZE, Lubbock, Texas
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Hot, tired and in, dire, need of some jinn. The applause had made my head throbs and my eyes burn. I love the adoring fans calling my name, letting it ring throughout the theatre. How they adore me? How they love me, how they beg for more. Yes, yes this is the life of Hedda beautiful.

Quickly I scrambled out of the crowd to find my dressing room. *slam* I quickly shut out the door into the faces of the reporters. The smile slowly falls from my face as I look into the empty room. The loneliness is something that you think I would be use to use to by now. I slump into the soft couch that seemed to swallow me in silk. “This is the life, the lonely life of Hedda the beautiful.”

*bam, bam, bam* “Hedda it’s time to go, the ship is leaving in five minutes” Finally, yes, I get to go to Tokyo! The amazing, beautiful, Tokyo. Quickly grab my bags and sprint through the door. It was a straight shot from my dressing room to the shore. I won’t look back, no can’t look back. It is time to start a new life in Tokyo.
The boat is beautiful. The lights as high as the sky, and the beds made of luxurious silk. “Konichiwa Hadda san” a young girl called from behind a pen and paper. She wanted my autograph. She had a certain glow to her eyes that screamed delight and happiness. I gave her my signature and went off to my room. I laid in the bed and began…to …doze….off….
ALERT! ALERT! Screaming red sirens awoke me from my sleep and covered the room with fear. I ran out into the hallway to escape but no luck. I found it, an escape route by the window. I had one leg out of the window when I realized the young girl once again. She seemed frightened and lost. She was crying and had no sense of direction. I grabbed her by the arm and pushed her towards the window.
The water was rising above my neck. The coldness engulfed my body. My breathes became short and I couldn’t feel my heart anymore. Cold, numbness, silence. Yes, yes this is the death, the gorgeous death of Hedda the beautiful….. “AND CUT!!”

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