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The Peoples of Elements and The Prophecy of Peoples

December 5, 2020
By SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
SparrowSun ELITE, X, Vermont
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"It Will Be Good." (complicated semi-spiritual emotional story.)

"Upon his bench the pieces lay
As if an artwork on display
Of gears and hands
And wire-thin bands
That glisten in dim candle play." -Janice T., Clockwork[love that poem, dont know why, im not steampunk]

Born of Earth

Locks of Amethyst

To Overcome

The Landers Judgement

Come to Save All

Born of Skye

White Flowered Wings

The Coward Brave

The Hero Strong

Come to Save All

Born of Wood

Glow of Blue

Relax his Grip

Cant Control Everything

Come to Save All

Born of Water

Scales of Red

Water can't cool

All hot heads

Come to Save All

Born of Fyre

Dress of Green

The world, though strong

Is often wrong

Come to Save all

So goes the prophecy. As they call it. I would call it a curse, actually. See, there are 5 peoples. There are the landers, as referred to in the first stanza, there are the Wingers, of second stanza, the Foresters, as mentioned in the third, the Mariners in the forth, and finally the Blazers. The Blazers are top of the food chain, nobody really is in contact with them and everybodys afraid of them. Than there are the Wingers and the Mariners. They both say their on top, even though they both know thats the Blazers. But they always squabble for second placee like twins for attention. Than the Foresters who aren't that bad, actually. They rest solely at below everybody. And than theres us. The landers. Scum off everybodys boot. Well, except maybe the Blazers, nobody really knows. But of course, the ‘twins’ which i like to call them, are oh so high and mighty. I guess they don't realize where their food comes from. But if youre confused about the second line, each race has a mark. For us it's hair color. If youre born with pink hair youll be a great artist, if you have green hair than you have a level head. Some marks indicate talents, some destinies. Than the foresters, when they get exited or worked up, people of their race glow a certain color. Wingers sometimes get patterns in black or white on their eagle wings, and Mariners normally seashell to mother of pearl colors of fish tails sometimes have bright hues. Blazers are born with robes of solid fire, and it's believed that means that the robe color will change. 

So, i bet you're asking who i am and why the heck i think such a hopeful prophecy is a curse. Well, I'm 17(my birthday is april 13th), my name is Juniper, I have blue eyes and purple hair. But that's where I'll stop my description. I have the curse hair, that's the only thing that matters about me. You don't care who i am because i'm some kind of angel who floated out of clouds with purple hair and i'm going to do some kind of magical thing to save us all. Hooray. And no, I'm not a person and I don't have feelings. I'm just walking hair. Maybe I can mop the enemy to death with my hair. My hair that literally reaches my knees. I've tried to cut it, maybe then people would see me for me, but the next morning there it was, silky as ever. And it's always so perfect, no matter how hard i try to mess it up or give it split ends or let it get greasy, it's always perfectly straight, perfectly smooth, perfectly purple. I know most people wish they had perfect hair. I hate it.

‘Humans’ is a racist slur. What the heck, i'm a lander. Besides, i don't like my own race. The other slurs are ‘elf(foresters), mermaid/merman(mariners), fairies(wingers, who have giant eagle wings, not delicate dragonfly wings but it's racism, it doesn't have to make sense), and nobodys actually bold enough to come up with a slur for blazers.’ It would probably be salamander or something, but it's irrelevant. The widely accepted terms are lander, forester, winger, mariner, and blazer, but the official terms are ‘people of land, people of wood, people of skye, people of water, and people of fyre.’ very dry mouthfuls.

The author's comments:

there's more to it, more to that paragraph even, but that's what I put up. it will follow the people from the prophecy overcome their individual struggles and come together to prevent war and discover another elemental people. the second paragraph is whole but its just there to add more background if your confused. i might not ever post the whole thing on teenink, it depends whether I want to publish it or not(i wouldn't want them having legal rights to it if I did) but anyway that's my baby story, what do you think?

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