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"My Mom Won't Let Me Go!"

December 10, 2007
By Anonymous

Kids everywhere, dying to know, ask why are parents strict? Maybe the extremely high intake of caffeine should be to blame, or this firmness could be a result of aging, or is it just plain paranoia? There are actually a few theoretical reasons why parents can act so controlling. Parents want to protect kids, parents wish their children could stay young forever, and parents do not want their children to make the same mistakes they made.

Now kids, remember that parental units hold a natural instinct of wanting to protect their young. A father is like a “mama” cub in that she will attack anyone or thing that could harm her offspring. No, they do not hate all young people; this feeling actually comes out of love. In most cases, the parent trusts their children, just not the people surrounding their child. To exemplify this, kids often times want to go places where dangerous people may be. These places include the mall, movie theatre or a downtown area. An illustration of this is one Saturday night, Maisy’s father forbid her from going to the mall with a few of her friends. In addition to kids knowing that their parents want to protect them, they should also understand that parents do not want to ruin their lives or keep them from enjoying themselves.

After a childhood filled with hugs and kisses, teens are, for the most part, ready to break away from the family unit. Most guardians will agree that they love the little 3-year-old girl that their boy-crazy daughter matured out of all too fast. Before long, a kid will want to see a PG-13 or even an R rated movie, and parents will not want their “precious little angel” exposed to inappropriate language or drug use that will be in the film. Eventually, a school dance or party will encourage someone’s daughter to dress up and possibly, have her first “date”. Najwa’s father did not allow her to go to the school dance with Rhonny because he missed the little toddler hugging him and cuddling in his lap. In time to come, Najwa’s father will have to learn to let Najwa go and grow up, which leads to the third and final reason for parents being “bossy”.

Just as hard as it may be to imagine a parent as a teenager, it is true: moms dads were once adolescences, and being human, made a few mistakes. Parents just want to protect their kids from making the same mistakes they did. Ultimately, if a person had a bad experience as a kid, say with a stove, they may not allow their kids to cook alone. In the meantime, Ava’s mom once accepted alcohol at an early age, giving into peer pressure. This event may have led to Ava not attending a friend’s party. To confirm this, parents just want to prevent their child from messing up the same way they did.

In summation, a few reasons exist why kids believe their parents act so strict. First off, parents have a sense of protection towards a child. In addition, guardians may feel that their child has become a young adult with a blink of an eye. On the other hand, parents may act firm because their mistakes are coming back to haunt them. As an overview, kids have come up with these three logical reasons for their parents being so harsh. Kids being raised with strict household rules need to know that there are reasons behind those rules. Someday they will understand why their moms “won’t let them go!”

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